October 19, 2011 23:08

French police announced the preliminary results of the investigation, which the press has dubbed "Hell."

French police today released the preliminary results of the investigation, which the press has dubbed "Hell." In the suburbs of Paris from the third floor jumped whole family of 11 people. Thoracic girl died, others were injured.

They explained the reason for the jump so: scared the hell, making his way into the apartment. Around the neighborhood rumors of a seance, who allegedly carried out the family. But as it turned NTV commentator Vadim Glusker, mystics in this case was not so much.

A Verrer, western suburb of Paris, the city, part of the so-called exclusion zone around the French capital. Kind of ghetto, home to mostly immigrants from Africa. Armand lived here for several years, has seen all, but with the horror faced before.

Arman Wausau, witness: "One child lay there, my mother is here, even traces remained. Another kid in this place. "

In the courtyard there are still traces of blood from the fall of a four-month girl who not only survived this terrible drama.

According to one version, in an apartment where there were 13 people, that is not something out of the ordinary for such quarters of the night crying breast girl. Her father, Francisco Constantine got up to feed the baby, while being completely naked. At that moment, his wife Francisca took her husband for some reason … the devil and screamed. To help cousin and son-in-law came, leaving bare the devil was wounded in the arm.

Arman Wausau, witness: "He began to cry in the stairwell. I opened the door to him, and he — naked and bleeding. And then I heard a noise. "

At this moment, the family members, all of 11 people, and decided to go out the window. Whether they are really afraid of the devil, or, in another version, psevdodyavol them myself compelled to do so, threatening everyone with a knife.

Herve Giyota, Police Commissioner: "When we arrived on the scene, we realized that the whole family spent haunting voodoo. They were in exaltation, someone obviously provoked panic. "

The investigation revealed that the family is not so much devilment practiced voodoo rites and as lived by the principles of polygamy. And a massive leap from the window, which led to the death of the baby, no more than a family drama, and without exorcism.


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