Above Earth flash second Sun

October 12, 2011 22:17

Photo: nasa.govInhabitants of the earth to the end of this year may witness the most ambitious space spectacle during the existence of the planet. Scientists project, one of the closest stars to Earth at any time explode, becoming a supernova.

It is about Betelgeuse — the star of the constellation Orion, far from the solar system to 640 light years. According to astronomers, the life cycle of this star is over, and it is already at the stage of the red supergiant. This means that only one step away from the explosion of Betelgeuse and becoming a supernova.

According to Brad Carter, associate professor of physics at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, supergiant explosion could happen before the end of the year. Or at any other time over the next million years, stipulated scientist.

 If Carter's forecast come true, the supernova will provide the residents of the Earth's largest light show in history, reports Telegraph.co.uk. It will be so bright that for about two weeks, the night will be as bright as day, and the day the sky will shine two suns at once.

According to proponents of doomsday in 2012, a potential explosion of Betelgeuse fits in their concerns, as followers of occult knowledge associated this star with the devil. But the scientists were quick to reassure them. "A supernova explosion occurs too far away to cause any trouble Earth" — leads the Daily Mail to the Australian physicist.


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