Ukrainian ability to upgrade and creation of helicopters

The main business is engaged in the creation in Ukraine of aircraft engines for airplanes and helicopters (the union of "Motor Sich") was engaged in the modernization of helicopters. The company has already shown modernized — Mi-8MSB. Subsequent to the queue will be modernized Mi-2 — E-2MSB and its military version of SME-2MO.

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

Mi-2MSB will be presented before the end of 2012. Although funds from the country to carry out a range of works on modernization of its cells helicopter fleet by the state, a precise definition for a refreshed helicopter yet.

The modernization of Mi-8T
E-8MSB get new engines of its own production, "the TV3-117 VMA SBM 1B 4E». According to the developers, engines and reconstruction will really make a better main characteristics of the helicopter:
— reduced fuel consumption;
— warranty operation period is 16 years;
— increase range;
— increase speed properties.

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters
Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

The modernization of Mi-2
Mi-2MSB also get new engines AI-450M, holding a capacity of 460 hp, instead of established GTD-350 (350 hp). The main properties, as well as the modernization of Mi-8MSB very rise. In the course of work decide to upgrade the control system, a glass cockpit upgrade, improve comfort, to change some elements of the design of certain systems and components.

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

As stated by the "Motor Sich", the cost of the 1st upgraded helicopter will be less than its predecessor by more than a factor of 2. At this time, the facilities of more than 10 associations modernized Mi-ka-2. The Ministry of Emergency Situations is ready to buy several 10-s upgraded helicopters for their units of MOE.

The main modifications:
helicopter for Emergencies, rescue version SME-2C;

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

— Emergency helicopter, fire version of the SME-2P;

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

— helicopter for the agricultural sector SME-2cx;

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

— helicopter to medical facilities for SME-MD;

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

— general-purpose helicopter transport and passenger SME-2.

The military version of Mi-2MSB
For the military department of Ukraine "Motor Sich" subsequent modernization of Mi-2 helicopter. A modernized Mi-2MSB receive two farm weapons, which may be the location of the blocks with NUR "B8V20A" or block containers with universal quick-use "UPK23-250." Presumably the name of the military modification will MSB-2MO.

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

The primary purpose of the upgraded helicopter will perform the tasks of tactical plan, liquidation ground armored vehicles and manpower.
Prospects for the helicopter is wide:
— antitank helicopter;
— reconnaissance helicopter;
— helicopter for surface ships.

Perspective — a new multipurpose helicopter Ukrainian
These solutions, namely modernization helicopters, has one goal — the creation of a new Ukrainian helicopter (from scratch), the union of "Motor Sich". Estimated funding for the new helicopter will reach one billion dollars. The new helicopter will be universal — it will be modified as a civilian and military mission. Public financing helicopter is likely to take place, but no clear deadlines, no amounts while not exactly known.

In the meantime, the developers, manufacturers do not have a clear idea what the new helicopter in the event of the adoption of the state program of support helicopter and the allocation of government funding, although the association has developed several concepts of the future helicopter:
— multi-purpose helicopter average weight of about 5 tons;
— multi-purpose helicopter average weight of about 7 tons (latest data);

According to the statement of association management, Ukraine is not going to compete with Russian helicopters on the market, even more so that our homeland is more practiced in the market languid helicopters. The decision to develop medium helicopters based on the demand of the Ukrainian market specifically those helicopters. In the long term — the creation of a new Ukrainian languid helicopter.

In general, the development of helicopters on the union in the main due to the unrealized idea of the creation of the helicopter at the company in the late 1990s. Then, especially for the purchased license for Ka-226. For this helicopter factory made aircraft engines. But to start a helicopter in a batch creation in the enterprise at the time failed.

At this time, there is no complete clarity, which will be the main site for the production of helicopters. At first, the creation of a helicopter planned to use the power of Vinnitsa aircraft plant (Vinnytsia Aircraft Factory participates in remortizatsii helicopters, at least, by Mi-2), but at the moment he is no longer in
the middle of the likely sites for the development and production of helicopters. Works with helicopters Mi-2/8T conducted on the experimental area in the "Motor Sich". New components for upgrades such as the details of the construction of fuselage, cockpit and interior space will be produced at Sevastopol, Kherson and the number 140 plants.

A representative of the association, they estimated the average Ukrainian aviation market is ready to purchase 500 units of cheap medium helicopters. The civilian sector is in need of 300 units, municipal services and law enforcement agencies (not including the sun) in 150 units of helicopters.

Currently in Ukraine recorded (civilian sector) about 200 helicopters. In just the past 5 years have been de-registered more than 200 helicopters MI-2/8/26.

State of the helicopters in the service of the armed forces (as well as at least some other military equipment), to put it mildly, "does not shine." In fact, all helicopters release at least 20 years old. In total, Ukrainian military owned 150 helicopters, most of which require repair of various levels of difficulty.

Hunt to impose that carry out these upgrades will allow the unification acquire the necessary experience to build the necessary capacity to carry out the required repairs and military helicopters.

Ukrainian possible modernization and helicopters

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