The great magicians of the past

November 29, 2011 20:25

The great magicians of the past

The great magicians of the past impressed contemporaries incredible miracles that even today scientists are not able to explain.
And a warning to others, has turned to his wife … a cat!

So, around the year 1400 in the court of the Bohemian King Wenceslas was famous wizard named Zito. The eyes of the court, he sat in a nutshell, drawn by a pair of trained beetles, and rode in it, as in a wheelchair. Also made from rooster to raise huge log, and with such ease, as if it was a dry twig, paid haystacks in pigs and then sold.
 No less famous alchemist and magician Albert the Great in the dead of winter once invited to dinner the Emperor of Germany, with its retinue. The table was set in the garden, in the snow, under the bare boughs of trees.

Guests began to murmur, finding misplaced joke. But hardly emperor with approximate sat down in the sky suddenly lit up the summer sun, the snow and ice melted, the land of the young grass climbed, the trees were covered with leaves and blossom, and some even appeared ripe fruits. Soon it became so hot that the feasting dropped coats and sought shade.

But hardly a meal was over, the sky darkened, the trees are naked and came a cold, the guests ran home to get warm by the fire.

It belonged to the world's elite magicians and our "home" James Bruce — "personal magician" of Peter I. Legend attributes the ownership of Bruce powerful symbol of mystical power — the "ring Solomon" and "The Black Book", which allegedly kept in the Sukharev Tower. It housed an alchemy lab Bruce, in which he, at the request of King worked to create an elixir of eternal youth.

"Solomon's seal" on the ring helped James Bruce "to produce all sorts of witchcraft." Well, the "Black Book" and think terribly. That's what about her contemporaries said, "was written by the serpent, she moved from the serpent to Cain, Cain to Hama, one of her on the flood cleverly hidden in a secret compartment, and as the flood was over — took. Then passed the book to his son Ham Hanaonu, it was pandemonium and Babylon, and into the cursed city of Sodom, and the king Nebuchadnezzar, and everywhere evil sowed. She wrote on gibberish language magical signs. The one who reads it, gets the highest power in the world, all the demons obey him, all desires are fulfilled, to whom she could conjure. "

Related books, as well as the famous magic mirror through which you can call to our world from the world of the dead, had a court magician of Polish King Sigismund Augustus Piotr Twardowski, whose fame in Poland was as great as two centuries later Jacob Bruce .

Legends about the famous Warlock XVI century still running weight, but one of the most famous — of his marriage.

Decided to marry, Twardowski has proposed governor's daughter Angelica's time, but she rejected him, saying that he was a sorcerer old.

Twardowski then decided to rejuvenate! He drank a magical potion, and then rubbed his servant Matiush special ointment body lord, put him in a coffin and buried in secret.

A year Matiush dug grave. In the coffin lay a loud cry baby! So the servants carry him home and feed the milk from the horn. But the next day the child stood up, started running around the room, play and grow rapidly. Soon it turned into a handsome young man, who is Angelica could not refuse.

However, the happiness was short-lived honeymoon. Angelica began to change her husband right in your house, and once Twardowski found his wife in bed with the clerk. Unable to endure such a betrayal, a great sorcerer, called together all the servants in the bedroom, right in front of them — a warning to others — the clerk turned into a dog, and his wife — in a cat!

Piotr Twardowski died, or rather, disappeared in 1573. His body was never found.

Elixir of youth Saint-Germain

He knew how to skillfully fade in time, and the Marquis Montfera, aka Count of Bellamy, who is also General Saltykov, aka Count Saint-Germain. He lived under different names and titles and, appearing from nowhere, goes nowhere.

In 1750, in Paris and in 1760 in Moscow, Saint-Germain was the most popular person. Behind him stretched a trail of mysterious stories and legends — all knew him as a dark mysticism, occultist and alchemist. There were rumors that he had the philosopher's stone and the elixir of immortality created. Count Cagliostro, by the way — the worst enemy of Saint Germain — confirmed that he owns the vessel with the magic liquid.

Sometimes it seemed that St. Germain is complete nonsense, he suddenly began to talk about the smallest features of the exterior of Plato and Seneca, all Christian apostles. How could he know such details?

Once in Dresden from the coachman Saint Germain asked about the age of its owner. "I do not know, but for the 130 years that I have served, he has not changed," — he replied.

Madame de Pompadour, the trustee and the mistress of Louis XV, in his memoirs, described the case when Saint-Germain at the request of the King of a wave of the hand to remedy the defect in diamond from the royal treasury, what led to the children's delight.

Besides graph, according to a senior witness — Russian General-in-Chief and Senator Peter Panin — turned with his philosopher's stone tin and lead into gold, and … men into women and vice versa, as described by a French marquis d'Yurfe.

Time was cruelly to others, sparing only one of the mysterious Count. The old man says that he met Saint-Germain in the aristocratic salons of the time of their youth.

Tomb of Saint-Germain was not found until now. A year after his "death" in 1784 at a meeting in Paris Franc-Masons recognized one of his former friends. V1788, the French ambassador to Venice Chalons met Count St. Germain St. Mark's Square. In 1814, still young-looking graph appears on the sidelines of the Congress of Vienna. When people who knew him rushed to him with cheers, he quickly tried to greet, and more in Vienna has not been seen.

Already in the time of Louis Philippe in Paris there was a certain Major Fraser. Despite its English name, he was not an Englishman and is a replica of St. Germain. By this time in Paris was nearly empty of people who knew the famous Count. Still, one such person was found, he was also able to meet with a major, and with each meeting, he was convinced of the similarity of the young officer with the mysterious Count. Major Fraser demonstrated detailed knowledge of social life in France almost a century ago!

When in ordinary conversation with him the other person mentioned the name of Saint Germain, the Major immediately disappeared from Paris.

