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Is there a God, the soul and the afterlife — these are the three main issues, which are endless arguments over the centuries. In our time, the answers to these questions are given … clinical death.

Very early unnamed authors of the "Book of the Dead" knew that death — not a momentary act, but a gradual process, which stretched for a while. Moreover, it was known in detail, as it flows! Meanwhile, these days it is found out only after the doctors have learned to return to the lives of people who have had near-death. So, this phenomenon — not the most recent development of modern science, but only thorough knowledge of the forgotten past.

It is significant also that in ancient Egypt and in ancient India were mystery schools, which are devoted to mastering techniques of dying, seeing it not as the disappearance of a person, but as a transition into a different quality. Later this knowledge became known in Europe: the mystery of mysteries were devoted to Socrates, Plato, Plutarch, Euripides, Aristotle. They shared their sacred meaning: death — it's not the end of life, and awakening, since leaving the body, the soul acquires the ability to think freely and feel.

Much later, in the fact that human existence does not end with his death, believed many of those whom we call geniuses. For example, Goethe wrote: "The thought of death, I am quite calm because I am convinced that our spirit is a being whose nature is indestructible and that will be there forever." But the statement of Leo Tolstoy on the immortality of the soul, "We know that our life is not in change of the body, but the fact that they live in this body. And live in the soul of the body. A soul has no beginning and no end. "

Moreover, considering the immortal soul, and therefore, acknowledging the existence of God or God, genius, unlike the ancients did not know about the phenomenon of near-death experiences that confirms this. But the Swedish scientist beginning of the eighteenth century, Emanuel Swedenborg, who has published more than 150 scientific papers on the anatomy, physiology and psychology, he survived clinical death. After describing his feelings, he concluded: "A man does not die, he was just released from the physical body, which he needed when he was in this world. Dying, the only person moves from one state to another … I very clearly remember feeling out of consciousness, that is my spirit from the body. "

However, Western scholars have considered evidence of Swedenborg, as well as ancient Egyptian and Tibetan texts, figment of the imagination of people who did not want to come to terms with the inexorable reality, that is the inability of man's existence or consciousness beyond earthly life. For materialists questions about God, the soul and the afterlife is considered solved once and for all negative.

But life goes on. These eternal questions again arose when physicians began to revive in a lot of people after clinical death. However, it remains a mystery what happens to a person during a brief stay "in the next world."

She tried to penetrate the American scientist Raymond Moody. In the mid 80s he published his book, "Life After Death", in which he collected the testimonies of people who have experienced clinical death.

Moody allocates approximately fifteen specific details that are found in the vast majority of their messages. The most significant evidence for the reality of God, the soul and the afterlife look like this.

A man dies at a time when his physical suffering reaches the limit. However, he hears the doctors recognize him dead, and still hear the unpleasant noise, a loud ringing or buzzing that seemed to announce that some people crossed the border and went to another world. Then he suddenly finds himself out of his physical body, but still somewhere near him. He sees his body at a distance, and as a foreign audience, watching the doctors trying to bring him back to life and experiencing emotional shock, because he understands the thoughts of other people can see and hear them, but they can neither see nor hear his new "I" .

Although it is invisible to ordinary people, in the opinion of those who experienced physical death, in their new-found "disguises" is a form or shape, sometimes rounded, but still have to be "up" and "down".

Then the dead man feels that moves very rapidly through a long dark tunnel, and gradually gets used to his new status. This movement invariably ends with a meeting with a very bright light. Moreover, none of the patients had no doubt that it was a being of light, and not just a dazzling spot. Moreover, it has been endowed with the properties of the person from which came the dying love and warmth.

While the above description has been constantly subject mysterious, its identification was varied by different people. The faithful believed that this is nothing like Christ. Those who were far from religion, just talking about the "being of light", which they felt surprisingly good — safe and surrounded by love.

However, the perception of this creature and they and others have something in common. Specifically, it defines their continued presence in the other world. Here's one piece of evidence to this effect, which leads Moody:

"I knew that I was dying and there was nothing I can do, because no one can hear me … I was out of my body, in that there was no doubt, as I could see it here on the operating table. So, my soul came out of it! At first it was very hard, but then I saw a very bright light. Just a lot of light, nothing but the brightest shining light, and yet it was made a special personality. Heat is transferred from him to me, I felt the warm-heartedness. At first I did not understand what was going on. But then he asked me how I would have asked the question if I was ready to die? It was as if talking to someone, but you do not see with whom. Light was talking to me, that voice belonged to him. He knew I was not ready to die. For me it was a kind of test, decide my fate. "

Despite the fact that Moody's has led dozens of such evidence, which helped collect Animator, psychiatrists, biologists, in the academic world there were many skeptics who claim that the post-mortem vision, in particular a sense of movement through the tunnel to the light — it's just a hallucination. They are born in the brain due to hypoxia, ie oxygen starvation, and the brain continues to function for another six to eight minutes after cardiac arrest.

