Spirits and UFOs revenge for the destruction of graves

March 9, 2012 22:36

92-km route Saransk-Ulyanovsk Mordovian known to many drivers. Uphill road for Dubenka cuts tall hill where noise crops. And on the side of the road — obelisks, obelisks …

Saransk trail-Ulyanovsk

Saransk trail-Ulyanovsk

According to official data from the beginning of the 80's then killed 6 people. How many unknown tragedy took place here — no one knows. This is one of the 19 "godforsaken" places Dubensky district.

From the point of all this stubborn skeptic inexplicable. You never know in the country of hills and winding road, not like this one? But somewhere — the road as the road, and somewhere — every year a few events …

Only Dubensky ethnographer Nikolai Malyasov not see anything strange here. "In ancient times, the dead were buried as high as possible to the grave to be seen from a distance — explains Malyasov, after which we climb to the unfortunate twist. — The hill, "poksh Selma", through which the road passes, was also crowned neglected churchyard. When after a paved road, turn inside out of the ground equipment piles of bones. They would collect and dispose of a human being, once disturbed … But we have assumed that the dead — it is not the people. Vertebrae crunched under his boots and caterpillars, and one tractor perched on a pipe and roll skull dashing look. Ever since it started. "

We have to look closely to the ground under his feet. The edges of the fossilized mud did not seem to stick out, but somewhere on the edge of consciousness there is a strange chill. If he did not stand under the July sun, and make their way through thickets ruined cemetery. If you feel it, sitting behind the wheel, the truck can be a counter just to see …


A local historian Malyasov continues to have a tour of the unknown. He does not believe fairy tales folk tales of bad places, where the nights are spirits. Nicholas is too often heard these stories, to treat them lightly. Yes, and myself had something to see. "I remember when I was studying in the seventh grade — says the researcher. — It was in 1954 the first, and the people of the bodies still came for "enemies of the people." One day they went out to our street, and brother made a joke, saying that terrible guests need me. I remember when I pulled into the garden, hidden in a potato, and looked at the sky. And then … Just me in the air any ghostly images of people. Brandishing pitchforks, they run somewhere the whole crowd. Much later, I realized that it was the insurgent peasants times Razin or Pugachev, and began to think about the causes of this mirage. "

Today, this man has no concept of "supernatural." "All that is — all that is natural. Just something we understand something — there is no "reasonable, says Nikolai.
— Stop a blind eye to the mysterious events that occurred at least once with each. Stop dismissing the evidence of thousands of witnesses. Then it will become clear that in addition to our area there are others. They are related to the ordinary world, and forces are incomprehensible to us in our lives outside.

There are people who come into contact with these worlds directly and benefit from it. We call them mediums and wizards, but they — just someone's guinea pig. The "magical" villages and Antonovka Kaybichevo these fully.

There are areas where the boundaries between the worlds most blurred. More often than not they are associated with death: the desecrated cemeteries, places of someone's tragic death, the tomb is incorrigible suicides. There often and you may encounter with the unknown.

Cemetery desecration AWAITS FIRST VICTIM

Ten years ago at the local history museum, where Nikolai Malyasov works as the head, opened club of young ethnographers. Since studying the history of the area Dubensky guys and then heard tales of ghosts and warlocks, the theme of other spaces interested them more. Explore areas Malyasov and his colleagues found 19 "godforsaken" places!

So local historians and ufologists have made contact with like-minded — the Russian Union "Kosmopoisk", which holds exploration across the country. It would seem, UFOs and ghosts — is very different from the books. But Malyasov not categorical: "We know very little about that, and about another phenomenon. Perhaps between them are much more common than many people think. "

"UAZ" shakes us to the next bumps "godforsaken" place. "Rather, it has not yet died, because there is nothing mysterious happening — explains Malyasov. — But if there is, I would not be surprised. " Now there is a pond. Back in the late XIX century there was a cemetery in the village Ozerki. The village would stand and further, if dubentsy arson neighbors did not survive the Volga.

When much later here poured dam for the pond, someone found a couple of coins and started "gold rush." Mounds excavated, and the skulls of ancestors played soccer rebyatnya. Of course, nothing of value is not found — Mordovia peasants and in life is gold not seen, let alone put it in a coffin … But the cemetery has been desecrated. Malyasov warned: this is unlikely to pass unpunished.
"And over there — Bityay — indicates hand away our escort. — Swamp, where the villages surrounding the body dumped suicide or died of vodka. There is growing one single birch and around — only grass. At night, seen here unfortunate souls, harnessed to the chariot. "

Neutralizing the "godforsaken" place can only church

But how does the average man to protect themselves from strangers from. Other spaces? Malyasov gives only two — the advice: "First of all, never try to penetrate their secrets and get the benefits for themselves. If they offer you something — do not agree. Such transactions are never led to anything good — you always You give more than receive. Second, be calm and do not be afraid — then no one can hurt you. — And fear can only fuel any kind of magicians. " The researcher is not afraid of anyone's revenge, because it is going to come in contact with the spirits — it only distantly observes their effects on people's lives.

