Astral Travel: unbelievable but true!

March 22, 2012 15:02

Astral Travel: unbelievable but true!This is an interesting and very promising esoteric practice has only one drawback: a prerequisite for the success of development are accessories (crystal ball, lighting, etc.), as well as the ability to enter into a certain state of consciousness, which is to force only the most stubborn and persistent of the students.
But there is a method by which you can achieve at least the outstanding success in clairvoyance and knowledge of unknown worlds much less effort and without any kind of aids. As you probably already understand, we are talking about astral travel: the industry moves disembodied person does not need crystal balls and other "crutches" of the physical world: the ability to pass through time and space dependent only on himself, his courage and desire to fly.

 And today we are mastered "the right to start the Astral Traveler", so that everyone can go to the astral plane at the time and in the place where wishes. Why? And why should anyone need: for in the astral world is all that is required in order to make our real life more beautiful, more successful and more fun! Someone goes to the astral energy boost, someone — to improve their health, and draws out some amazing ideas for creativity and enlists the help for the successful conduct of earthly affairs … In short, astral travel give us a lot more options than just about past and future. But enough talk: Getting to the practice!

Ready, set … go!

Of course, the ability to go to the astral plane — also a science that requires significant development and constant practice. All you need: the ability to relax, disconnect from everyday life, and then — the ability to focus on the task at hand — the one for the solutions that you and the road.
So first going to present the ancient classical method of access to the astral plane, which I myself mastered the science of astral travel. And only then will devote some of the subtleties in the case, will discuss the findings of our contemporaries, the secrets of experienced "travelers" and their own work. For example, how to do without some of the "formalities" when leaving the physical body, and much more …
Preparing for your first astral travel. The first step is to master the technique of deep relaxation. Beginner best to lie on the couch or on the hard floor, the laid gymnastic mat or thick quilted mattress. Remember, support for the body should be quite firm and resilient, deep relaxation in the soft feather bed will put you to sleep, away from any astral travel.
Before starting the journey should be thoroughly ventilate the room: the temperature should be comfortable, 21-240 C. It is also useful for half an hour before the start of classes to take a light shower, dress in loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibers, but breakfast, lunch or dinner is better to postpone: Output in the Astral easier to carry out on an empty stomach, or three hours after eating. In general, a novice course days is better to restrict the light plant food.
So, moving on. Lying on his back, slightly stretched arms and legs begin to breathe calmly and evenly, drawing the air nose, mouth breathing. Focus on your breath, try to feel the cool air enters the nasal passages, warmed, bypassing the nose, bronchi, and is filled with light. Got it? Excellent! Now a little complicate the task: typing air into the lungs, hold your breath and try to feel the air pressure on the region of the thyroid gland. Then exhale slowly and quietly, trying to stretch longer exhale. Repeat breath breath holding seven — nine times in a row.
Then focus your attention on his left foot: try to feel the heel, then the sole, then the thumb, then the fingers one by one. Then bring attention to the ankle, calf, thigh, knee, outer, inner side of the left thigh, reach the pelvis and left buttock — and then the same series came down to the foot. "Sling" attention to the right leg and repeat the mental movement up and down on the right foot — from the heel to buttocks — and back to the heel. Fulfilled? Excellent!
Now we have to focus on the left hand: "transfer" their consciousness into the center hands, try to feel the outside and inside of the wrist, turn the fingers of his left hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, humerus and shoulder muscles. When he reached the shoulder and armpit, repeat all the way in reverse and return to the center of the left palm. And from there move to the center of our attention right hand and made his way up and down the right hand.
Done? Fine, go to the next stage of relaxation: turn your attention to the solar plexus. Alternately concentrate on the navel, stomach, intestines, liver (right), pancreas (left), the internal organs of small pelvis, groin, lower back, kidneys, spine, lungs, neck, ribs, chest, heart, and once again return to the diaphragm and solar plexus.
Remains the final step: focusing on a point in the center of the forehead, the so-called "third eye." From there, transfer the attention first on the left eye (trying to feel the eyebrows, eyelids, the eyeball), then to the right eye, nose, upper and lower lip, tongue, palate, throat, jaw, and then the front of the neck. Then go to the back of the neck, back of the head, the body of the skull, crown, turn to the left and right temple — and again we return to the "third eye."
At this point, your body is relaxed to the limit. It is true that people with depression, weakness, vascular dystonia, anemia, any other form of lack of vitality, at this time, as a rule, has long been a sweet snuffle. Therefore, I usually recommend future astral travelers advance put himself in a good energy form. After all, no one goes to storm the summit of Everest, after years of sedentary work and evening lying on the couch? That astral travelers at least one month prior to the course is useful to learn a set of physical exercises (for example, "Five Tibetan pearls") and drink a good vitamin and mineral complex to increase the energy level of the body (I usually recommend students preparations containing deer antlers, reindeer , tincture of ginseng, Siberian ginseng, has a powerful tonic and energizing action). Otherwise, you're just not strong enough to throw off the shackles of the physical body! Do you want to — believe me, or better yet — check on my experience, my dear: our soul for a flight requires a good supply of energy …

