Megaliths and dolmens?

Morphologically, these structures are very simple. It is either a single, vertical standing stone pillars — menhirs, or circles of such stones — cromlechs, as well as parallel rows of menhirs — alley. These simple forms may be combined with each other. Finally, another kind of megaliths — dolmens.

This yaschikoobraznye construction of multi-ton flat stone slabs resembling a huge bird houses or bunkers from the Second World War. Sometimes they are complicated. For example, in the ancient dolmen was hid under the ground or covered with a huge stone embankment — tumulus, where the surface is a long corridor lined with stone slabs.

There are very intricate (and equally unintelligible) a combination of menhirs, cromlechs, dolmens and other megalithic generally make up some great design, vaguely reminiscent of a radio or electric circuits.

Our task does not include a detailed analysis of the history of the study of megaliths. Let's just say that these buildings have long attracted the attention of archaeologists. More than two hundred years of their obmeryayut, dig (and often destroying the most interesting, their features) describe, cataloging, and so on. But frankly, little progress this kind of scientific work has brought. Namely, any of the perennial question, who, how, when and why he built the megaliths, archaeologists have not received a clear answer.

The reason is the special nature of these objects, the study of which archaeological methods were ineffective. The main reason — the lack of written records associated with megaliths: they have no labels, except applied much later crosses, runic signs autographs and tourists. However, in some megalithic structures discovered ancient engraved image (ITATION zigzag lines, circles, spirals), which archaeologists call ornaments. They are addressed below, but it is not written in common usage.

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