Scientists predict an earthquake in Moscow

Scientists predict an earthquake in MoscowFollowing Japan, scientists predict a small earthquake in Moscow. According to experts, the strength of earthquakes can be 5 on the Richter scale. The fact that the Earth is now entered a phase of high seismic activity, so these developments and opportunities. In direct contact with the studio "Vesti FM" deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth. Schmidt Yevgeny Rogozhin.

Rogozhin: None of what the Richter scale no one says it is just about the score on the macroseismic scale. 5 on the Richter scale — this is a very big event. This will not be in Moscow, it is simply not possible. That there may in fact? Actually, sensible earthquakes in Moscow, the Moscow region, in central Russia are missing. But there are tremors, which reach from distant earthquakes, from the area of the Carpathian Mountains, is in Bucharest, Romania. There from time to time there are strong deep earthquakes are felt in Moscow, just with the intensity somewhere 3-4-5 points.

"Vesti FM": And on the Richter scale is how much will be?

Rogozhin: The Richter scale is that in Romania — about magnitude 5.7, 7.7, and 8.

"Vesti FM": And the fact that it will come to Moscow, on the Richter scale can measure?

Rogozhin: Moscow is no Richter scale not. There is no Richter scale. On the Richter scale, if you want to be around 3-3.5 magnitude, local earthquake. Like I said, they are not visible. Here, local. But far from here we have a concussion. Latest concussion, which was felt in Moscow, which scared the population, it was in 1977. It was an earthquake in the Vrancea area, near the Carpathian Mountains, it was deep, some 140 kilometers deep was the focus. And these waves reached Moscow. Feelings were not very nice, especially on the upper floors, swinging chandeliers, door opening, crackling furniture, there is something even moved. People are scared. Many people ran into the street. But neither damage nor casualties due to this earthquake was not.

"Vesti FM": That is no danger, even if it is an earthquake, and will be for the residents of Moscow is not?

Rogozhin: I do not want to talk like this definitely. Since 1977, Moscow has changed. We have built many high-rise buildings. And these high-rise buildings due to the vibrations from earthquakes of the Carpathian Mountains may behave unpredictably. We do not know how they swing, they do not fall into resonance, you know? This weak shocks, but they are long-period. Moscow government was concerned about in the past, some studies were conducted in 2007-2008, which then stopped because of lack of funding.

"Vesti FM": When is it possible?

Rogozhin: Earthquakes are felt in Moscow, occurs at a frequency of about once every 30-50 years. The last such notable was in 1977.

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