In Orel showed up Chupacabra

November 30, 2012 23:08

Unknown animal snuck into the yard to orlovtsev Mirzo Mursalimova, tore metal cages with rabbits and drank the blood of animals.

In Orel showed up Chupacabra
Mirzo Mursalimov still in shock. Mysterious beast unknowingly snuck to his dacha in the gardening association "Michurinets" that Merry Sloboda, and bled twenty rabbits. In this case, no trace of a bloodthirsty beast, no tunnels, not undermining the yard. As if wielding an invisible beast.

Just kind of mysticism!

On October 28, Mirzo Mursalimov got up early and went to see first thing in rabbits. Lucy rabbit three days ago, gave birth to three children, and Mirzo would clean the cage.

Even from a distance noticed something was wrong. Coming closer, Mirzo froze in horror. Metal cages torn to pieces, lying lifeless on the ground rabbits — all twenty pieces. And one, sorted by color fur — gray with gray, black and black. On the ground — no krovinushka, paws, ears intact. Only a small round neck wound, but such rovnenkie like someone scissors carefully cut out.

Mirzo Mursalimov called precinct. Going round the yard and inspect the place of slaughter, a district just shrugged his shoulders — a ferret or weasel mischief, and can, together povampirili.

The duty of the police to Soviet district confused story Mursalimova also not taken seriously, laughed: do not fantasize, man.

— No it's not a ferret or weasel — is at its Mirzo. — Drive seasoned hunters, experienced rabbit breeders — they see it for the first time. It is a large animal with a remarkable strength: you there because cells devour! I do not know what this tvaryuga, but it obviously impure.

On the habits of wild animals man knows firsthand. Twenty years flew in Yakutia. On the "E-8" threw hunters into the forest and back. Ferrets, martens, wolves, sable and other wild beasts seen-perevidel. Know who was capable of.

— My first thought — wolverine. Her work seems — beast strong and aggressive. But hunters immediately familiar shoals my guess: it is not usual wolverine. And then, she ate a rabbit — shrugs Mirzo.

Rabbit hutches Mursalimov made sturdy, fixed at five-foot height above the ground — not one you find the young one. And the security guard in the courtyard reliable — olds male Alan. If anyone could smell strange, barking at the house set ears. But that ill-fated night wolfhound no sound — for this owner vouched.

The fact that the incident could not have done without mysticism, Mirzo doubts.

— On the TV heard about Chupacabra that drinks the blood of animals. Do not believe it. And now he was faced with a similar — excitedly says Mirzo. — Rabbits are my major, males up to seven pounds. Is a ferret or weasel forces overcome this weight? And why it was necessary to pull rabbits out of cells and even lay on colors? — Perplexed owner.

In many strange stories.

Cage with a three-day rabbits was covered with a large heavy blanket. By jack mysterious beast gnawed a hole under thirty centimeters in diameter. Climbed through it in a cage and ate babies. In rabbit drank the blood, but did not touch the carcass. Plaid was dropped and rolled five feet from the cage.

— I have four rabbit hutches — says Mirzo. — Three of them mangled. On the fourth was a hook that tightly vdevalsya in the loop. I barely opened it. It's amazing: the door to the cage was just open.

After the incident, Mirzo ponders his rabbits start again or not. Afraid to repeat the terrible stories. What if Chupacabra or what other unknown critter moved around and even thinks about someone's krovushki? ..


First talk about the Chupacabra in 1975. Then in Puerto Rico began inexplicable loss of livestock. And the pets were bloodless, as if following a meeting with Dracula.

Chupacabra origin is shrouded in all sorts of legends. Some say that it is the victim of genetic experiments, others — that a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Witnesses, and there are many, say that growth Chupacabra reaches five feet. Body structure reminiscent of a kangaroo with spikes along the spine and head with sparkling eyes bulging.

Doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, head of the private breeding and biotechnology, Orel State Agrarian University Roman Lyashuk:

— There is nothing mystical in the incident there. Rather, it was a ferret. He attacked the victim on top, grabs grivok and bites into his neck. In Europe, the XVIII century specially bred ferrets for hunting rabbits. Since rabbits — burrowing animals, ferrets better than anyone else could catch them.

Despite its small size, ferrets aggressive and ferocious animals. In Novosibirsk, the focus of research put a ferret in a closed space, it destroyed every living thing around him, biting through the neck artery.

Tips on how to get rid of the ferret:

1. Near the rabbit cells bind a large dog. Small ferret choke.

2. Ferret afraid of the light. For several days the lights on hold.

3. Overlaid rabbitry traps.

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