The death of the West is inevitable as the heir of Atlantis?

November 1, 2012 21:34

November 2, 2012 marks 3210 years since the death of the last fragment second Atlantis, know and remember that the truth!
Prominent Western scholar Joseph Frank on the basis of scientific conferences (of 1997, Cambridge), which was attended by leading scientists in the world, has created an entirely new picture of the past. Materials in a popular form were presented in his book, "Surviving the Atlanteans." — M, 2008., 384 pages MUST READ! Written with honesty purely scientific skilled positions, supported by the different proofs of different sciences. Contrary amateurish quackery different neistorikov fomenok-Nosovsky with their false "new hrenologiyami" dominated manipulation and falsification of data, fitting them under the pre-canned absurd and false concept of the authors, silence objective scientific data contradict this concept.

In the book by F. Joseph told about events such as the war of Atlantis, four global natural disaster, telling about the fate of the surviving inhabitants vanished kingdom.

In this book, it is a second Atlantis. First Atlantis was located in the area of ancient metallurgical complex alchemy of Tiwanaku in Bolivia, the very name of which means its creators. Tee it changed Those words have often replaced the earlier word e, short is. Wan is the English van, one, first, this is also the Russian van. Ako is Old Slavic Yako like. So are those of Tiwanaku, there Vanir like. Vanir they were gods / priests of ancient Slavs, who created this complex in the highlands of Bolivia 11,500 years ago.
Second Atlantis arose later in the center of the First Atlantic, then this place of modern Azores shoals located much larger archipelago of many islands, now of them survived only peaks that go now in the form of tiny Azores west coast of Portugal.
The immediate cause of building a powerful, advanced and rich civilization of Atlantis on the second place of the Azores archipelago is a very favorable geographical location of the archipelago to control the supply of strategic materials of the Ancient World — Copper and Bronze from South and North America, the Mediterranean and the Middle East Eurasia. Due to copper-bronze monopoly on the entire planet, the Atlanteans were the richest and most advanced civilization of the ancient world, it is described in the Indian Bhagavatam as Lord Krishna's Dwarka Island (Deuteronomy in Sanskrit — The door to the U.S.), we are at war with the demonic kings in the historic Mediterranean cycle Mahabharata, she Trojan War 3200 years ago.
The important mystery stories is the question of where did this amount of copper and bronze in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East for the establishment and operation of the Copper and Bronze Age several thousand years ago, the power of mines in these areas were totally inadequate for this purpose. In the early 19th century in the far north of the territory of the modern United States, on the border with Canada, the vast Lake Superior — American lake on Cape Kivinou was found 5,000 ancient mines that worked a few thousand years ago and has developed a large part of the largest in the world stocks in the best native copper — 1 million tons. As proven by these scientists and shown in this book, this is where the Atlanteans dug the mines, copper, then sank the boats and fused downstream of the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico and on to the Atlantic Ocean, where the sort harbors second Atlantis in the Azores archipelago. Thereafter transported in vehicles across the globe.
As the climate in the copper mines at Lake Superior was very harsh to effeminate subtropical Atlantis, temperature control at the city of Yaroslavl north of Moscow, so they built a city for wintering in the south of the lower reaches of the Mississippi, in what is now the State of Louisiana to dig them out of it ring a fortified town Point, the name of the current course.
Since the second Atlantis in the Azores archipelago, located on a very tectonically unstable location, the Atlantic Rift is a joint African-European rifts going on in the Mediterranean, is the highest elevation in the world and sinking land in desperately short time, volcanoes erupt, especially powerful at the time , so sometimes some important island of Atlantis in the second disastrous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were immersed in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, each time a surviving Atlanteans settled on adjacent sides of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, bringing local people culture and civilization, being for them and civilize bearers, these first Pharaoh of Egypt, King Konnan in Celtic Ireland, mysterious first white kings of ancient Mexico and Peru, which have brought civilization there, they were all refugees from sunken island of Atlantis.
A total of four global natural disasters, gradually destroys the island after island of Atlantis:
1) The first in 3113 BC. Incidentally this is the starting point of the ancient Mayan calendar, the beginning of our era of the Fifth Sun, which must be completed December 21, 2012. This is also the beginning of the Kali Yuga in ancient India;
2) The second in 2193 BC;
3) The third in 1628 BC;
4) Fourth, the death of the last of the island of Atlantis in the night of November 2, 1198 BC, and all day on November 2. Thus, November 2, 2012 marks 3210 years since the death of the last of the island of Atlantis (very similar to the start of the countdown to the launch site — three, two, one, zero, Go! FTW!). Surviving Atlanteans who sailed to America, but most sailed in the Mediterranean for salvation, they are known in the historiography of Egypt and the Ancient World as an invasion of mysterious "Sea Peoples", it was Atlanta. They sailed to Troy, his ally and the State took part in the Trojan War, unsuccessful, and then set sail and decided to conquer Egypt. Pharaoh Ramses three defeated them in a few very stubborn fighting, prisoners castrated and made slaves. It was the greatest military victory in history, which gave Egypt 600 years of peace on its borders.
What is the historical significance of death of the last remnants of Atlantis 3,210 years ago? It is a fact that any economic monopoly, which gave the possibility for a country to world dominance, eventually ending crash for countries — monopolists. So, Atlantis was the Bronze monopolist on Earth thousands of years ago, and thanks to that she held a controlling stake — 70% of global copper, then chief structural material, replaces the current steel, produced in the U.S. today at Lake Superior, it prevailed in the world and the richest country. But it was destroyed during the four disasters, finally 3210 years ago. Immediately opened iron.
By analogy, it is possible, a similar fate may await, spiritual and political heir second Atlantis on Earth — Third Atlantis — Western Civilization, led by Anglo-America. Only she now holds the global monopoly and thus dominates the world not by copper and bronze, and due to the global monopoly on mining, processing, transportation and sales worldwide primary energy Modernity — oil. Oil companies in England and the United States, if not now prevail in its production, then certainly in the processing and marketing all over the world for sure. The gradual demise of the Third Atlantis — Western civilization and will be marked with the time since 2013, and after that, mankind will be offered new, more powerful source of energy is likely to use electricity ionosphere around the Earth (the first experience from which the inventor Tesla in the early 20th century) which will replace the modern oil.

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