Puzzle picture on the lid of the sarcophagus

January 19, 2013 14:02

Puzzle picture on the lid of the sarcophagusRelief image on the lid of the sarcophagus of the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque is one of the main proofs paleovizita. According to Erich von Däniken, it depicted the ancient master astronaut flying machine.

Palenque was in III-VIII centuries, political and cultural center of the Maya. The ruins of this ancient city are located in the northeast of the Mexican state of Chiapas. It was during the excavation of this city in the pyramid massive Temple of Inscriptions in 1952, archaeologists found a room with a false vault, bas-reliefs on the walls and in the center of the sarcophagus.

Temple of Inscriptions is devyatiurovnevuyu pyramid height of 24 meters. It is built over the tomb of the 80th ruler.

Pakal as funerary monument. Discovered in the tomb of the sarcophagus — more precisely, the image on its cover, is still a matter of controversy among historians and supporters paleovizita.

On the lid of the sarcophagus, according to Erich von Däniken, shows astronaut in a flying machine, which is pointed at the front and has a device that resembles the air intake. To the rear of the unit expands, it pulled out of the flames. Inside, in the pose of a jockey sits a man who works with both hands to the control panel, and the left heel presses the pedal.

Däniken described the device of the aircraft, "Before strapped to the pilot's seat astronaut appapatupa are breathing, control and propulsion equipment was installed communication manual levers ship and external monitoring equipment was installed. Farther ahead are two solenoids, which are likely to create around the head of the unit for the magnetic field diffusion of cosmic dust and mikpometeopitov. Behind astronaut — nuclear peaktop. Next to him — schematically atomic nuclei of hydrogen and helium, as well as their synthesis. Finally, from the rear of the machine is based on jet flame. "

Many proponents of paleovizite generally share the view Däniken this image. However, some researchers believe that the cover shows a jet plane, not a missile. Perhaps, in this case we see insides of the aircraft from which the "sculpted" famous gold Colombian airplanes.

Russian scientist Vladimir Zaitsev, said: "The picture certainly shows astronaut pilots a jet apparatus for individual flights. The device shown in the section, and in the lower part of the jet is clearly visible reactive gases. " But the American aircraft J. Sendepson transformed by computer flat image from a plate in volume, resulting in a space capsule with a remote control and propulsion system.

Connoisseurs of the Mayan culture, in turn, do not see anything in this drawing space, they treat it on the basis of religious and mystical ideas of the ancient Maya. Who is right? Apparently, it's show time.

Maxim Sirotkin

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