Of course, non-interference — is half-measures. It is unlikely that they will save another driver near "poksh Selma." Malyasov believes that to resolve the problem, need help the church: "The souls of dead have upokoit committing laid ceremonies. While the bones will go, the tragedy will continue. And the fact that we have now — it's just blasphemy. To the remains of their ancestors, even if they Gentiles, not be treated as trash. " According to local lore, a few years ago, one is a "bad" place was completely neutralized by the priest.

Soon Nicholas Malyasov going to go to 19 places of the ill-fated expedition to the unusual. With him goes a dozen of his children — UFO and several clergymen. Their goal is not the study of his native land, but a struggle with an unseen threat — of the expedition depends on whether the foot "poksh Selma" to emerge obelisks …

By the way

Our ancestors were not blinkered by materialism, with great credibility in to the sensations. They knew all the geopathic zone and realized that using them for settlement or cultivation impossible. Therefore, in such places arranged cemetery or burial grounds for the least revered dead suicide bombers, thieves, drunks. Thus, all these bones and death may not be the cause of "death trap" places, but of the. And the terrible events do not result in such zones — they just happen they are caused.

Village priests feel hostility "Orthodox" Sorceress

Provost Dubezhzhogo area about. Andrew Zubanov agree Malyasovym. Although the priest says "not the repose of the soul" pagan superstition, he is determined to a memorial service for all the "godforsaken" places established local historian, "The body of the Orthodox to be buried. A ancestors whose graves are ruining current Vandals were more orthodox than many of our contemporaries. Although the pagan graveyards and church ceremonies to perform is not necessary, and carefully lay the remains there. " When meeting a ghost o.Andrey advises pray. "If a person believes, goes to church and does the commandments, he did not threaten any" spirits ", — said the priest.

Alas, often he faces an apostate-sorcerers who, masquerading as orthodox healers, are the worst enemies of Christianity, "read aloud the prayer and myself — a demonic spell. Although the Apostle Paul warned that these evil sorcerers will be cursed in some villages of the girls from an early age is still taught tell fortunes on the cards. Our area is one of the most magical in Mordovia, and here and there the priest feel the hostility of "healers". And people continue to go to the false prophets. And the cost of temporary relief are not money, but a new human soul, voluntarily gave the servants of darkness. "



It constantly monitor black pigs that are popping up from under the bridge and disappear.


Two years ago it disappeared people — winter walking with a friend on the field and a little behind. Hitcher looked back — behind nobody …

Place "SMITH-Panda"

A couple of hundred years ago it fell off the bridge wedding coach, and since at this point hysterical hear a child crying.

VILLAGE Antonovka

On the grave of an old woman, wise woman knows whose hands loosen soil.

VILLAGE Turdakov

In the early 90's of the last century, the UFO was taken cone of soil in a few cubic meters.

What's happening on the 92 th km of Saransk — Ulyanovsk?

A number of scholars suggest that the "rotten" space from the Bermuda Triangle — it's just geopathic zone. They are some perturbation energies. They disrupt electronics, brain, whole body, can lead to confusing trouble, cause a person's aggression or depression, bring to a suicide. Hallucinations are possible — people will see the "supernatural" that awaits. It used to be witches on broomsticks, the now-green men … Geopathic zones are formed in the field of geological faults — voids, faults — and there are a lot of metal and power lines. Which of these factors has made the 92-km mark in Ulyanovsk highway road of death — is unclear. But today, there are already six monuments …

The blood of dead cows destroying cars

"Godforsaken" place called the area the highway Riga — Jurmala, where sometimes form "plugs" of dozens of wrecked cars. It is said that once there was a slaughter house, and since then everything is impregnated with pain and horror. Motorists under the influence of this spell lose vigilance and reaction.

Devilish boulder does not allow himself to disturb

British motorists traveling on the county of Essex, added gas on sight lying on the side of mossy boulder. Even a short delay near it is fraught with car break. According to ancient tradition, in this magical stone evil spirit dwells. During the Second World War, his bulldozer accidentally turned aside, to expand the road, and started this hell: the bell tower bells themselves, tools and lumber rose in the air … pandemonium stopped when the stone was returned to its rightful place. Since then, no one could touch it.

Road to Nowhere

Residents of Albuquerque (New Mexico) are trying to stay away from the 15-kilometer highway, which was built for tourists who want to enjoy the desert scenery. There are persistent rumors that this freeway "swallows" of people and machines. Two dozen people really went on "the road to nowhere," and did not return, though the highway dead-ends, and turn away from him toward the impossible. Scientists have not yet put forward any more or less true hypothesis.

Damn meadow

In the Krasnoyarsk region have fields named Ferris Cemetery. The grass does not grow there, lying on the bare ground remains of animals and birds. The branches of the trees surrounding the clearing, charred, as in a fire. When Ferris Cemetery researchers visited with the dogs, the animals, having been in the area only a minute, soon fell ill and died.

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