The National Assembly ratified the Customs Code?

Society As already reported, Freedom, chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko not officially announced the end of the session in the hall and not national anthem of Belarus, as is usually done in such cases. Journalists paid attention to it, but the staff of Information said, you can safely write that the session ended.

Correspondent saw with my own eyes how the deputies left the Oval Room. However, there were reports that after lunch deputies allegedly met again and approved the agreements of the Customs Code, which until of the day have not been ratified. Check this

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Once arrived at the Baikonur telecommunications satellite

Spacecraft "Yamal-402" delivered today at the Baikonur Cosmodrome (aerodrome "Jubilee") aircraft An-124-100 ("Ruslan"). After unloading the satellite will be installed on the transport platform and transported to the Baikonur pad 92A / There he will begin to prepare for the launch, scheduled for December of this year, the press service of the Russian Space Agency. Telecommunications satellite "Yamal-402" will have to fill up the grouping of domestic communications satellites and provide coverage to the territory of Russia, as well as Western and Central Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The spacecraft has 12 transponders of 72 MHz and

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What differs from the Russian Russian or Chechen?

What differs from the Russian Russian or Chechen? What is the difference between nationality and ethnicity? And why in Russia is brewing a new crisis? This was "Rosbaltu" said Dr. Novosibirsk Institute, compiler of the anthology "World Time", the translator, "Sociology of Philosophies" by R. Collins, creator of books on the theory of values and philosophy of history, Ph.D. Nikolai Rozov.

— Your report, which was discussed at a scientific conference "Russian identity and Russia's place", called "The modern Russian mentality: the abundance of habitus and the direction of change." What do you mean by the "Russian mentality"? Is it

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Delivered to Baikonur SC Telkom-3 and the preparation for the launch of

Telecommunications spacecraft (SC) "Telkom-3" (TELKOM-3), created in JSC "Information Satellite Systems" to them. Academician Reshetnev "commissioned by the Indonesian operator PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk., delivered to the Baikonur cosmodrome.

From Krasnoyarsk airport "Emelyanovo" on airfield complex "Jubilee" Baikonur spacecraft flown AN-124-100 — "Ruslan".

After unloading from the aircraft container SC "Telkom-3" moved in the assembly and testing building (MIC) 40 31 sites where experts of ASC them. Reshetnev started his training as planned trials.

Spacecraft "Telkom-3" will be launched in conjunction with the communication satellite "Express-MD2", as already for the ongoing preparations for the

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White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Football


White-headed Duck:

Although we have a lot of problems:For example, the growth barshchavika,Let's you and a world championship,Gregory's talk pack.


Well, yes, we are all on the topic of gasThat tariffs on gasoline …Meanwhile England defeatGermans inflicted — 4:1.

White-headed Duck:

Jeanne screams and negadue,I clung to the screen the whole.And all of that right now Minya valnue —Saturday's match … and barshchavik.


If you get sick, then for the Germans,After all, the European, the.A fully zbrendiv Maradona —Some nonsense issues.

White-headed Duck:

No, Maradona — the god of football —Anyone will tell you the jury.And

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What attracts the capital of China?

If there is a city in the world that can be called tourist mosaic, then, no doubt, this is Beijing — China's capital. Here intertwined variety of historical era, cultural traditions and religious rituals. In Beijing, you can visit many times and even during this period of time did not have time to solve all his lurking. Well, who is under force, if one only has about the history of Peking 2-a-half thousand years.

Tourists arriving in Peking neither can admire its monumentality and scale of the buildings. Tiananmen Square — the largest area on the planet —

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Lake Baikal neutrino catch

Lake Baikal completed testing of new modules for optical telescopes with which scientists can detect neutrinos. These mysterious particles carry information about what is happening in the most distant corners of the universe, and even black holes.

To get to the telescope, you need to drive tens of kilometers across the ice of Lake Baikal. This is a unique project, the world's only underwater telescope. It records the most mysterious particles — neutrinos. And although so far only conducted basic research, scientists look to the future with optimism. Head of the project "The Baikal neutrino telescope" Gregory Domogatskii sure:

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The more similar stealth bombers U-2 and F-117?

F-117 and U-2. You probably know them: the first — superbombardirovschik invisible, second — … If you, the reader pochetaemy, hope meet here the story of the famous high-rise Scout U-2 "Dragon Lady", that must disappoint you: that the U-2, which will be discussed below, only just perkalevy biplane design NN Polikarpov."Stealth" and "corn-cob" — two famous aircraft that have become favorites of the whole people. About their shot rolls of films and books written by the library.

The principal South American programm to create an invisible plane — a resounding debut and just loud end, with running

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Japan continues to shake

New earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred on Sunday in northeastern Japanese island of Honshu. National Directorate of Meteorology warned of the possible danger of tsunami waves on the Pacific coast. The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, and its focus was at a depth of 10 km from the ocean floor. Strong tremors were felt in 16 of the 47 prefectures of Japan, including Tokyo. In just the past two days in Japan were about three hundred aftershocks of magnitude 3 to 7, according to ITAR-TASS. Several million people of

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The descendants of the Atlanteans find each other

October 15, 2012 0:19

One day I was called by an unknown girl from Krasnodar, named Alena and asked a strange question: — Tell me, do you know anything about the last days of Atlantis? Allen said that for many years, she dreams about the sinking of the continent, which she recorded in a special book. A few days later we met in my Rostov-on-Don, and I recognized her unusual story …

Mysterious advisers

Up to 17 years in the life of Alena nothing happened. True, her father was not quite an ordinary man — he was involved in healing.

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