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Do not stop us now to hire or sale of videotapes, to choose something new for the baby? How much is there of all, downright dazzled … Old Soviet-era cartoons, American cartoons, films about animals, movies, fairy tales — what to choose from this change? But sometimes it turns out that the choice has already been made for us, and, in obedience to the ancient herd instinct, we take off the shelf once touted cartoon "thriller" or "horror", anticipating that tonight Underage child finally leave us in peace and quiet down on what a while in front of a blue screen.

But let's still try to figure out what benefit or harm can bring attractive bright box with video tape.

Intuition or nostalgia?

What are watching our children? For information "first hand", I decided to spend among his friends a small opinion poll.

The result clearly revealed two trends. One part of the parents (pretty much) when video for your child is guided by commercials or "buy what is necessary, without any principles." According to these parents, their children prefer cartoons, conventionally referred to the group of "militants horror." Other mothers choose movies or cartoons, they still remember on my childhood, "Mowgli", "Buttermilk", "Carlson", "Twelve Months", "Cvetik-semitsvetik", "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", "Thumbelina", movies Dragoon stories, "The Tale of Lost Time", "Operation" Y "", "Mother of a baby mammoth," "Winnie the Pooh" — the list goes on and on.

Obviously, every mom experience of perception, their childhood experiences, which play a very important role in choosing the videotapes for the child. However, these cartoons, as noted by my mother, not only to remind them of their childhood, they carry a charge of kindness and humanity, they lack the aggression and cruelty, which, alas, has become familiar in the modern world.

Whether to believe a blue screen?

After numerous "Crime Story" and militants in the child formed an idea of the strength and the ability to kill — the main value in life. The heroes of the animated series so famously fly off the head, that the baby takes it for granted episodes. To death and pain baby starts to be taken too lightly. The line between reality and fiction is still very blurred in the child's mind, and the baby absorbs trustingly whole the flow of information which rushing at him from the TV screen.

A case where a four-girl jumped out of the window from the third floor, imitating cartoon characters. She was in the full confidence that, flatten the asphalt into a cake, then she gets up, as if nothing had happened, and will run on. Girl, fortunately, managed to save, but for a lifetime it still had very serious problems with the spine.

Children are trusting and instinctively seek to imitate. Therefore the task of adults is to find a decent sample for this imitation.

Carlson v. Simpson

Yet what many American cartoons that are shown on our television and video cassettes sold are different from the old Russian cartoons?

The first thing that catches your eye — the assembly-line production of American cartoon characters. Please note — they are very similar to each other. Dogs, cats, little mice and other characters differ only in shape and size. In this case, the same way they laugh, sad and hammer each other with their fists. Their shapes and characters are very simple, and the patterns they literally and figuratively written a single line.

Numerous mechanical monsters, robots, invincible superheroes, saving people from aliens! They defeat the enemies not because of intelligence, tactics, nobility, and only because they stand on the top step of powerful equipment. And a man can do nothing, as to give up his inner human nature, recognizing technical monster absolute leader.

But the appeal to the unshakable family values — a popular TV series "The Simpsons" which recently celebrated the release of the three-hundredth of the series.

If you think that Homer — it's just a legendary ancient Greek poet, this is a profound mistake. So call the head of the family and the Simpsons, unfortunately, much less soulful and poetic than his famous namesake. If someone finds the reading of Homer, there is no doubt that in his hand his favorite book (or, rather, a brochure), which is called "So You Want to illegally connect to cable television." They say it's the only book read Homer.

Homer found in the brain of a small piece of chalk. When chalk pull, Homer grows wiser, but no one does not like it. Then chalk return to its original location, and it grows dull again. Is not it a worthy role model?

Heroes is the best Russian cartoons — are creatures endowed with a human soul, it is living individuals.

By the way, and give voice to their often talented actors (Livanov, Leonov, Papanov, Rumyantsev Anofriev and many others). Recall, for example, mischievous Carlson, who for the joy reckless lies loneliness, combined with the capacity to love children's self-interest is not always quite so harmless. Self-righteous domomuchitelnitsa Miss Bock (her, by the way, sounded brilliant Faina Ranevskaya) is not so evil. How much charm and joie de vivre in a paradoxical Leonov Winnie-the-Pooh! How touching Lion and Turtle!

Still, I would not share children's cartoons on "our" and "not ours" because it is the main principle of their selection. Importantly, perhaps — to cartoon was filled with the sense that carried a something else besides glimpses of the same figures, and similar subjects.

The benefits of video versions

Popular literary themes often attract the attention of filmmakers, so the movies or cartoons and fairy tale "on a favorite book" is always in demand. However, try to first baby yet acquainted with the book, and only then I saw the video version. Children, as we know, the great conservative, so maybe your kid will initially outraged deviations from the usual story. Explain to him that the director as "playing a fairy tale." Fine, if, in the video, you can watch with your child and theatrical production on the same literary subject. Compare all the options, find the difference, note that you liked the most. Gradually baby become more liberal, he will develop imagination and the imagination.

Not just cartoons!

When your child gets older, it will attract the attention of not only cartoons, but also movies, fairy tales, movies for kids (and kids!) Documentary tape. Try to follow closely the interests of the child. For example, when he became interested in animal life, he will surely enjoy the wonderful BBC series about the wildlife and wonderful film "Beethoven". A lover of travel rate "Underwater Odyssey of Captain Cousteau".

Finally, some general advice.

  • Before you buy a cassette, try to first find it in the box or take the view with friends. And only then buy what you really like.
  • Do not buy counterfeit videotapes on trays in the metro. The quality of the tape is poor.
  • Do not keep the house "trash TV"! Video library can do a good job for you and your baby, to give a new food for thought and discussion. We just need to thoughtfully and carefully select this "food" for your child, do not leave him to his television "fast food" in the form of a series, militants and "horror" (even if in a cartoon version of them).

Inessa Smyk

According to the magazine, "My Baby and I"

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