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Film The Moses Code is a logical continuation of the movie The Secret. If it was a secret in the fact that we can attract into your life, there is the basic idea — that you can give away as giving and receiving — they are two parts of the same process. Without one, and no other.

The Moses Code — a few words: "I Am What I Am". Simple, but what does it actually mean?

Let's try to understand.

If you've been watching a movie Secret 3 "Or down the rabbit hole" remember that basically the whole universe — is infinite field of energy. At the deepest level, all inextricably connected to everything.

This gives us unlimited possibilities, as the universe itself no limits. Consequently, there is no them and us.

Using the code of Moses allows us to identify all manifestations of reality in the universe, to identify ourselves with God.

Deciphering the word "GOD» («GOD»), we get the three keys to the process of creation:

"B" — Selflessness (Giving)

"O" — The common (Oneness)

 "G" — General Purpose (Destiny)


Our brains have a department that is not focused on individual objects, that is, it does not distinguish between self and others. Thus, in order to give any other, the brain perceives it as if we give ourselves.

There is reason to wonder whether we should be angry, irritated, hate other people?


This was already discussed above. I repeat: we all have one, we are one. When you give something, your brain does not distinguish between: you give to someone else or yourself. It turns out that giving, you are getting.

That's why learn to give what you want to achieve in life. For example, if you want to get the attention and appreciation, give attention and appreciation to the people around you, if you want love, learn to give love.

"The main purpose of"

Many religious teachings say that we are all manifested in physical reality for a particular purpose. That is, there is something that one can do better than everyone else.

Our main task — to find a purpose in life, to find that for which we were born. When you find your purpose — time for you to stop, you can do this indefinitely, you do not need to themselves or coerce, or force. You give, serve in this way the whole of mankind. Giving you more you get, and your life is harmonious, beautiful and complete, it appears all you wish.

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