Earthlings are prepared to meet

April 8, 2012 22:58

Humankind in the universe is clearly not alone. But for years SETI different programs have not yielded the expected results. The result of all studies — an oppressive silence. Why?

Earthlings are prepared to meet

Obviously, there is a civilization above, below, and approximately equal to the current level of development, but rather a degradation of humanity. Higher order of civilization, we can only watch on the cyclopean, the scale of galaxies, through their impact on the environment. But the trouble: for people, these symptoms are the result of natural laws. A science that we have such that even if something really does not want to fit into the current paradigm, it is either swept aside as unreliable and nonexponential, or ears are urgently looking for which is drawn "logical" explanation.

"Smart pessimists realize that we came to win, or, at best, a subordinate, and optimists will welcome the" little green men "as brought good from afar"

The development of our civilization below are interesting, but as long as people do not have the ability to quickly navigate between the stars, the search for them is very problematic. Therefore, the only one we can be friends — our level of civilization, but we get them we can not for the same reason.

But the brothers on reason, if they drop move us, it can master the technique of interstellar voyages. Well, yes — a UFO.

Recently, there was another theory of their origin. Allegedly flying saucers are the fruit of dreams reality — a special state of the brain, when it can not distinguish between reality and hallucination. Surely, this is the correct explanation in some cases. But how dreams can leave marks on the ground, implanted under the skin of the strange metal object, and much that does not fit in the "sleepy theory aliens"?

If we turn to history, on paleocontacts — alien visits to Earth in historic and prehistoric times — has been written many books and articles. And if you listen to some scholars of the Sumerian civilization, humanity in general the result of the genetic modification, and it was formed by crossing aliens and human ancestors. The most interesting thing is that this theory is quite fit in with the fact that at the very beginning of the human species was about one hundred thousand. But where do they come from — this question for some reason none of the serious scientists do not respond. Okay, let's assume that the answer I just got caught.

There are suggestions that representatives of extraterrestrial cultures communicate some great people, whose discoveries in various fields of fundamental impact on our progress and culture. Acquaintance with the aliens declared Buddha, Christ, Newton, Paracelsus, Tesla, Einstein … There also adds a long list of fiction writers.

Recent history regular meetings with heads of aliens hold America and Russia. More information about America: there are the famous "base 51", and just three UFO crash at Roswell town, and a giant UFO slowly rowed over Utah, and hundreds of reports of Air Force pilots, who saw and even attacked the plates …

It is believed that flying saucers are the fruit of dreams reality — a special state of the brain, when it can not distinguish between reality and hallucination.

There are people who believe that their technological takeoff America owes alien technology. What, then Russia, too?

In many countries, the Defense Ministry has departments dealing with UFOs. They gather information, analyze and give out to the public that this is abnormal natural phenomena unrelated strangers. And they send the reports as governments — no one knows.

However, ufologists plates engage no one stops. Study. But that's what can be done at a maximum of enthusiasm for small vehicles? Many, but certainly not enough for all the people to believe in the phenomenon of alien people.

But in reality, imagine that in a minute broadcast will interrupt transmission and speaker will issue an emergency message: us into formal contact representatives of the civilization of the constellation Orion. Part of the people will crash immediately passed out, the other out into the streets chanting and writing slogans on the walls' Orions — away from the Earth, "and" Earth — for humans! ". Smart pessimists realize that we came to win, or at best, a subordinate, and optimists will welcome the "little green men" as a good brought from afar. In short, the whole planet where speaker box will be in disarray. This is putting it mildly. How much time the planet will recover from the shock — at least a few years. In the end, just get used to the aliens

But what is most interesting is the process of adjusting to the aliens running for a long time and well implemented. Spend his comics, computer games, cartoons and movies. After all, who are most receptive to information that is fantastic? Children and adolescents. Children — Pokemon cartoons, teens — movies Starship Troopers.

But it is not all that easy. In fact, there seemed to be more on the warring alien and propaganda teams field influence. A very small number, says that aliens are, but the Earth is rare and no planet is not needed. Proponents of this position shows space travelers sweet, absurd, but having super powers, which they use for the benefit of friends and sometimes all of humanity. Those kids who like this theory is likely to grow contactees.

Another team suggests that the aliens — completely evil and ugly creatures that dream of humans in chains or deep-fried with spices. These aliens have to fight to the death. It is easy to assume that fans of such products easily go into the armed opposition had flown in from other worlds, even without understanding what their purpose.

The third group openly mocked "greenbacks." They're smart, but idiots. The appearance of these unusual, but they are doing it themselves ugly. This product relies on the same optimists.

Finally, the fourth approach is a mass alien types, species, and such other things that can be confusing, but do not. There, the aliens are just like people. Just another form, with a psychology, customs and preferences. Among them are the evil and the good, and no. Then, perhaps, prepare travelers to the Galaxy ….

Why — we have already found. But who? Who gives the order?

Options, at least two.

The first has already sounded: the government of the Earth, which (assuming a time) warned that in a not too distant future, aliens still unfold in front of all the people, not just elected. Government figured and decided we will prepare an art.

The second option is fantastic, but also has the right to be: with inoplanetyanskoy fiction in all children somehow accustomed to tolerance to future visitors to Earth.

Choose what you like.

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