Fans of the sun

In 1492, Christopher Columbus in search of routes from Europe to India was opened in the Western Hemisphere, called the West Indies. This was a turning point in the existence of an ancient culture of Native Americans. Inca state in what is now Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

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By the early 16th century, the Incas were able to create a highly developed culture. They were building step pyramids and temples were built underground, trimmed with gold leaf and silver. Numerous gold and silver products made by Indian craftsmen, the admiration and greed of the Europeans. Spanish conquistadores (conquerors) in the 16th century virtually wiped out the Inca empire, and the unique works of Native American artists have become misshapen metal ingots. In the 16th century in the valley of Mexico City there was a state of the Aztecs ruled by the emperor Moctezuma. Powers was the capital of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

Many of its features reminiscent of Aztec art of Egyptian and Babylonian, although evidence of direct links between them. The Aztecs were harsh people — they treat life as a battle, full of suffering and blood. The supreme god of the Aztecs constantly demanded human sacrifices. Under pressure from the Spanish, the Aztecs surpassed in arms, their empire collapsed, and the temples and palaces of the rulers and the works of art were ruthlessly plundered. The third great American culture — the culture of the Maya.

State Maya existed on the territory of modern Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala, with the first millennium BC until the 16th century, when it was also conquered by the Spanish. In the jungles of Honduras, in the valley of Copan ruins were discovered twenty large Mayan cities. Preserved stepped pyramids, palaces, areas for ball games, which was part of a religious ritual, and other structures, covered with bas-reliefs and hieroglyphic inscriptions, which are still not fully deciphered.

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