Welfare and bathroom

Bathroom is very important in everyday life. And it is no coincidence: Feng Shui says that water greatly affects our financial well-being. So be very careful to treat the bathroom: to make sure that did not flow faucets or pipes, to change the worn pads, because with the water running off from the house and the money will go, and well-being will cease to be.

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Good fortune, according to Feng Shui, is associated with water. So the shelf in the bathroom does not have to be a showcase of household cleaning products for body and hair. To do this, you can set special cabinets or cabinets with doors. There just should be put any gels, foams, lotions and all the like. If there is a place at the tap, and there you can put the packaging of liquid soap, toothpaste and brush. And next to hang a towel to his face and hands, and always keep it impeccably clean.

Also in the bathroom is not necessary to store any objects. Many are left to the laundry basket, but it is better to move to some obscure corner of another room or out the door. In the bathroom, you can keep the washing machine, but it is necessary to dry the laundry elsewhere, on the balcony, for example.

And some of the bathtub. A typical form for the majority of apartments — an elongated rectangular. However, if the area of the bathroom gives this possibility, it is better to give preference to a semi-circular or oval bath as a symbol of wealth, according to feng shui.

The preferred colors for the bathroom — all the bright colors, ranging from white. Dark colors — is not the best choice!

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