Open to the gate slowly …

So, I hope that you deal with the problem well: your body is completely relaxed, but the brain is awake and able to focus on any goal. Excellent! Now check the energy level of his astral body: imagine that you can see yourself from the outside, naked, and imagine that your body emits a soft golden light. The brighter it will shine, the more halo surrounding your physical body, the greater the amount of energy you have at the moment. Depending on the level of energy in the initial stage and should set a goal of astral travel, most often for the first experience is to make a short trip to replenish stamina. Then we set the goal as follows: "I go to the astral plane to plunge into the inexhaustible source of life-giving energy."
Someone should treat chronic diseases: after getting rid of the causes of health problems in the astral, you are very easy to deal with the disease of the physical body. Doctors will be surprised how quickly and easily pass recovery! But for this you need to formulate the problem as follows: "I go to the astral treatment center to find the best healer who discovered the cause (s) of my (their) disease (s) successfully remove it (them) and fully heal my body ".
So training is over, the goal formulated. Time to start the most responsible action: the failure of the physical body. To do this, focus your attention on the coccyx: imagine that it flares up bright fireball. Mentally imagine that from the heels to the coccyx stretch two bright blue lines — at the level of the perineum, they merge into one sharp blue arrow. Imagine that an arrow pierces the fireball on the coccyx and is slowly moving up the spine while it rages around a pillar of fire.
Now imagine that at the solar plexus from post six separate fireballs. They slowly rotate around your spine, like planets around the sun. Arrow meanwhile continues to move up, raising a pillar of fire to the level of the heart: here from post twelve separate fireballs and form a dance at the heart chakra. Then boom raises a pillar of fire to the level of midclavicular Basin where separated from the post for eighteen fireball through which occurs at the shoulders shining necklace. Imagine that boom lifts up to the top of the head pole pierces the fontanelle — and flies overhead thousand small shiny beads, forming a dazzling flower of Buddha — the thousand-petalled lotus.
From the center of the lotus pillar of fire with an arrow in with great speed escapes into space, throwing your consciousness into the astral world, the place where you want to be.
At the time of the withdrawal in the astral world a person commits a huge energy gain. You will feel like the body is filled with vitality and health. Take advantage of this moment, imagine that you become bigger, stronger, healthier. Imagine the stand to place the displaced vertebrae, rejuvenating and regenerating tissues, the vessels moving powerfully renewed blood … Enjoy these wonderful feelings, while you can not hold the power to draw a picture of the mind's eye and experience the emotional high from his first astral travel.
Sensing the signs of fatigue, eyes closed, hands clasped to the castle on the solar plexus, pull them behind your head, connect the legs together and turn first to the right side, then — on the left. Take a deep breath and say (out loud or silently): "I'm home! I am in the world! I am in my body! "Then two more inhale and exhale — and open your eyes.
Returning from astral travel, be sure to soak for five minutes — ten easy, then carefully get up and drink hot black tea (preferably pre-brewed in a thermos and abandoned nearby).

