In Intszyane Yunnan was 7 new tremors

A strong earthquake in China on March 10.  Photo: REUTERS / China DailyIn Intszyane Yunnan was 7 new aftershocks nonexceptional to more powerful earthquakes.
According to the latest data of seismic observations China Center after an earthquake 5.8 points, which occurred in Yunnan Intszyane / Southwest China / to 21:30 today there was another 7 quake, the most powerful of which had the force of 4.7 points closest to the surface of the shock hypocenter at a depth of 6 km.

The Minister is to prevent the effects of earthquakes in Earthquake Administration of Yunnan Province Gu Yishan believes that at present the nature of earthquakes is not clear, we can not state that an earthquake of 5.8 points, which occurred at 12:58 pm, a major earthquake. In the future, there is a possibility of more powerful earthquakes.

In the service of rescue workers on the site of the earthquake corr. Xinhua reported feeling tremors in the earthquake area was very pronounced, the maximum duration of the earthquake was more than 10 seconds, but all the locals at that time outside the building, thus avoiding a new human victims.

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