In each house lives a residential area

January 20, 2012 18:58

It is a bunch of invisible energy. Depending on the contamination of the apartment house — either being positive, benefiting or negative entity from which continuous damage.

What will be the one of your home depends on you.
Brownie a thinking. Not only is it easy to read your thoughts
What does the house?
It monitors the cleanliness of housing. In contrast to the man he sees the whole energy debris scattered around the apartment, and it is very frustrating. Brownie it gets dirty, his mood worsens.

The bathroom houses do not go. And in rural areas at the baths live very different creatures — bath. Because of the constant contact with black-bath are evil and dangerous. Peresidev slightly in the bath than necessary, and instead of a nice fresh feel empty and powerless.
When the house is OK, clean and tidy, there is no energy mud house feels great. This master he loves and helps him in every possible way.
Brownie look after the things.
In this house it will work, will not fight to break dishes and appliances. It helps to find lost things. To do this, you just need to ask him about it: "The host-father, help me, tell me, where is so and so …" He also keeps track of young children and prevent various troubles. Brownie never allowing fire neschastnogo case of theft, provided of course that he liked the owner.

Houses can host rabudit morning, if that important business. Can recall the forgotten things. It can also clean up the apartment small energy waste.

With a serious deterioration him deal not afford, but can change it to disperse.

Approximation damage house feels advance. If, for example, to visit you went to an evil man with black thoughts, bringing with it a heap of black, envy, the house begins to worry. If the landlord does not hear whispers brownie, the latter sets out to all to draw attention to themselves. In unkind guest can escape from the hands of the circle and break, spill something on the tablecloth. Sometimes dishes beating at the owner — it is also a warning.

Unpleasant guest house trying to survive by all means.
He begins to strangle them, push them. So guests have become uncomfortable — they are all annoying, suffocating them, after all they are left with one thought — to leave quickly from your home.
Another annoying smoke house
The smoke will not erode, it settles on the furniture, the corners of the apartment.
Also remember: if you are very often and very seriously clean your apartment energetically, it is possible that the actions you expel your houses from the house.

Generally, if a house-much to get, it can destroy the landlord or his property. A good host it contrary before leaving the house reminds you: Turn off the lights, gas, water, iron, etc.

Usually house sleeps somewhere near the ceiling. Yes, he can fly, and his strength of gravity does not apply. In his free time from his sleep, he wanders around the apartment, doing his chores, playing with the animals.

If you dislike your house cat, be sure it is in the house for a long time does not last long. If, by contrast, fell in love, you will play with her. Please note that sometimes your favorite furry suddenly over on his back and starts waving his paws in the air. It tickles her house. Sometimes the cat, licking themselves, vstrepenetsya and staring into space, and looks as if seeing someone look. It is this invisible traveler is brownie.

Brownie should not be shy. Although it is called a man's name, he looks at women ravnoduschno. The houses do not have sex. So feel free to dress up in his apartment where you want.

Sometimes a house can be the people. This happens in two ways — either before a good event or a bad before. And then you can ask him, "For better or worse?". Brownie answer hollow voice: "For better," or "for goodness!"

Brownie loves to be young children, who take it as a big stuffed animal and from the heart, and are busy playing with him. Externally house looks like a shaggy man (around 1 m) with a person are like the head of the family, but can appear in other guises.

The children are playing house with pleasure, as a cat or a dog. If the house likes to mess with your baby — it's a good sign. It will not only play with them, but also take care of minor difficulties — matches, scissors, etc.

Many can talk about this to their apartments. Do not be afraid, if you suspect that it is you do. So, you need to house felt good and helped Skoda?

First you need to know what houses can talk out loud. If your family is perceived normally, it can be in the presence of family members. Ask him to help in some way, promise tasty or toys.

If the house razbaluetsya, we should chide him: "This adult grandfather and mischief. Ay-ay-ay! ". He will feel ashamed and he will try to make amends.
Sometimes, he should be given porridge, milk, candy, cookies — every first of the month.
Goodies to put under the best battery in the saucer. If there is a house dog, cat or other animal, then put in the refrigerator or in a corner to house-it was convenient, and far away from human eyes, and that the animals did not get. Putting goodies, I would say that this is for you, grandfather domoveyushka. Then the house will be added to the happiness and peace between people in the household.
All the food was given houses, then give pets or any animal in the street, the birds.
Porridge is removed the next day, and sweets to keep the first day of the next.
It should identify a place where he slept, hid.
Usually house himself finds a place and settled, but sometimes it just shows that he likes here — be indulgent.
Never leave for the night on the table and piercing and cutting items: forks, knives, scissors, salt, pepper, garlic, onions — all this is impeding brownie fight against evil forces.
Though he is a cousin of hell, but struggles with his forces to protect us. Let's not create obstacles to it in this useful business.

If you can not agree with the home, take the broom, saying: "sweeps you, strange, mischievous goblin expels" — metite floors, peering into every corner of a broom. And so every day except Friday, all week. I want to warn you should try all these methods of influence on him, said here. And chide and scold, and be kind, and only if you really do not come out, and he's really very angry, then thrown out, but remember, no brownie habitation bad.

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