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Mankind will have to go to the bananas. Tropical fruit will soon replace the bread, says the UN

Homemade soup with a bit of sugar bananas or banana toast with meat — all of this in the near future may not be a gourmet sophistication and everyday cooking practices. The UN Committee on Food Security has published a new report, excerpts of which publishes Russian Service BBC. In the report, the experts predict a sharp drop in the organization of production of staple foods — maize, rice and wheat — in many developing countries.

Bananas, according to experts, will play an increasingly important role in agriculture and will be a critical source of food for millions of people around the world. Contribute to this, according to the study, global warming, and will constantly raise the average temperature of the planet. Indicates that in some regions of traditional foods can replace other crops. For example, in South Asia will be used instead of wheat, cassava (a food plant — used in food like potato root), and in Africa, soybeans will replace the traditional black-eyed peas.

Banana — one of the world's most popular fruit and the fourth most important food crop. This plant genus includes about 40 species. He circulated mainly in South-East Asia and the Pacific Islands. The main exporters of the product on the world market are India, China and the Philippines.

Banana pulp contains many useful to the human body of carbohydrates and fiber, vitamins C, B1, B2 and minerals — phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Dish of bananas common in many countries, still, for the most part, they are the dessert, not the main. For example, in Costa Rica, have cooked honey syrup, in Venezuela — "Yo-Yo" (banana slices with soft white cheese), in Latin America Maduros popular dish (fried fruit slices with salt), in Africa, bananas are a common side dish for fish dishes, fruit is also bake cakes. Ketchup is popular in the Philippines of bananas, and in the U.S. — ice cream. You can find the web and banana bread recipes, according to users, is no less useful than its traditional counterpart. In social networks, even create special community named "Group munching bananas with a straight face," or "bananas rule the world!".

Bananas make baby food, jams, cakes, coffee substitute, chips and even beer. In addition, they are used in medicine and cosmetics. For example, are made from banana peel tincture, which successfully reduces swelling with bruises.

Arkady Azayev

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