The mystery of the beast number 666 — revealed!




The study of the Scythian calendar allowed to establish why since ancient times "beast number" 666 is a mystical and fatal. I believe this is due to the creation of a Scythian calendar. This number has been known for over 2000 years.


In ancient times, highly educated people was not enough. The basis of these were the priests and astronomers, and other sages and scholars. It is possible that this ancient astronomers was commissioned to create a good accurate calendar consisting of 12 months.

As we know in the year there are 4 special solar period associated with the location of the sun in the sky. This spring and autumn equinox (March 21 and September 23), as well as the days of summer and winter solstices (21,22, 23 June and 22 December), respectively. However, the Scythians already in those days knew that from March 21 — the day of the vernal equinox and before June 22 — the summer solstice takes place exactly 92 days.

Almost the same amount of time between other special days of sunshine. Average year and consisted of four such periods of time. Therefore, the structure of the calendar Scythian sages have done exactly the rate of 92 × 4 = 368. Next was invented ingenious system of annual accounts of the time correction, which is set out separately in the description of the Scythian calendars, extra days when they just do not take into account (368-3 = 365).

In a leap year (every four years) from 368 took away 2 days and got 366! More on this is set out in the notes to the Scythian calendars, as read some articles.

A similar account adjustment time was made in Russia in 1918 during the transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar that we use today. Then simply remove the excess of 13 calendar days instead of February 1 immediately came on Feb. 14, so, we got the unique unofficial holiday — the "Old New Year", which is not in other countries.

Perhaps following the will of the king, priests and astronomers have tried time period of 92 days divided by 3, and multiplying the result by 4, the year turned out to 12 months. Probably, this way of calculating it seemed more simple and convenient. And then it began.

As they are 92 divided by 3 in the residue afforded 30 days and 666! So they also reported that the task is impossible because 92 3 no residue can not be divided, prevents "beast number" -666! (Apparently they did not divide further, or did not know how to share.) Today, with the help of a calculator is easy to do even a schoolboy.

So, 92:3 = 30.666.666.666.666.666.666.666.666.666.666!

Thirty-sixes! This result is obtained on the calculator my computer. Depending on the capacity of other calculators can give different values, that number of sixes can vary. (By the way, try to do it yourself!). But, in all cases, at least 30.6 turns, and it is to everything and pectoral diameter — 30.6 cm!

It is also a practical and English foot (in translation from English — Leg) — the average length of the human foot. (This is a distance of 92 feet and has a long ancient entrance to the underground labyrinth near Melitopol, identified myself and academician I. Pavlovian with telescopic biolocation tensor and the data obtained in the study of unique golden royal pectoral Great Scythia, which apparently indicates a relationship with 92 days for which the Sun goes from the period of the vernal equinox (March 21) before the period of the summer solstice (June 22), as mentioned above?!).

Now I understand why the ancient sages cursed 666, calling it "an animal numbers." Over time, the number 666, and has acquired a mystical significance, it was even called the number "the Devil", forgetting to identify the root cause of it. Clearly, there is a simple mathematical incident and no mystique number does not contain.

A Scythian wise men opting for accuracy did not Scythian year of 12 and 16 months because of 92 well and evenly divisible by 4 (92:4 = 23). Therefore, in the Scythian month 23 days, and the correction of the original system of reckoning time, as mentioned above, made year to 365 (366) days. Simple!

However, other explanations are known value of 666. Thus, there is a version that it supposedly encrypted name of Julius Caesar, but I believe that it is less plausible, especially when you consider the above. More about this in the book Paukova SM "Secrets gold pectoral."

Sergei Spiders independent researcher, writer

Kiev, Ukraine


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