Menhirs that pose?

"UFO", 24.05.2004, St. Petersburg, n22 (339), page 7

Author: Alexey Popov

What is a menhir? In the most general terms — is a stone slab, mounted on three or four poles. The era of dolmens and menhirs was very long. They were built at the beginning of our era, that is usually used as tombs. The whole world agrees to assume their tombstones. A funerary function assigned and dolmens located in Karelia.

Secondly, the stone due to its crystal structure has the properties of the battery. If you heat the stone — it builds up heat, it retains heat and releases it slowly. But it can accumulate not only heat, but also the natural magnetism and vibration. In the northern peoples existed sustainable idea that the stones absorb energy from the environment and return it to those who worship them. In the beliefs of the Sami, for example, is still preserved remnants of ancient knowledge of the life-force of stones. Stone easily into resonance. Any vibration located in agreement with it, it is the response — an echo. And this resonates battery enveloped in a form that does not block out and amplifying the vibration by which a person seeks to bring into the state, contributing to its development, the awakening of latent psychic abilities.

Preserved Scandinavian tradition suggests that the main function was to direct menhir direct impact on human health. There is still portrayed in the echoes of the ancient tradition of the Saami, who believed dolmens peculiar instrument of direct instruction of promising young men to introduce them to the "State of the shamans." Perhaps due to the fact that the impact of the menhirs were different depending on their location and other characteristics, required a total commitment "initiatory journey" menhir from one to the other.
No less mysterious and menhirs. Menhirs — is vertically set stones. They also refer to the ancient megalithic monuments, but they are in contrast to the dolmen was attributed to agricultural value.
In the menhirs, as in anything else, the idea has been expressed about the Earth as a living organism, the nurse-mother, to which our ancestors were treated with a deep sense of respect and with which one it was closely magical relationship.
To understand what is the meaning invested in the ancient menhir, fast forward to the moment in China. In ancient times, the Chinese doctors, based on the idea that the human body is the seat of some mental currents, introduced to clinical practice acupuncture. In a healthy person, these currents are balanced, but if for some reason the external or internal equilibrium is disturbed, the person becomes ill. By entering into specific points of the human body in the path of these mysterious currents of the finest needles, you can restore the necessary balance and heal from illness.
Just as the human or animal body, the earth is permeated by currents, the nature of which is still poorly understood. Used by the ancient menhirs to correct the deficiencies of the soil. Using the telluric currents and balancing them, the ancient agronomists tried to achieve a more intensive crop. They used the technique of "acupuncture" the living body of the planet, unknown to us finding ways that knowledge. Some of the "needle"-menhirs are still standing in their places.

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