How to recognize the strangers among the people?

March 7, 2012 15:38

How to recognize the strangers among the people?

Ufologists around the world are preparing for the annual visit of people from other planets. But some esoteric believe that aliens have been living among us. Our correspondents sensational details were known about the aliens on Earth. Among them are celebrities.

In 2000, the University of California, led by Professor Jonathan Malkisom organized a press conference. And reported the sensational news: the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have long been among humans. They took human form and are closely monitoring our every move.

In the Indian Vedas and the Bible contains information about aliens. According to them, the universe has a shape of an egg. It consists of fourteen planetary systems — seven higher and seven lower, land is located approximately in the middle.

Research on the topic for decades by scientists all over the world. Ufologists agree that aliens can be divided into two types: the "light" and "dark." The first Earthlings want good, second … conduct experiments on us!

Humanoids communicate on the Internet

Those who were sent to Earth from other worlds, ufologists call "podselentsami." They "live" in the human body. Their goal — to gain information on the excavation and through the energy channels to convey its "up" or give us new knowledge. According to some researchers, the aliens were Leonardo da Vinci, Voltaire, Mendeleev, of our recently departed stars — Elvis Presley, Viktor Tsoi, poet Nick Turbo … Last known fact that as a child wrote "adult" poetry. Five-year girl he patronized Yevgeny Yevtushenko. By the way, Nick at birth suffered from asthma. She died at the age of 28 by jumping out a window.

On the Internet, there are forums where people are talking, calling themselves "podselentsami." With one of them we were able to communicate.

— Not all the questions I can not answer, the fact there is good reason — once misspoke our informant. — I'm in the human body, which still has some differences from the bodies of the earth people. For example, like this: 1. Greater than you, the size of the head. In children, for me not to nalezaet no sweater, and peers teased "tadpole" — yours, the earth, and children — being cruel. Back of the head a few sticks, like the Egyptian pharaohs, who also had a heavenly origin. 2. Small size of the feet, hips, with a rather high — more than 1 m 70 cm — height. 3. I was not interested in sex, which is strange for humans, but for "podselentsev" norm. 4. Special sensitivity to everything, as a result — are allergic to medicines, cosmetics, dust … Frequent attacks of breathlessness. 5. Strong energy: in my presence often burst bulbs and broken appliances.

School girl survived a fall from 9th floor

Skeptics call these people crazy or pranksters. But some scientists describe aliens almost the same definition: "Pharaonic" head shape, narrow hips, high growth, high sensitivity …

— There are other signs as visible to the naked eye and perceptible only with special equipment — he says, ufologist, a spokesman for the Academy informatsiologicheskoy and Applied Ufology Yuri Senkin. — For example, the temperature of the body in a healthy condition for two or three degrees lower than that of human earthly origin. Also worth noting is unusually strong bones and amazingly fast zazhivlyaemost wounds.

This writer went to a class with a girl, Natasha G. There was something strange, unearthly … In the eighth grade, she had quarreled with his mother, jumped out the window of the 9th floor. After falling on the body of Natalya were just … light abrasions and scratches! Doctors induced ambulance crews were shocked — this can not be, people are broken, falling from 3-4th floor! Apparently, her mission on this planet is not over yet, because she survived. While Nicky Turbine mission ended — and she left this world.

— We, the ordinary people are too fragile for the bone structure of the Earth, — Jury Senkin.

Other features newcomer: big eyes, an unusual sight, pale or snowy white skin, increased the "hairy", rapid speech — slow to convey the information they earthlings, in other cases, a "kink" — almost always silent, as if afraid to blurt out too much , long hands with slender fingers, nails pinkish shade, a well-placed low voice, small mouth and large protruding forehead pedantry; highly developed creative skills or unusual skill: they draw things, they know how to read minds, know the future … they have a "strange" children. Not necessarily the presence of symptoms, only three or four.

Some of the celebrities that fall under these signs:

— Victor Tsoi (the "unusual" eyes, wild energy, "weird" child — a son of singer Alexander hangs himself by the skin on iron hooks, saying that not only do not feel pain, but also gets pleasure from the process);

— Grigory Perelman (increased "hairy", silence and isolation, "weird" look. Those who spoke with mathematician, noted that when the external slovenliness in his life he is surprisingly meticulous and accurate);

— Jeanne Aguzarova (unusual structure of the skull, a high growth. Fellow musicians noted that "her in minutes healed all wounds." So, the singer appeared on stage in five hours after surgery for an appendectomy. Ordinary man in this time no time even away from the anesthesia).

On Internet forums that discuss the topic, "podselentsami" many also consider "bystrogovoryaschih" anchors Andrei Malakhov and Tina Kandelaki and … Vladimir Putin and Alla Pugacheva.

Hitler was a "dark podselentsem"

— We now have a difficult earthly humanity, a crucial time — continues to Yuri Senkin. — So sightings aliens among us those who are conventionally referred to as "light", have become particularly common. Their mission — to help us to survive in hard times and go to the next level of civilization.

It is believed that many disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, floods — such of their number not seen since the origins of humanity!) — Also the work of aliens. Exactly, here we are on the second group, the so-called dark forces. They are realizing that humanity threatened with death, trying to remake the planet. The current Earth's climate is not suitable for them. And they are changing it for themselves. The most striking "dark podselentsem" was Adolf Hitler. Man — just a walking anomaly. Furious energy — a huge number of people, as if hypnotized, they followed him. Tried to kill him several times, but he remained alive. At his command — also a well known fact — put in concentration camps, psychological, medical experiments on human beings.

Hitler, on the testimony of historians, he visited more than once to look at the "experimental." Thus remained completely impassive, seeing the blood and suffering. "Dark" aliens can not have what whatever earthly feelings. Where did Hitler's body after the "suicide" — is unknown to this day. Unknown, and the fate of the documents in which Hitler had carefully recorded the results of his murderous experiments. There is a version that the paper was taken by the Americans.

We called the most famous in Russia ufology — RAS academician Vladimir Azhazha.

— A few days ago in Moscow held the International UFO Conference — said Vladimir. — I'll process the results and I can not give you the time. I can only say that we have a revolution — from the narrative and the alleged UFO passed to the affirmative. That is, much of what has recently been a hypothesis, now — a proven fact.

Evelyn Vetrova

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