However, after Moody became interested in this phenomenon, many resuscitators. To date, collected and documented by thousands of posts on the so-called out of body experience that experienced people of different ages, professions, nationalities, religions, before the efforts of doctors have been returned "from the dead."

Chief specialist of the Institute of General Medical Sciences resuscitation Galina V. Alexeev began recording "post-mortem" memories back in 1974, when about Moody and his research is still not known. And it is not only questioned in detail "returnees", scrutinizing and analyzing their stories, but also drew attention to the fact that the respondents were mentally healthy and balanced.

During his time at the Botkin Hospital Dr. Alexeev reclaimed from the "bony" thousands of people paid attention to the striking similarity in their stories. In addition to the tunnel and bright light most of the "resurrected" talking about the same feelings in the first moments after death: man, as it splits in two, leaving their bodies and watching from the scene. Then there is some mysterious creature and decides the fate of the deceased.

— I remember my first patient, told me the story of his return "from the dead." She had a cardiac arrest, but doctors saved her, — says Galina. — When the woman recovered, I unexpectedly asked if she remembered anything about my feelings. According to her, feeling her body, she slowly climbed down the tunnel to the light, when I heard a voice that reminded her of the responsibilities to the families and said that she must return to their duty to them.

I keep records and record the experiences of people who have experienced clinical death for 26 years. Almost everyone mentions about the voice — even, pleasant, more often male, who says that he is still too early to leave the earth, that they should come back, because they need a close. And almost every one of them tells about the appearance of the pattern. Sometimes she stood, there was sometimes a little way off, as it were, waited, but there was always shrouded in light … I asked, it was a man? But patients have insisted on the word "figure".

Dr. Alexeev came to an important conclusion, which is confirmed by other resuscitators. The meeting with this mysterious creature while staying "in the next world," radically changes the psyche and thus the behavior of "lively dead":

— As an objective witness can say that most of the patients after clinical death, begin to take a different attitude to life. They perceive it as a precious gift. They appear anxious attitude to other people and do everything that surrounds them — to animals, flowers, trees. At the same time an experience of death deprives them of their fear of it, they have no doubt that with the death of the body life does not stop.

Based on its long experience in the return of people to life after the death of Dr. Alexeev came to this conclusion:

— I know that we do not accidentally come into this world and not all of it go away. After death is the most important thing — the soul of man. Or reified thought, or emanations — no matter what is. It is possible the soul of the dead gather in other worlds, for example, in the noosphere, which Vernadsky said, in a kind of purgatory, where they improved, updated to return to earth and incarnated in other bodies. I think it is even seen by the fact that each new generation — more advanced and perfect than the last.

If we compare the data on clinical death, collected Moody, that found out about this phenomenon Dr. Alekseev, then there is a complete coincidence. So these facts are authentic. It follows that as long as consciousness after death continues to function, there is some substance to which it is "gotten". Namely — the soul, residing in another dimension, that is, in the afterlife. A luminous figure of the same — this is a supreme being that is called God.

And the last. There is another interesting phenomenon associated with clinical death. In 1923 a famous philosopher, theologian and scientist Pavel Florensky electrician said suicide notes priest Alexei Mechev, which are some of the observations were typical of clinical death. Arguing about the difference between "death" and "Assumption", Florensky wrote just before his death, many people begin to live with different abilities than usual.

The greatest thinker did not specify on what abilities in question. Only these days, it became clear that he had in mind. According to research by the Foundation of Parapsychology named L.L.Vasileva, many people who have had near-death, there are psychic abilities. This is evidenced by Dr. Alekseev:

— I remember a 16-year-old girl, which we with great difficulty put out of a coma. It is at once extraordinarily prettier, lit from within. When communicating with her the impression that she knows something that we have available. One day she said struck me, an experienced physician, the phrase, "I can see that you have inside. I do not even need to drive the hands of this, as do psychics. I just see it. " The girl was with a completely normal mentality, she just got sensitive abilities after clinical death.

Experts in energy-explain this phenomena changes in the neurons of the brain during its brief oxygen starvation at the moment of clinical death. Their cells do not have time to break down, but only "mopped up", just as happens with "burnt" contacts. As a result, the neurons begin to take much more information electromagnetic signals coming from the outside into our brains.

To confirm or refute this hypothesis could experiment with artificial clinical death. But to hold it on the man's too dangerous. And while researchers from the Moscow Institute of General Medical Sciences resuscitation set up an experiment on rats. It turned out that as a result of their near-death conditioned reflex activity was significantly changed. In particular, after resuscitation reflex motivation for drinking was produced from them much faster than in rats of the control group. Search feeders in a complex maze for 10-15 minutes for the eighth session was trained half of the rats, "wiser" after-death, and only 12.5 individuals in the control group.

The results of these studies provide evidence to suggest that using a short-term oxygen starvation of the brain can be turned into a psychic any person. The only problem is how to do it without resorting to artificial clinical death.

Sergei Demkina

23 Secret Power 2004

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