The nightmare of modern Europe

Interview with a journalist of the newspaper "Today" with Irina Bergseth

IB Misfortune happened six years of my stay in Norway. I did not know anything about their system "Barnevarn."
It turns out that in Norway there is a state plan, the quota for the removal of children from their parents. The tutorship even compete for its implementation — a kind of gossorevnovanie. Graphs, charts published each quarter — how many children in any selected area.
Recently I got a document — a report Swedes. This is a report about cases of removal of children from families in Sweden and neighboring Scandinavian countries ( It is a strange phenomenon. The report states that in Sweden the parents seized 300,000 children. We are talking about the whole stolen from biological parents generation. The scientists, criminologists, lawyers, lawyers — people with traditional values who still remember that the family was in Sweden — are perplexed. They say that there is something strange. There is a public pogrom families.  
Human rights activists are trying to deal with the Norwegian penal system Barnevarn omnipotent. They seriously believe that this is a corrupt system of child trafficking. May 3 suffered from Barnevarn in Norway organized a protest against the forced separation of the state and the parents of children in Norway. In terms of stealing children from their parents Norway ahead of the rest, there is the separation of children from their parents — it's a state project. The headline in the Norwegian newspaper: "One-fifth of children in Norway has been rescued from his parents." One-fifth — is, by the way, all of the one million children in this country — nearly two hundred thousand "saved" and no longer living at home with his mother, and in the shelters.

Interviewed by Andrew Fefelov

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