Thomas Sankara: the 25th anniversary of the day or death

"The revolutionaries can destroy the idea — never"

T. Sankara

In the years 1983-1987 under the title of State of Burkina Faso ("Homeland of honest people," former French Upper Volta) rules president Thomas Sankara. For the first three years in power, the man who received the nickname of "African Che Guevara", the parable truly "has come true."

Needless renaming native country — his idea. In the language of Moore, "Burkina" means "honest people" with the language of Jula "Faso" means "homeland."

Thomas Sankara — Army Captain, paratrooper, former head of the training center in Pau. An intelligent man, a professional, versatile and addictive, it was not just the military. Sankara got some fame as a jazz guitarist, poet, publicist, ideologist of the Communist revolution (at the time he studied the works of Marx and Lenin), familiar with both the theory and the practice. Sankara — the founder of the country's national anthem native and co-author of the coat of arms. On view Michael Mungai, Thomas Sankara — a favorite, equal to such giants as Nelson Mandela or Kwame Nkrumah.

Thomas Sankara: the 25th anniversary of his death

Born in 1949 in Upper Volta, who comes from a farm family Sankara swiftly made his military career, rising to the rank of captain. Already in 1981, the famous young officer appointed by the Municipal Secretary for disk imaging Upper Volta. It is clear that in the first meeting, he arrived at the bike. (That was totally specious "Moskvich" Comrade Yeltsin).

In April 1982 T. Sankara resigned, accusing the military's oppression of workers and trade unions. He said"Woe to those who shuts his mouth to the people!"

Thanks to the following military coup president of Upper Volta in 1982, was Major Jean-Baptiste Ouedraogo. He declared Sankara prime minister. French, retained its influence in the former African colonies, the communist captain not fond of. Through the efforts of the imperialists particular captain was arrested.

A new rebellion put an end to house arrest the captain. Made revolution unleashed the revolutionary garrison captain, and Thomas Sankara was at the helm of power in his native country. The coup that among other organized one of the friends and associates of Sankara — Captain Blaise Compaore.

The new president took a course on social change. He started them from himself, and along with government officials — why he earned the nickname of "African Che."

Being deeply under the influence of the work of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, writes Michael Mungai, for your own little presidential term Sankara completely eradicated poverty in the country and did everything to raise the average person. As a Pan Africanist, he sought to put an end to "political ventriloquism" that are practicing former African colonial rulers also remove the dependency of the continent on foreign aid. "He who feeds you, and you control" — read it.

Being a very modest man, Sankara government sold the park ts, consisting of "Mercedes". Instead, cars were purchased by «Renault 5" — the cheapest at the time of the machine available in the country. It was they who became the official cars of Ministers of Sankara. The new president has reduced its payroll from 2,000 dollars per month to 450 (plus the cost of things). Sankara forbade members of the government to hire private drivers and officials to fly first class. Native inhabitants of the country, he called to take clothes, sewn countrymen. Sankara even cleaned kondyuk of his own office, saying that most of his fellow-citizens living without a similar luxury.

When Sankare, ahead of time, the former Upper Volta changed dramatically.

He became the first African head of the country who have committed to give the highest positions in the government. Under him the ladies were able to serve in the army. Sankara forbade ritual circumcision women's genitals, polygamy, forced marriages and even the humiliation pros ladies. Ladies can now get an education and have equal rights with men. In the first year Revolution passed "Day of Solidarity": the peasants were told to prepare dinner and go to trade in the market to themselves to experience the "charm" of female shred.

"If we lose the fight for the liberation of women, do not impose on the achievement of positive vseobyatnyh and configurations in society," — said it in 1987, shortly before his death.

The president has overcome bribery. In 1986, Global Bank is obliged to admit that in Burkina Faso completely eradicated corruption. With all of this it should be noted that the salary of officials were not elevated and lowered. Municipal bureaucrats from now were to serve as a role model and a prototype example of incorruptible and conscientious people.

The country has not been publicly hang portraits of Sankara — he rebuked.

The merits of "African Che Guevara" include not only policies to combat corruption. The President takes measures to protect the environment and reforestation, develop education and health care (which when it became free), fussed about the stability of agriculture and land redistribution.

During the years of the presidency of Thomas Sankara was planted 10 million trees that stopped the spread of the Sahara. Infant mortality has decreased by half. The tribal leaders have lost their benefits. Sankara put an end to the collection of tribute, and farmers should not have more "work" local serfdom.

When Sankare country was absolutely provide themselves with food — a great big surprise democratic "international community."

The essence is that Thomas Sankara a strong emphasis on the economic independence of their own country. His policy, analysts say, was different even care about the interests of food security, but broader principle of food sovereignty.

Various kinds of "humanitarian aid" Sankara rejected the companion, assuming that the one who perceives it turns out, as in the old days, in the grip of colonial rule.

"By creating our own creation, we will create this aid unnecessary. We can, we must create more, as this is normal, and on the other the one who gives food for you, for you and impose their will. " These words of the President of Burkina Faso, notices Martin Ling, more relevant than ever.

This was said in 1986, when the successes are obvious Sankara were already all over the world, and Western liberals vengeance gnashed their teeth, enamel crumbling to the floor. Sankara headed for that there were while a miracle: the birthplace of Army Captain, it is not so long ago, the former poorest state, not only is no longer importing food, but even exported it! You can not believe it by looking at the current starving Burkina Faso's GDP per capita ranks in the ranking of "place" somewhere after the 200th …

Thomas Sankara do not trust the so-called "debt policy" pursued by the Western powers on the global level. He believed that the debt policy is the essence of technique re-colonization of Africa. The President was an outspoken anti-imperialist — that did not like the advanced liberals in the West. 38-year-old Thomas Sankara was a thorn in the side of the former colonialists, notices Michael Mungai.

Sankara and his closest followers killed Oct. 15, 1987. Is responsible for the murder of Sankara — oh, the drama of fate! — It last friend and colleague, Blaise Compaoré. New municipal coup took place not without the participation of France. Lofty dead, the names of which the West is struggling to erase, were buried in an unmarked grave.

After the overthrow Sankara found, that his property consisted of an old "Peugeot", purchased to the presidency, a refrigerator, a freezer which was not working, four bicycles and three guitars.

The first act of the new president of Burkina Faso — which became, of course, Blaise Compaore, — was acquisition of "Boeing" to individual needs. This plane Teran spent funds earmarked for the improvement of Sankara outskirts of the capital.

Mr. Compaoré and until now President of Burkina Faso, and in combination, and the defense minister. Yet he is a great friend of world democracy. Famous photo where he shakes hands with the most advanced democracy of all time — George W. Bush.

Michael Mungai bitterly writes, that's true heroes of Africa lies in unmarked graves. "The legacy of our unsung heroes — he writes — smothered businessmen from the African neo-colonial elite, there is a greater threat than the mountain gorillas."

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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