Care of the apartment according to Feng Shui




The man and the world are inseparable, interrelated and interdependent. This monadic postulate is the basis of the doctrine of the proper planning is governed by numerous rules and recipes feng shui applicable, including, for the organization of space in a city apartment.

The man who seeks to live in harmony with the environment, by all means pay attention to the dependence of their own health and success of the atmosphere reigning in his home. How will feel and perform their duties a person living in an apartment, whose windows never washed and do not open taps flowing and dusty carpets cover the floor of each room? Naturally, his health and performance are at risk, because the negative energy emitted untidy, "sick" apartment, would nullify all the efforts to create good feng shui, the maintenance of an atmosphere of comfort and prosperity.

The goal of feng shui — to help people live full of happiness, wealth and good luck life, but no one other than the man himself, his life will change for the better. For example, a good feng shui allowed you to build relationships with the children, since the harmony of the interior and born in it beneficial energy creates harmony in the relationship between those who live in the apartment people. Here's how events will develop further and see if you can keep reclaimed the position will depend entirely on your efforts. You will have to work hard to show imagination and patience, to give children their full attention to your relationship with them heading in the right direction.

So, good feng shui in your apartment attracts beneficial chi energy, and with it comes to the family fortune, success and happiness. However, to take advantage of these benefits to yourself.

The Chinese believe that the apartments, as well as people suffering from a lack of positive energy that supports their strength, mood and health, too, "sick." Man's task — to provide proper care for their housing, to protect it from external and internal ball, to create conditions for the normal functioning of all its parts, not forgetting about the physical and spiritual health. An important role in the maintenance of the apartment in the "healthy" state play, keeping medical terminology correctly held master preventive and therapeutic measures.

One way to check whether the apartment is not dangerous for the health of its inhabitants, is home to an inspection from the perspective of an outsider. Imagine that you are asked to buy this apartment. Take a walk through all the rooms, following the path of chi that moves from room to room. Is it easy for you to navigate through the apartment?

Take your time, stop in each room, look closely, trying to feel the mood of the room. In order to succeed in this business, it is not necessary to have a great experience in feng shui testing, trust your intuition, it will give you all the information you need. Of course, you had to feel some anxiety, discomfort, anxiety, entering an unfamiliar room, and so happened that in a very strange apartment you were more comfortable, quieter than in the home. Intuition will not disappoint you. Enter the room and quietly wait a few minutes and you'll realize there's something needs to be corrected, repair, replacement or not.

Write down or remember everything, as you seemed to change. The faded wallpaper, dull dirty window panes, current taps, open the creaking door that needs repair furniture — all in the apartment creates additional negative energy causes poor health of its inhabitants. Clutter, clutter, old, broken and unused stuff too just radiate ball, preventing the flow of qi to flow through the apartment.

Feng Shui recommends that as soon as possible to eliminate any problems, by all means avoid the mess and clutter of things. This will save you and your family from the many problems related to health, education, relationships with people.


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