Modern physics and Through the Looking Glass

October 10, 2011 13:37

Modern physics and Through the Looking Glass

First hypothesis mirror matter has been clearly articulated in Article Igor Kobzareva, Lev Okun and Isaak Pomeranchuk, published in 1966.

With a light hand of Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass called Neverland, which is on the other side of the mirror, and exists only in the human imagination. However, modern physics seriously indicate the presence of a mirror of the world, or, more precisely, the mirror matter. And if you find her, an old tale in a sense will come true.

By 1966, it was known that the decay of kaons CP symmetry is not respected.

The authors showed that this symmetry can, in a sense to save (or, rather, to summarize), if we assume that each particle corresponds to a mirror particles with the same physical characteristics. To do this, they postulated symmetry about converting CPA, where the operation is just a substitute for part of her mirror partner (the letter A — a reminder of Alice Carroll). Another possibility, noted Kobzarev, Okun and Pomeranchuk, consists in the fact that our common and mirror matter can be neutrinos. Lev Okun later published dozens of articles where various possible relationships between the ordinary and mirror matter and proposed experiments that would allow them to detect.

Modern physics and Through the Looking Glass
GRAVITY INVISIBLE Mirror particles are linked with their own electromagnetic, strong and weak interactions, which are not subject to the particles of the world. So the only way for us to register the mirror matter — with the help of gravity (eg, using the effect of gravitational lensing).
Hypothetical mirror particles do not exist somewhere in a parallel universe, and in our space. They are connected to each other by their own interactions, which do not apply to our particles of matter, as well as our interactions are not taken through the mirror particles. It follows that, in principle, there can be mirrored galaxies, stars and planets (including the inhabited) that can not uglyadet in any telescope. Register mirror matter can be only one way — by gravitational fields, as it normally attracted to the matter of our world.
In the 1970s, the efforts of theoretical physicists were primarily focused on the development of the Standard Model of elementary particles, and the hypothesis of mirror particles somehow moved into the shadows. Then the interest in it was revived, and its current state of "Popular Mechanics," said Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Maryland Rabindra Mohapatra: "Physicists returned to mirror matter for two reasons. In the past decade have strengthened the position of the hypothesis of dark matter and began to discuss the possibility of the existence of so-called sterile neutrinos. Such neutrinos obey the law of gravity, but did not participate in the strong nor the electromagnetic or the weak interactions. In this context, the 1995 Australian theorists Foot and Volkas and independently I and Georgian Zurab Berezhiani physicist (he now works in Italy) have suggested that the mirror particles exist and manifest themselves in sterile neutrinos and dark matter. Many of our colleagues have recognized that this idea is worth discussing. A natural question arises — how to detect mirror particles or clusters? If there are, say, the star of mirror matter, they will be given their presence only gravity. It can be detected by the effect of gravitational lensing, but this is still no one has. However, there is another possibility, which we are discussing with co-authors in a recent article. There is reason to think that our photons can very slightly mixed with photons mirror sector. This fact is, in principle, opens the way for registration of mirror particles. "
According to one theory, shortly after the birth of our Universe, the mirror particles, except for the lungs collapsed. Survivors also can form cosmic clusters that show up as a dark matter halo. However, under this scenario, the mirror of the stars and planets mirror does not exist for them simply do not have enough building material.


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