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One real shaman told me: "In your head does not have enough air. And your heart is "breathing" to the left ". Later, a real doctor confirmed the hypoxia of the brain and cardioneurosis.

I was born left-handed, and the heart of the matter "breathes the left." "Lefty — wrong soul" — they say. To tweak your soul, often resort to the procedures are not explainable by science. For example, I go to sorcerers. Now that the era had a reshuffle, mixed up, pretending to be urban modernity, when the science is so developed that was falling into obscurantism where to turn to cheaper grandmother than a psychiatrist, do not believe in parapsychology and other esoteric science and healing practices — just ignorant, as once trusted only shamans.

It was somehow inexplicably hrenovato, it's time for a visit to the electrical wizard.

Mikhail Lakhno, parapsychologist, smiling, said: "I am all I must confess that I'm a wizard. I worked 20 years in radio electronics, parallel interested in psychology. Then got to parapsychology. After graduating from the Moscow Institute of Communications, was an absolute materialist and now little left for them. Parapsychology explains the incomprehensible events. But they have no devilry. They are scientifically explainable. For example, people do not just look the other in the eye and exudes a certain vibrochastotu. Einstein's law states: "In one region of space can be an infinite number of material objects. But they must be in a different frequency range. " It is this law allows you to be our energy bodies together. We exchange energies spontaneously, but few people know how to manage them. Hence, all the disasters and conflicts of humans, animals and machinery.

(I read somewhere that witches can not interrupt a naive question, even if something is not clear, then all line up. And so, without interrupting, trying to capture the essence. — Comm. Aut.).

— I have studied all the religions. Is a synthesis of all the Hindu religion, it has taken root in all the others. But every religion — a cult. His task — to put a man on his knees, in order to manage it to someone to cash in on someone. Even the Bible says, "Let there be given to you according to your faith, not your religion." How to treat the religious laws? I believe that all of this literature can not be applied on the material level. Or, for example, it is said in the Gospel: "easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a rich man to enter heaven." But you have to understand it this way: "The rich are not for the money, and on the shortcomings."

So, I'm doing the influence of vibration fields on the human brain. This includes characters, numeric codes, generators of electromagnetic oscillations.

TV, radio, media houses, the whole material world — it's the flow of numerical combinations. We use the comparative characteristic numbers. That is more than 2 1, 3 is greater than 2. But this is wrong. Number carries a certain load. 1 — is a specific wavelength, the color, the octave, the note sounds. On the laser disc, all recorded figures. Any object in space emits a certain type of vibration. Our life is an exchange of energy. We now exchange of visual, audible and mental. There are also sexual, physical, and others. All of these energy exchange recorded by our bodies.

In the third millennium, people hard. High technology, the body can not cope. Plus murdered ecology. The body in shock. Compressed aura, that is elektomagnitnoe field man. In a crowded bus in the market or at a concert in the flea market field flattened. When leaving for the city, you feel an inexplicable euphoria, joy. This is your field went for a walk alone, "breathe" clean space.

Do not forget that every thought is material. Man projects in the space of not only joy, but also sorrow, anger, hatred. From this fragmented society. There are the poor and the rich. Defective middle class — the most nervous twitch from the constant desire to get rich or fear not fall completely. There are numerical codes that can establish healthy energy exchange. In the iris pupil are all compounds in human organs. If the laser to dispatch a certain code, the body can be programmed.

Man — this is a biological computer. It needs to be "poured", program. As the water began to speak grandmother? Read the prayer that is introduced code. Water is considered the information. He drank it in forty minutes, she will rise to the brain and gives the command to recover. Any illness — is warning the man that he is doing something wrong.

— A man was killed when men or machines?

— So, it fulfilled its function in the world. There are no accidents. It is the law of our being, cause-and-effect relationship. Ate dirty apple — a stomach ache. Gape — hit by a car.

— Oh, somehow it is doubtful just …

— Doctors treat more often is a consequence. More developed "Newtonian" medicine, it is easier. That is, the stronger saline solution, so it is effective. And there are "Einstein." According to it there is ill electron orbit and healthy. And need a small quantum of energy to transfer an electron from an atom to a healthy patient. Quantum of energy can be a needle grass, a laser beam, homeopathic tablet acting exactly the opposite. The more it is diluted, the more effective acts.

("Tambourine Shaman conspiracy prayer" — mentally I add). Michael, catching my thoughts, he continues:

— And his hands. Massage therapists must keep at least about a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, pass bad information. Group hypnosis can not be performed. Every person — an individual. How can you treat "wholesale"? Medication because selected depending on the weight, age. It's all the same, that a herd of foot and mouth disease treated with a solution of bleach.

