The tender for the 7.3 billion dollars given to Russian manufacturers fighter fifth generation without a fight

The tender for the 7.3 billion dollars given by the Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft manufacturers without a fightAs reported by the newspaper "Izvestia", the manufacturers fighter T-50 5th generation did not have to fight with rivals zabugornom for obtaining lucrative tender for 7.3 billion dollars, which was declared South Korea. As explained to the representatives of the aviation industry of the Russian Federation, there are a couple of circumstances. 1st — Our homeland is not willing to hide the development of the South American allies came to South Korea. 2nd — manufacturers do not put their trust in the victory. And third — another absolutely not running batch creation extensively advertised the T-50.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" notes that South Korea in the end of the third step of the project FX, aimed at upgrading the Air Force plans to buy 60 units of fighters who will guard the skies over Korea in the next 30 years. This deal has already received the title of "contract of the century" because of its unprecedented scale for South Korea made purchases.

Accepting applications in the tender committee completed at the end of last week. According to the results proved that the fight for the Korean billion Eurofighter Typhoon will be the euro group EADS, fighter Gripen from Swedish SAAB, as two representatives of the aviation industry of the USA — F-35 (Lightning-II) from Lockheed Martin and the F-15SE (Silent Eagle) from Boeing. Earlier in the newspaper The Korea Times, citing defense procurement agency of South Korea, it was reported that over tender going to compete and Russian OKB "dry" with his fighter T-50 (PAK FA).

But now it was clear that the management of the United Aircraft Company is not even going to put up for tender Russian fighters. The source said the "News" in the KLA, development used in the T-50, are classified. So far, only three experienced created the standard of the aircraft, an export version of the midst of them as yet to be no. In addition, he noted that South Korea is an ally of the United States, because it is unlikely to have expected that they will elect the Russian aircraft rather than the South American.

But the main premise of the refusal of the Russian producer role in the tender for the views of the Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis Alexander Konovalov, was the fact that the developers are not ready to provide a competitive version of the fighter fifth generation of professionals for the tribunal. According to him, while there is only a hint of this development and the requirements of international tenders very highest — their onboard systems must be able to accept and process an unlimited amount of disk imaging, equipped with the very massive computer, be able to develop a supersonic speed and stay with all this inconspicuous to radar .

The expert added that to reduce radiozametnosti Americans use small rings of copper in the coating of fighters, and we do not use it. In addition, Konovalov said that the creation of a batch of T-50 has not yet begun on any of the aircraft manufacturing plants.

T-50 was developed as a Russian response to the South American fighter F-22 and F-35. Until the end of the year should end flight test machine. And in 2013, plans to begin testing new missiles for her. The general public showed him in the summer of last year at MAKS-2011.

In addition, the Director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument Igor Korotchenko believes that at this point the project T-50 do not need the financial support of the Koreans. According to him, the Russian Federation plans to sign a large contract with India, which has already expressed a desire to buy 250 new fighter T-50. Because the hypothetical loss of $ 7 billion for the project will not be critical. He also mentioned that the Russian Federation has been the experience of the struggle for South Korean tenders, which showed that there is still a bet made on the United States.

Most likely, the suspicion is that tender — It's just a formality, and preference is given to partners of the United States, does not groundless. Korean TV channel MBN released information about the one that Seoul has to pay for the announcement of the tender documentation from the 1st American claimants F-35 about a million bucks. This leads to the idea that a political decision to purchase the F-35 has already been made, although the views of professionals in a fair competitive struggle, at least another aircraft — Eurofighter Typhoon — can compete with South American fighter.

Our homeland took part in the tender for the South Korean Air Force in 2002. Su-35 lost then the F-15 made in the USA. In general, it should be noted that the purchase of Russian military equipment for the army of South Korea still performed. Armed with them at the moment there are tanks T-80 and BMP-3.

"Independent Military Review" recalled that the Russians, Europeans and Americans shortly before take part in the tender announced by India, which involves the supply of multi-role aircraft for programmke MMRCA. Our homeland has presented the MiG-35, which, in general, the winner did not. Add to Favorites beat out the French Rafale and the European Typhoon.

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