Israeli heavy armored personnel carrier Ahzarit

In 1988, in Israel at the factory in the town of Tel Hashomer began mass creation languid armored "Ahzarit» Mk1 (from Hebrew Ruthless), made on the basis of its occupied Arab Russian tanks T-54 and T-55. Work on the creation of languid armored personnel were conducted in the Jewish state quite a long time. Nature of fighting in the region implies a higher saturation of the battlefield defeat means 12.7 and 14.5 mm, and various RPGs, which are quite often used by Arab fighters in the criteria for urban combat. According to the plan of Israeli designers' Ahzarit "is for sharing criteria in combat with tanks" Merkava ", also for the realization of special operations. At the current time, armored personnel carriers converted from 400 to 500 occupied Arab tanks.

Prerequisites for creating languid, well-armored armored personnel carriers appeared after the Lebanon War in 1982, when the loss of the middle of the personnel of the mechanized units, filled in the main South American M113 armored personnel carriers, were very significant. Analysis of combat experience has led to a rather abrupt conclusion — armored troop-carrier should own protection, superior tank protection. In the Israel Defense Forces are very sensitive to the human toll, because the existing M113 is one hundred percent finished arrange military.

The Israeli military wanted to get into service immediately and assault infantry machine and conveyor. Initially, they have been working on the creation of such machines in the hull of the tank 'Merkava', but there was a more obvious solution. Since 1967, the Arabs "put" hundreds of Israeli tanks T-54/55. Most of them following the repair and modernization was supplied by the army under the designation "Tyrant-4" and "5-Tyrant." Specifically, their body was eventually decided to put on the creation of languid tracked armored personnel carriers, as came to light machine "Ahzarit".

Assembling armored "Ahzarit"

Assembling the languid APC anticipates placing the driver's compartment at the front of the machine. In the fore part of the body is located 3 people: the driver is on the left, the gunner in the center, commander of the machine on the right. All three seats are lifted for the best view on the march. To monitor the road from the driver, there are 4 periscope observation devices. In the middle of the hull armored "Ahzarit" is the troop compartment for up to 7 people. Of three Marines sit along the boards. On the left side on the bench, with the right to the jump seat, the next place is located at the aft bulkhead compartment. In the roof of the troop compartment has 6 prismatic blocks (4 on the right and 2 on the left). In the stern of the APC is the engine-transmission compartment.

The box and the engine has been changed to new power unit made by NIMDA and consists of an 8-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine cooling water «Detroit Diesel» 8V-71TTA developing power of 650 hp "General Motors" and hydro boxes XTG-411-4 Office "Allison." The engine is mounted in the housing BTR across. The radiator shutter motor come back, the exhaust pipe on the left side.

Go to the corresponding features of the APC "Ahzarit" may include an input (output) hatch for the landing, which is located in the rear of the hull on the starboard side. This flap represents a rather narrow hinged ramp and soar over the body of the machine cover the walls of the cone-type flap is hydraulic. The compact engine installed on the machine out of the infantry squad succeeded in placing in the hull rear, which is typical for many models BMP different states. Besides coarse placement MTO possible to balance the heavy armor set in the front of the machine.

By implementing a strong armor Remote type (own development) armored fighting weight of almost 44 tonnes, while the tank T-54/55 this mass with the tower achieves 36 tons. Compared to the total width of the Russian tank cars has been increased to 370 mm and is 3640 mm. This allowed to provide a greater level of armor protection, and survivability of the machine has been enhanced due to its low silhouette (on the roof of the housing about 2,000 mm). Around the crew compartment is more severe reservations, and some armor plates which are mounted on the back of the cabinet and the sides are perforated form. Chassis armored "Ahzarit" covered protivokumulyativnymi additional screens. All places of crew members and troops equipped with hatches in the roof of the case.

In the process of production and operation has been mastered brand new armored vehicle modification, received the title of "Ahzarit» Mk2. This version differs from the base the new power unit, consisting of hydro-box "Allison» XTG-411-5 and more than a massive motor «Detroit Diesel» 8V-92TA (850 hp). These configurations have allowed increment throttle response and power density armored personnel carriers.

