The Curse of Tutankhamun

More than 3,000 years old tomb of Tutankhamun kept secrets. While in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, it has long remained untouched. The researcher named Howard Carter discovered it in 1922, and the event quickly became a worldwide sensation.

The tomb of Tutankhamun — the only royal Egyptian tomb that has come down to us in a sacred way. Although, as it turned out to Carter's burial have visited adventurers, but untold treasures and the mummy itself remained in their places.

During the investigations were born many horrifying legends. For example, the main mystery is the death of twenty people who took any part in the excavations.

Soon after the discovery of the tomb, Carter found a small clay tablet, the inscription on which talked about the fact that over anyone to disturb the peace of the pharaoh, the spirit of death will spread its wings. Carter was an expert in hieroglyphs, but if you need a translation of the text that for you — like Egyptian hieroglyphics — contact the agency transfers, where you will perform the best translation.

Once upon a time such a label was found in another tomb, and next to it — the two bodies, one of which — the mummy, and the second — unknown burglar. Based on the examination, the robber was killed when reached for treasures. He fell on a big rock from the ceiling.

Rumors about the "curse of the pharaoh" began in 1923, when Lord Carnarvon died participating in the excavations. Soon as the wife of Lord died suddenly, and then his brother and a woman to look after him.

After that death overtook doctor doing an x-ray the mummy, and then all the other people who have had direct or indirect relationship to the excavations. By 1930, the only survivor of all the witnesses was only Carter. It is not known whether the circuit is connected in some way these deaths with a curse written on the label, or is it simply a fatal accident. However, the fact that in the seven years were killed, almost all involved in the excavation, as well as their loved ones, makes you wonder about the mysterious curse of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

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