Astronomers have discovered the Green Continent cosmic strings connecting the objects in the Universe

October 15, 2011 14:30

Astronomer from Australia stated that they were able to prove the existence of material substance, like a long strands that connect the galaxy to the other groups of nearby galaxies, and with a fairly distant objects of the universe.

Astronomers from the Australian National University has decided to investigate the relative positions of star clusters, known as globular clusters. Scientists, astronomers have found that instead of random dispersal in the vast expanse of the universe, such groups are arranged in long narrow strips, diverging from our galaxy around.

Dr. Keller said that he is confident that he and his colleagues were able to prove that the special "fiber space" does not just exist, but connected world in which we live in other parts of the universe. Stefan Keller says the star strands similar to umbilical cord through which penetrated the energy and matter in the period of formation of the Milky Way. By the way, and now the process continues.

If we talk about the whole of the visible matter, it appears as a bunch of foam on the crest of a huge wave of dark matter and energy. This wave is in constant motion, so the foam (visible matter) are constantly changing. The beginning of this process, as certain scholars put the Big Bang. Some astronomers of the Universe is like a normal sponge, which have cavities associated individual fibers. However, in the sponge material is distributed fairly evenly, but in the universe gravitational processes differentiate the matter so that its maximum capacity is located where there is a gravitational peaks of activity.

Dr. Keller thinks that it is the distribution of globular clusters of stars suggests there is a "binder thread" in the Universe.

Most of these clusters are small nuclei of galaxies, extracted from them by powerful gravitational fields. As a result, most of the stars that were once on the periphery of the galaxy close to our galaxy and it was "captured", and the core and have remained in close to the Milky Way space.

Scientists believe that due to the "capture" of small galaxies, the Milky Way and acquired its present scale.


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