Armament armored "Ahzarit"

Armament machine designed to kill enemy personnel and lightly armored targets are not, as in most modern infantry fighting vehicles. According to the developed tactical concept, BTR "Ahzarit" should be used along with the tanks, which are absolutely task assigned to combat enemy armored vehicles. The role of APC languid "Ahzarit" boils down to the carriage of infantry sweep through the enemy zone without loss. The basis of the machine is the weapon system module OWS. Unit weight is 160 kg. with all this, virtually all of its construction is out of the booked amount of housing. Normally at this module is mounted 7.62-mm machine gun FN M240. Shooting out of it as probable remotely closed hatches arrow, and in manual mode. When the remote control machine gun shooter uses an optical sight for aiming with no growth (angle of view of 25 degrees) In one of the main sight-fold, there is a scope with an 8-fold increase in holding range scale. Both sights are night vision channels.

At first, the materials on the APCs, publicly posted by NIMDA, were shown machines "Ahzarit" with 3 modules on any OWS. But in the real criteria on arms of the IDF are the machines on which are mounted only on one module OWS. With all of this in the ordinary pin turret can be fitted with three 7.62 mm M240 machine gun. Further, 'Ahzarit "arming at least one small-caliber mortar 60 mm. It includes shrapnel ammunition, flare and smoke ammunition.

In the front part of the body in an APC malehankih niches on either side of the housing units are smoke grenade CL-3030 (for 6 pieces each) manufacturing firm IMI (Israel Military Industries). The same settings are used by the Israeli MBT. Grenade launchers can use some kinds of smoke grenades state production. Other than that provided for the possibility of creating a smokescreen by injecting fuel into the exhaust pipe.

In contrast to its modern foreign counterparts on this machine is not a tower with a gun or a languid machine gun. The reason for this is the value that is in the design of the APC "Ahzarit" was given to the safety of transporting infantry landing at that point, in what will be necessary to perform the landing of the tasks that he will be able to successfully solve a hurry. In turn manning the machine gun or other weapon is drawn into a languid her in combat missions that put the crew and troops to additional risk.

Armored protection "Ahzarit"

At the conclusion of foreign experts, grievous tracked armored
personnel carriers "Ahzarit" represents a highly secure means of transporting infantry troops on the battlefield, providing it with all this secretive dismount. This armored vehicle has the highest level of armor protection of the body and low silhouette that in totality provides the crew and assault force higher survival on the battlefield to defend the people of modern means of destruction, as well, giving the men the opportunity to act on the infected areas.

At the current time, "Ahzarit" is the most secure standard combat vehicle set up to transport infantry. His armor provides protection against chemical, and from the sub-caliber ammunition, including shots of the RPG. Mass of 44 tonnes for armored infantry is unprecedented (for example, BTR-80 weighs 13.6 tons). Almost 14 tons of weight languid APC falls on his armor. One figure is perfectly characterizes the level of security of the machine. The best way BTR protected from the fire in front of the projection, which used a similar book on composite armor of the tank 'Merkava-3. "

The design of the APC "Ahzarit" has implemented a fundamental principle of protection units and units of the least necessary. Along the edges of armored crew compartment housed fuel tanks, which make landing the role of additional protection. Feed of boards covered with special perforated bronelistami. The left rear of the machine is a powerful power unit. The car has a range of personal protection against weapons of mass destruction and an automatic fire suppression system.


In service with the Israeli army infantry battalion is languid 36 armored personnel carriers "Ahzarit", plus one additional command post vehicle. At the commander's armored personnel carrier is missing a plug OWS, but additional radio equipment installed. Also in the battalion further cut one 4 tracked armored vehicle inventories held in a repair platoon. The first data on arms armored brigade received elite "Golani".

Judging by under way at an Israeli researchers, armored personnel carriers used priemuschestvenno groups of 3 cars. Troopers leaves them on the go. The extension to the project is the introduction of folds areas, with all this, two cars are systems front, the third is at a certain distance behind. After landing, the landing BTR "Ahzarit" continue to move forward, but with a very malehankih speed. Despite the rather narrow prolazit, landing leaving the car pretty quickly. In a live landing troops of armored recalls landing landing of the aircraft. Drawback of the machine can be seen in the fact that one of the wings landing flap is thrown upward, allowing the opponent to find the exact moment of leaving the infantry machine.

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