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The other day visited Riga very curious visitor — a professor at Beijing Research Institute of special abilities at the Academy of Sciences of China, member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, a professor of the Beijing joint Sino-Western Hospital, qigong master.

His name Sui Mintan. Dear Sir, within three days we spent an intensive training course learning the art of Zhong Yuan Qigong, gathered at these workshops th Hall of the House and Congress finally agreed to meet with a reporter, "MK-Latvia"

Ladies as interesting
At a meeting Sui Mintan late for half an hour. The reason for this was a real "capture" by certain professors desperate parents of a certain sick child. Waylaid Chinese guest at the hotel, the man and the woman begged "magician" to save their child. Guest could not refuse, and probably helped. Like it or not, and in the healing power of qigong at us in Latvia now believe the polls. No coincidence that the arrival of Mingtang caused such a mad rush among the people. However, our conversation touched only indirectly Qigong. From the man who knows so much and see so many, I say it is about universal. — In Europe, unlike in China, a lot of single people. What is our problem, in your opinion?

— I am sure that this is a social problem. In China the situation is really quite different in our family — the foundation of life, the unit of measurement, and we are the same as in Spain, enjoying life in the family. Those grandparents have experienced true happiness, raising their grandchildren and devoting all my time to them. And in Europe, the concept of family somewhat changed. Do you prefer to live alone, it's just convenient to you. I have patients in the United States and Germany, the main causes of diseases which are loneliness and neglect of loved ones … I can give good advice (Sui Mingtang light illuminates an ironic smile. — Comm. Writer) — a good looking man in China, as we all men know how to cook well. Good wife — look to Japan, because that's where a woman with early childhood teaching respect to the future spouse. Finally, look for a good lover of the French. The only "but" — his love, though strong, but very short-lived.

— Can you give our ladies some health advice? What you need to do in order to stay young and feel good about themselves?

— For women, the most important thing in life — love. But love, alas, short-lived, and when a man, say, leaving the head in the same work, a woman's eyes goes out, and the mind begins to give her a terrible anxiety. And because women are more emotional than men, that the fair sex is first of all necessary to calm your mind. Otherwise, they will not be able to sleep well, while the dream — the main remedy to preserve youth and beauty. From this standpoint, in practice there are many techniques tsigun.

One of them — the periodic training training. Try, for example, for a month at no angry and constantly saying to myself, "I'm all happy!" And every day, as far as possible, do the following exercise: at the navel put your right hand on top of it — left hand. Try to feel the flow of energy. Smile and meditating, sitting quietly 15 minutes. This simple exercise is very good at helping to maintain peace of mind.

Why the West fascinated East

— What other problems apart from the problem of loneliness, throw you in the face in our society?

— I've got a feeling that the people living in Latvia and Estonia, are very unstable emotions and psychological state of the majority is constantly changing. But you are able to find what's good. You need to have a clear understanding of spiritual development. This is a very positive trend. Seeker will always find their target. And I have to admit that the situation in your country is very different from the one that I found three years ago during his penultimate visit. Then the thoughts of people just wandering around, and they do not understand what to do.

— You pretty much travel the world. What, in your view, the general trend of spiritual development?

— You see, before the main spiritual institution in any country was religion. Modern humans was not enough and they want to further self-development. For example, China is now the main trend of development — economic. And in the United States and Germany, where that party is at a very high level of development, the people, in turn, tends to spiritual development. East is gradually moving closer to the West, and the West with the East. It is a time of cultural exchange.

The healing power of qigong

— How do you feel about the fact that qigong taught the Europeans?

— This is the problem of philosophy. In China, it is believed that teach qigong can only master — one who has achieved the highest level and received his Master's permission to share their knowledge with others. In Europe, the case that is often taken for teaching those who themselves have continued to learn. But the effectiveness of improving the method does not suffer. Another thing is that being just a coach or instructor can not, if you undertake to teach the next stage of the methods of Qigong — spiritual practices. There are already required master …

— What can you say to the uninitiated, is interested Qigong?

— The best method of obtaining information on Qigong — by word of mouth. Someone got a good result and invited other classes. This is slow, but effective. In Russia and Ukraine, so by going to seminars on Qigong for several thousand people. And if our system was not effective, it would have long since died out. I should add that in the past year, I and my students created an international fund "Mingtang", whose purpose — the creation of the University of Qigong. We have already enrolled six people from Russia, Moldova and Ukraine. We already have a very good track record in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and those diseases, the cause of which conventional medicine can not be established. It is, for example, chronic asthma, and intervertebral hernia.

There are some of my patients and cured of AIDS. Qigong provides a simple approach for self and restore balance. Basically, we all have the nature of the self-healing ability, but in the process of learning this ability in itself, alas, suppress and lost. A simple example: if you sit on the cheek by a mosquito, your hand will automatically be pulled his slam. But if the mosquito will do the same when you are sitting in an important meeting, you do not allow yourself to make a similar move and endure the pain bite. And the next time you have a reflex may not work …

Our interview was interrupted. Mr Sui Mingtang waited Riga students — about fifty people. He had to have a talk with them and rush to the road. What can you do — Grandmaster most of its life traveling around the world. Such is his share — to share his knowledge with people.

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