Tours in Pilsen, Czech Republic

How can you have a great vacation? Go on a trip! And how to make it cheap? Buy a ticket glowing! For instance, one can turn up the most glowing holiday in the Czech Republic in 2011. This country every year thousands of tourists visit. One of the most fascinating cities in the country is Pilsen.

Plzen stands in fourth place on the square in the middle of Czech cities. This city is a penny Pilsen Region. A fascinating feature of the town is that here the four rivers are joined into one — Berounka. Pilsen is considered the founding year of 1292. City was laid lord Vaclav II. Plzen built by order of the king on an empty plain. The royal castle is located 10 kilometers away. It is in this municipality Fri currently hosted by the Center brewing Czech Republic. At 10 kilometers from the town is the village with a similar name — Plzenets.

City Plzen rich in tourist attractions. For example, you can visit the Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. The cathedral was built in 1292. On the cathedral tower is reaching more than 100 meters in height. Tourists are invited to climb the three one step in order to be on the lookout in the tower. You can also go to the ancient Franciscan monastery with the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

We also recommend you to visit the town hall, built in the Renaissance style. Date of construction and the opening of the Town Hall is not known but it is believed that it was built around the sixteenth century. Before you leave you will be able to turn up the cheapest tours in Israel, whose prices are very low, but if you can not visit the attractions of Pilsen. Fascinating for guests of the town is the local library. Earlier, there was the church of St. Anne (eighteenth century), and later — the school (nineteenth century). In the evening you can go to the show in the JK Tyl Theatre.

Fans of the history of religion is to visit the huge synagogue. The building was built in the late nineteenth century. This is the second in Europe and third largest in the world synagogue. Right here can come up to 2-thousand people. Also fascinating to visit would be possible so called ancient synagogue. Has become a favorite destination of tourists Pilsner historic cave.

One of the most fascinating attractions of the town is the West Bohemian Museum. Here will you find a huge number of exhibitions devoted to different topics. Tourists love the very "Dinopark" — Zoo town. Apart from the real animals here are moving models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals of the real size.

If you are traveling to Pilsen in conjunction with the children, for you should definitely take a ride with them on the Children's steel road. Built it in the middle of the twentieth century. Her children became the prototype steel road, which were built in the Russian Union. In the 80's — 90's enthusiasm for children's steel road extinguished, but later returned again, and now Nursery Steel road is one of the most beloved tourist spots. DSB extends from one of the stops in the town to a halt at the zoo.

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