— But the emergence of so many grandmothers explained. They can for grub or at a small price, if not free to remove damage. A psychiatrist will tell you about a schizophrenic complex and prescribe exorbitant price. Medicine is not all-encompassing and very expensive. And the grandmother is not so often harmful, how many incompetent doctors, of whom not mereno. It's no secret that many pharmacies and doctors in cahoots. "Breed" of the rich patients on the money. Some Irish cure for dysbiosis, $ 100 per piece, it may be a conventional dry garlic in a beautiful braid and it works worse than the cheap domestic laktobakterin. No Boukhanovsky will not treat the poor for free army alcoholic schizophrenics. To him, perhaps, turn maniacs, sadists, but it is certainly rich patients.

— Corruption, evil eye — these folk names of methods of energy attacks were to die in the last century. But live, because the country is poor and ignorance flourishes.

I have developed a mandala — a talisman. This space-time matrix. On the basis of the date of birth, name, first, middle and last names are applied to the mandala symbols and barcodes. Name — this is the purpose of life if it translated into a numerical code. Patronymic — a system of adaptations, with the help of some energy a person can influence the world. Surname connects to the protective egregoru. Women marry, change their names. Change the code number, and they often experience discomfort or vice versa. One of my friend was complaining about the problems that bedevil his last 3 months. It turned out that he bought a cell phone number that was harmful. Change phones, and everything fell into place.

(I ask Michael to figure out my previous and current phones. Turns out that the former would bring me trouble, and the current promises success. Telephone numbers, vehicles, houses, apartments have a vibration wave.)

— All of our physical, material laws are very primitive. From school we know the three-dimensional space: width, height, length. The most common figure — cube. We put it in the center point. To find it, you must spend 6 lines. The seventh is the line of the point. Nothing stands still in this world. Nothing dies, but simply changes form. The eighth line — this time during which passes the point of the space station. For the eight-dimensional space in which we live, and not trehmerka planar. She and brains makes flat. In the dream we live for other physical laws. Moving through time and space as you like. Talented people are able to go out in the information field of the Earth. It exists as atmospheric shell. There is also and event level. Archimedes discovered the law, not because crawled to the bathroom. He just came out in the information field, and there is already information on millions of years.

— Why do we sleep?

— BIOROBOTS worked a shift, it needs gaining muscle. It is important to sleep properly. In order not to interfere, and where to go to his head.

Musicians — the most advanced biorobots. They are trained, and for them the low and high frequency as the trained animals. Musicians rule the world, not politicians.

— UFO — ufologists are all scratching their heads, where they are and where to disappear.

— Take a circle, divide it by 360 degrees. Each degree — it is the world. UFO flies along degrees, then makes a sharp turn at 90 degrees and disappears into a parallel world. That's all it is time to learn in elementary schools, and we force children to believe in the old man with a watering can, watering the earth as a vegetable garden. I believe in God, but for me it is the cosmic mind, which has no specific form. The ancients said, everything below, and then on top. Christ — the embodiment of one of the teachers of the planetary hierarchy. From the center of the galaxy shines on us metagalactic beam. It covers the evolution of the program — from the simplest amoeba to the creatures better than modern man. This beam, thank God, we are not directly ingested. He transformed, filtered through the planet of the solar system. We get this energy, process and give back. She often negative content. Two thousand years ago there was a metagalactic explosion tore off one of the combination locks that had kept a tight rein on this energy. And she thought of our material created, rushed at us and in space. And civilization began to appear. They were short-lived. They missed the fundamental law of duality. According to this law, all breeds in the world. Then there was something that we call the devil, the evil force. We have created negative energy. But God is in control. Under the laws of the cosmos can not take without giving. Do you want to "Mercedes", give as much energy as it weighs. If a thing is not a spiritual orientation, and serves only the pleasure, the fee is high. And of course, the individual energoobolochka, but simply the soul, captures the essence of cosmic evil. And already returned to Earth poluchelovek. And we see these in the form of big politicians, entertainers, gangsters, officials, press down all by itself for the sake of profit, in the name of the expansion of the soul. Few people on Earth, but they are. Born a new race. Children quickly learn to modern technology. Every generation after us older than we are. Who later, he is wiser. They will not be read Dostoevsky, and so he was in their subconscious. We absorb the technology, we have created. TV programs on the consumer level. I kicked him out of the house, he lives in a barn somewhere. I read a lot. Books develop figurative and spatial reasoning, and the TV provides a ready-made, forcing someone else's image. Computer — a living organism. Since it is not easy to contact, he'll eat. A life on the street is different, not the same as the monitor.

