Weather in Moscow will be variable

Weather in Moscow will be variableThe next week the weather will be changeable: and the atmosphere will take turns to do that portion of the cold, then warm air.
The difference between night and day temperatures increase. So, on Monday night in colder to -3 … -8 ° C, and in the afternoon on Monday, the temperature rises to +2 … +7 ° C.

Tuesday to the capital will be a new cyclone, the sky clouded over, will sleet and snow and rain, and the wind shifted to the south-west to north-west. Warmer at night to -2 … +3 ° C during the day will still be +2 … +7 ° C.

On Wednesday in Moscow and Moscow to reassert its influence anticyclone from Scandinavia.

Will blow the north-west wind, the night temperature drops below normal.
On Wednesday night is expected to -8 … -13 ° C, the day will be -1 … +4 ° C.

On Thursday night, meteorologists predict -6 … -11 ° C. High expected 0 … +5 ° C.

On Friday night the temperature will remain the same, -6 … -11 ° C. But then blew south-west wind. And during the day will be a +1 … +6 ° C.

Over the weekend, the weather in the capital region will determine the warm anticyclone periphery. On Saturday night will be -5 … -10 ° C during the day is expected to +2 … +7 ° SV Sunday night temperature dropped to -4 … -9 ° C, and in the afternoon will warm up to +3 … +8 ° C.

The atmospheric pressure in the coming weekend will be back to normal — 746 mm Hg. Art., Saturday drop to 744 mm Hg. Art. then abruptly begins to grow and will reach 754 mm Hg. Art., and to the environment falls to 747 mm Hg. Art. On Wednesday, the pressure rises to 763 mm Hg. Art. — And hold at that level until Saturday. The following weekend the pressure drops, but only slightly — to 760 mm Hg. Article

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