Soaring above ate without knowing barrier!

I warn you in advance that the first, second and even third attempt to exit to the astral plane on the classical Indian method may fail. Particularly difficult for people who can not live without meat and cigarettes, as well as those who can not visualize. If you find it hard to imagine the blue arrow, fireballs and the thousand-petalled lotus, suggest to use a simpler method — just remember that it will have to be repeated for much longer: a week, or even two every day, so I recommend practicing in the evening before bedtime.
What should I do? Yes, just think about how you as a child swinging on a swing! Soaring higher and higher, try to mentally hold my consciousness at an extreme point, while imagining that the body continues to regress. Sooner or later, you will feel light cotton and see that are some distance from the physical body: it is at the bottom, below you connected to your incorporeal essence of a strong and infinitely elastic silver thread or cord. Congratulations, your first astral journey began! But remember, such withdrawal to the astral plane requires significant self-energy, so to start to limit your travel to your home or apartment, and travel longer distances postponed until such time as a way out of the physical body and travel in the astral world will give you easy without strain.

Do not forget to fasten your seat belts

If your body before the first astral travel emits a smooth, powerful golden glow, showing excellent health, supply of energy and vitality, you can set ourselves any targets, for example, visit your relatives and friends living on the other side of the world. But remember that the higher powers approve such visits only if you are concerned for the family, want to warn of danger or have another, at least a good reason to visit. Astral "walk" perpetrated out of curiosity, is often punished with meetings with monsters — hunters foreign energy. Much has been written about in the literature, if you want you can find a lot of examples, but for now, just remember to enter the astral plane should have a very good reason, which will serve as both a pass and a shield that makes you invisible to enemies. So think in advance which of their major problems you would like to decide when traveling.
To ease the problem, on the eve of astral travel for days to think constantly about the upcoming release, again and again repeating to himself his goal and getting ready to see a lot of strange and unknown — in fact the key to success is a strong desire to make a person unforgettable flight in the astral world!
Three hours before the start of the trip forget about cigarettes: nicotine affects the ability to control the situation during the flight. Alcohol On this day there should be excluded: no money, more disturbing concentration, thought to be confused and to bring to the traveler evil astral entities than alcohol.
Best of all, if at the time of the first experiments in the apartment no one will. Unplug the phone, the doorbell, and other devices with built-in signal to a sudden noise startled you when you travel. Remember that any outside interference momentarily interrupt your entry into the astral world and trigger a sharp return back to the physical body, which may be accompanied by painful.
In order to help you concentrate, the windows and door of the room selected for study, then close, Draw the curtains, and deep space light a candle in a deep thick glass candlestick, glass.
Finally, if you, in spite of the precautions taken during extracorporal visit to Mariupol to a favorite aunt suddenly be attacked by a monster or aggressive amateur astral battles, do not lose our nerve. Remember, any time you can return to your physical body, so immediately concentrate and wish to be home in body shell. Astral travel so good that return home to a safe personal space, is made in no time and the first request.
And god forbid you, dear newbie, from attempts to measure swords with experienced astral tramps. Knowingly losing energy, you permanently lose the desire to relive an unforgettable adventure! But each subsequent astral travel is much easier and is more interesting and brighter last. So choose the right goals, go your way, will not turning — and be happy.

I wish you success!

Parting word beginners
Eastern sages believe that our physical world, there is an invisible copy — the astral plane, in which, as in a mirror, reflected the people, their thoughts and actions. But a two-way mirror: any action in the physical affects astral reflection. And if man is able to penetrate into the astral world and change the images of the past, present or future, then after a while, and certainly change his real life.

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