Apart Cagliostro contemporary of Saint Germain, so to speak, was Giuseppe Pinetti — court physicist Prussian King Frederick II, who worked wonders to panic amazement crowned heads of different countries. No one could find a reasonable explanation for what he did. A check of his supernatural powers, there were many applicants. In them was the Russian Emperor Paul.

By the time Pinetti already famous in Berlin, Stockholm and Paris, admired, feared. Now he had to confirm his reputation wizard in St. Petersburg. What he did with the advent of the Palace, where he was invited to the 7 o'clock. Late for an hour, causing irritation of the emperor, and bringing his people to watch out to the limit.

But what was the total confusion when all the palace clock a total of at least 20 pieces suddenly showed seven hours instead of eight — hour, which had an appointment. Pinetti this and justified before Paul. However, immediately after the acquittal of all the clocks struck eight times, that is showed the correct time.

Intrigued by the king invited the guest to her the next day. At noon, he had to come to the imperial office. True, having decided to play with Pinetti joke, Paul ordered ahead of time every single lock entrances to the palace, and the keys taken away and put it on his desk. In addition, he ordered three times on this occasion no one to protect him not to admit.

Yet Pinetti was at the reception! Rather, he just materialized out of thin air in the cabinet of the Emperor!

This is so affected by Paul that he hurried show the door guest from Russia, calling it a "dangerous man." Pinetti departure, by the way, stunned St. Petersburg no less than coming. As promised, he left the city on a certain day and hour by traveling directly from all 15 city gates! And in each of them leaving the guest was registered by all the rules, and the crowd of onlookers saw off his coach.


Albert von Bolshtedt, which we have already mentioned above, was born in Germany around 1193. His life was remarkable, above all, that it has successfully connected with the magic of theology, philosophy, with magic. Learned monks surpassed all conventional ideas about the human mind, and soon in Europe, his name was not used without the prefix "Great".

As a scientist, a pragmatist, naturalist, Albert the Great paid much attention to the alchemical experiments, and a detailed description of the method of manufacturing of gold and precious stones from the cheap starting material left in his book "The Oracles or alchemical mysteries."

However, many of the ancient magicians and alchemists believed that laboratory tests can be obtained not only gold, but also, with the help of magic spells, grow artificial being of human nature — the so-called homunculus. It was believed that the owners have a secret power, the power over the forces of the universe.

Albert the Great, according to contemporaries, such power and authority possessed! In particular, the famous philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas, being a disciple of Albert the Great, ran away from home one day his teacher after one of these homunculi spoke to him in a human voice!

This case occurred in 1246 in Cologne. Then another student Thomas knocked on the door of his house teacher. Behind the door, the sound of footsteps. Thomas alert. No, this is not the steps of Martha — the old servant who always let him, he decided. Maybe Albert the Great hired a new maid? Disciple heard the sound postpones bolt. The door opened slowly.

"Good morning, Frau" — said a surprised Thomas and into the hall.

"Good morning," — said the woman closed the door. Her voice and gait were not natural, and the person — bloodless, devoid of any expression, later wrote in his autobiographical notes by Thomas Aquinas. In his heart crept a terrible guess. Having created the sign of the cross and repeating to himself the spell against the devil, a theologian came to the woman. She was sitting in a chair and did hasteless hand movement, which was a fan. Suddenly, her hand still.

"The teacher is waiting for you in the library," — she said in the same dead voice. At the same moment Thomas saw. Grabbing standing by the fireplace poker, he entered into combat with "the devil" …

When he heard the noise, "battle", Albert the Great ran into the room, it was all over, his creation, mutilated and dead, lying on the floor …

Master in creating a homunculus

"Their" homunculi also had philosophers of antiquity, while sorcerers Zosimos of Greece and Simon the magician and alchemist XIII century, Arnold de Villanova. But acknowledged master in creating artificial creatures was still famous Paracelsus. He was the first described in detail how to make an artificial man. However, this recipe is not one of those that you can use at any time.

First, it was necessary to take the flask, place in it a decent portion of semen, and then sealed. Flask with sperm for 40 days buried in horse manure, and then subjected to extraction out "magnetization" (the essence of the process is not entirely clear.) During this "pregnancy" homunculus, eggshell protochelovek, thought takes shape.

The flask was laid open to begin feeding man. This was done by adding a small amount of daily human blood, and the flask was maintained over temperature is in the womb of the mare. After 40 weeks, if all goes well, you will get a fully developed, proportioned human baby, but very small. In a few months it should grow to the size of a normal adult.

"It can educate and train — Paracelsus taught — as any other child for as long as he gets older and can not take care of himself."

In the secret documents on the establishment of the legendary Rosicrucian homunculi reads: "In a vessel mix maya dew collected on the full moon, two men and three women of the blood from the pure and chaste people. This vessel is placed on a moderate fire, causing the bottom postponed fasnaya land, while the upper part is separated into a clean bottle and from time to time to pour into the vessel, which seemed to add one more grain of tincture of the animal kingdom. After a while the bulb will be heard and the sound of a whistle, and you will see her two living beings — and muzhchinku zhenschinku — absolutely beautiful, by certain manipulations can keep them alive for a year, and from them you can learn anything, because they'll will fear and honor. "

Medieval occultists create homunculi also out of the land, wax and metals. Mysterious creature made its host immune, helped to get rich and famous. Besides, according to legend, the homunculus "saw" that which is hidden from the eyes of ordinary people, and talked about the owners, to use this knowledge to the best advantage for themselves.

Adherents of the faith claimed homunculi father was considered the devil. A magician had to sell his soul to him for the last inanimate objects endowed its diabolical force. And it could terminate the contract only through complex magic rituals.

Gennady Fedotov

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