Icelands largest volcano awoke country Katla

In Iceland, the fixed signs of activity, the largest volcano in the country — Katla. Scientists fear that soon again volcanic ash will cover Europe. The last major eruption of Katla in 1918, Europe plunged into darkness and destroyed much of the livestock in Iceland.

Scientists who have recorded signs of activity Katla, fear that compared with the damage from the disaster of its eruption activity Eyyaflaytlayokudlya last year Europeans seem flowers. On the possibility of imminent eruption of an Icelandic volcanologist warned Pullen Einarsson, professor of geophysics at the University of Iceland. "Although the activity Katla is a serious concern, you can not say for sure whether the volcano erupting, or not," — said the scientist.

However, the Icelandic authorities, in collaboration with scientists and members of rescue services already being prepared to take the blows of fate. A plan to evacuate residents of villages near the volcano, and a plan for their temporary emergency accommodation centers. In developing these plans take into account also the time, because in the case of the eruption, the whole operation should be carried out in less than an hour.

Last month in Katla slack there were several earthquakes every 10 minutes. This once again confirms the validity of the concerns of scientists about the eruption. Especially because the last major Katla eruption in 1918 plunged the whole of Europe into darkness because of the volcanic ash.

Neighbor Katla — Eyyaflaytlayokudl, its eruption in the last year has paralyzed air traffic over Europe for several days and caused damage of $ 2 billion. Katla — a much larger and more powerful than the Eyjafjallajokull, so it's frightening to imagine what the consequences may turn to Europe eruption of the volcano.

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