NASA: Giant triangular UFO filmed from the ISS

January 31, 2013 0:59

This week on the official website of NASA researchers have found two more photos dated January 12, 1986 year. Another leak NASA UFO around the planet?

NASA: Giant triangular UFO filmed from the ISS

The photo captures crisp black regular triangular shaped object in Earth orbit. If you compare the two images, one can see that the object is not a "speck on the window," as some have suggested immediately, but something did move in space.

By marks on the photo you can see that the difference between them is only 17 seconds. The object is moved in this time far enough in the atmosphere of free-floating space debris. Is it possible that he was moving at a fairly high speed?

Pictures, by the way, were made hand-held camera and possibly an astronaut saw firsthand the object …

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