— Is able to protect the mandala from evil and guide on the right path?

— Translated from the Sanskrit word mandala — a circle, the space country. In Tibet, they are collected from the sand, then break. She is like a staircase leads people to the right information. Then comes the period of reflection of his own life. My clients are spread all over the world, and while there were no failures. With the help of laser i coded through the pupil of people from drinking and smoking. Respectable people, officers and businessmen successfully live and work, and after drinking in the smoke. I have a device that stops the pain, there is a generator of good mood. Can be put on building special sensors, and they will take positive energy. This is not new. Nikola Tesla has long worked with buffer layers of the Earth. Earth — a huge electric motor.

— I have a feeling that people have almost unraveled the mystery of universe administration. Does this mean that we will soon come to an end?

— Mayans, Incas, Aztecs and Sumerians possessed base twenty mathematics. They knew three thousand years ago the share of each planet, although they did not know the wheel, according to our historians. These ancient writings written that the Earth in 2012 will reach a new energy information exchange, which is the next evolution. Imagine a huge electromagnetic ocean, and we crawl along the bottom. Our physical body prevents us to communicate with the whole cosmos. Once we begin to communicate telepathically.

In Atlantis, it already was. People lived for 800 years. Learn telepathy long and difficult. This is not the alphabet, and not an innate gift. They studied a hundred years, but were lazy and eventually came up with the language. There is no need to live long. People did not go as we are on the cans. Do not fly on airplanes. But could get to any part of the universe. But this was not at all the continents, and that they did not put the other backward civilization destroyed their supreme intelligence. They came early. Sooner closer to the universal mystery.

In 2012, there will come the synchronization period. Between the north and south poles there a spark, and all will burn in a fraction of seconds. And because we are immortal, all of us, that is energoobolochka gets into a vortex and will merge with metagalactic community. There's no physical bodies, open all the energy field, you can move to any point in space. We will be adding rows of UFOs. Populate the parallel worlds. In the meantime, we are limited to the physical body.

I find it funny to hear all sorts of charlatans who claim with the fervor that they work with the energy of the cosmos. Admit it, watching the sun hurt, just a few minutes to go blind. And the sun — it's just one-millionth of the force that governs us. I often go to the Botanical Garden. Bathe in a spring, and then do meditative exercises. Do not meditation, but only exercises. After all, meditation is a Sanskrit word translated as knowledge. And the exercises are to develop supernormal abilities. More precisely, just normal and not over. Just a person lazy and lost a lot of their own abilities. And now engaged to get them back. And here I was going to clean up. Just was a solar eclipse. I went up the hill, "connected", and I was just blown away from there. I'm not a little frightened, and felt the power of this energy. To connect to energosloyam, you need to have the vibration wave. Eat meat, drink vodka, women are attracted to, then you're working with low energy, with the sexual chakra. In the body of the righteous has a different frequency. That's where the halo is taken? The frequency is so high that his head begins to glow. Lama of Tibet come to serve. They know when to leave, they carry out the will of the gods.

Can you quickly formulate the purpose of your life?

— To enjoy, to suffer, to know!

— The goal of every one of us — to get out of life more perfect than you came into it. But people spend their lives on the corruption of the soul, for the animal kicks. Now there is a process of degeneration of the technology. The more sexual propaganda, the lower the birth rate. This as well as more freedom, the lower forest land. Soon the Earth will change their "orientation" for the sake of fashion, will be spinning for another orbit. From this comes the age of matriarchy unhealthy. It became fashionable to create a family and have children. Sex as a form of entertainment that is debauchery, leads to the fact that men are losing their basic qualities. They are getting smaller. According to statistics, already in Rostov-on-one man, three women. They come to me asking for help, complaining that some morons around, homosexuals and drunkards.

— Of course, with the help of a mandala can be programmed to a woman on the family fortune and find her a worthy husband, but will there be enough for all their suffering? I can only order the mandala. With love and family I have everything in order, I ask the health and success.

— And that the brain is something you do not ask to add? — Laughing, asked the electrical wizard.

— Oh them! They are nothing but trouble. What am I stuffed tale of "The Wizard of Oz"? Me and straw is enough in the head, the main thing — "mandulu" hang around the neck.

A week later, Michael brought me my personal bioresonant power modulator. Warned that a couple of days I will have Canudo and sausage, and then will be useful vision. I look forward to the event, I was not used to it.



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