Thousands officers of the Defense Ministry have not been paid

In Prosecutor General's Office point out that the problem appeared zadezhki salaries in the central organs of military administration Defense. More thousands of officers of the Moscow and Moscow did not receive their due allowance currency, said the Prosecutor General's Office The Russian Federation.

At the request of the military prosecutors violation of the law eliminated the rights of servicemen recovered, they paid 89 million rubles.

It is noted that during the inspection of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office on the appeals of military personnel and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with complaints about delays currency payments, it was revealed that the largest number of complaints received from the officers, and are waiting to be fired in connection with the disposal of commanders more 6 months.

"Military prosecutors have determined that the premise of the situation that resulted in violations of the rights of soldiers, it was improper performance of its own obligations by individual commanders, as employees of staffing agencies, which time has not agreed to appropriate lists of servicemen and extended their period of being in possession. Superiors And let this work to chance, "said the report.

According to the results prosecutor's checks only the first eight months of this year revealed more than 5 thousand 300 similar violations, which are eligible for the elimination of the command entered more 400 submissions to the courts is oriented around 2 thousand lawsuits, 79 officials cautioned about the inadmissibility of violations of the law. This work resulted in the restoration of violated rights more 27.8 thousand people.

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