Space Vampires

January 20, 2012 20:35

It is believed that one reason for visits by aliens to our planet — the extraction of genetic material. This is indicated, in particular, the cases of barbarous operations performed on animals, mutilated bodies were found in different countries, ranging from 60's of the last century. But recently an increasing number of reports of such transactions made over the people …

The first documentary evidence of this came in 1986 from Brazil. According to the British magazine UFO Magazine, here, on the banks of the river Guapiranga found a man's body with signs of one of those "surgical", what the aliens are doing to animals. The man was completely drained of blood, some of his organs were cut and removed in ways that no modern surgery.

A similar incident occurred in the late 1980s in the vicinity of missile range in White Sands in the desert of New Mexico. An officer and a sergeant went to the jeep, looking for fallen fragments of the rocket. In a place where the car was impossible to pass, they got out of the car and, wishing to cover the greatest possible area of search, went in different directions. Military soon lost sight of each other.

Already back to the car, the officer heard a scream sergeant. Running up and saw a terrible picture. Hung low over the ground plaque aircraft, and from it lasted something like a tentacle, which covers poor sergeant and dragged to the unit. Tentacle was involved in a UFO person, who immediately drove off at speed.

Returning to base, the officer reported the incident command. He, of course, did not believe he was suspected of murder and arrested. Three days later the search team found in the desert bloodless corpse sergeant turned inside skin and surgically withdrawn innards. Officer immediately released.

He was lucky. Human corpses with the following operations, as opposed to dead animals, aliens, as a rule, do not leave anywhere. Most often, the body of kidnapped and missing persons were operated without a trace.

Sensational photo provided Brazilian ufologist Zapata Garcia learned from him from the police files. Mutilated body of a man with holes in the body and organ harvesting was found Sept. 29, 1988 near the reservoir Guarapiranga (Brazil). The body did not decompose even after many days, the internal organs were removed, but around the body was not even a drop of blood. More on the examination of the body can be found here.

Appetite newcomers played

There is a theory that some extraterrestrial race dying out using our genetic material to maintain its own existence. In other words, they always need our blood. This is supported by a huge and amaze the number of traceless disappearances worldwide. Specific statistics on this point. Of course, a lot of disappearances can be attributed to quite earthly reason — homicide or accident. Moreover, many bodies are subsequently lost.

But what about the completely peaceful, not involved in criminality to any people, of those, for example, who had gone for five minutes to the store and never returned, and the bodies are not found? The number of these strange occurrences is increasing in all countries. There are reports that the population of entire villages as if dissolved in air. The oceans are being found drifting on the waves of the court without a living soul on board.

Scale abduction — abduction by aliens — are increasing. It is recognized by all researchers. Actions become more sophisticated space fanatics. But their main principle is always the same: to keep their activities secret from the world's population.

For this stellar robbers embark on tricks. For example, put back some of the abducted. In this case, they inspire the thought that aliens — gooders and were for peaceful exploration of the Earth or to send people to some scientific knowledge. All this, of course, a hoax. In fact, the aliens want inhabitants of the planet, especially the people, not as equals, but as a "cash cow" that provide the necessary material.

With space prostitutes best avoided!

In 2004, the Brazilian journalist K. Barrett was investigating strange occurrences in Santarem (Portugal). Their essence was that after a date with some kind of an unknown woman men found lying unconscious with a significant loss of blood. And this despite the fact that neither they nor next to them was not a single drop of blood. Remained intact as money and valuables.

The guard, who was talking with Barrett, saw a woman came in with a man in the house, and then she came out alone. He swore that this slender lady left the building with a bloated, like a pregnant belly!

History repeated itself in about a month, only this time the "vampire" was two, and they bled for three nights 11 men and two women (probably tucked under their arm). One of the unfortunate soon died. Barrett found that "vampire" posed as prostitutes, but instead of sex men entered a trance and in some odd way pumped from the blood.

Leaving the scene of the crime is always a villain with bloated bellies — probably filled with blood. Once for criminals pursued, but, according to eyewitnesses, "vanished into thin air." In general, most of the witnesses were convinced of the supernatural origin of the mysterious blood-suckers.

In the end, Barrett came to the conclusion that it is either UFO pilots, or of artificial cybernetic humanoids, sent to Earth to extract blood. According to ufologists, biorobots aliens are fully capable to influence the minds of people so that suddenly become invisible to them. Barrett points out that the bodies of the victims did not have holes through which you can pump out blood.

Only examination using computed tomography showed that the blood sampling was carried out not from the outside, but from within. In the anus of the victim enters something like tube, which, skirting the internal organs, "sticks" to the arteries. The operation is not practicable at the present level of surgery!

Flying ghoul

Anomalous cases, no explainable bleeding people were observed in the 2000 years in different countries (in the same Portugal, Venezuela, England.) On any "vampire" is not reported — most likely, the memories of meeting them were simply erased from the memory of the victims.
Familiarity with bio-robot-vampire can occur in anyone and at any time. It is likely to be forced. That is hypnotic dutifully went where it will make a vampire. And somewhere in a safe place, away from prying eyes, there will be pumping blood.

We can only imagine how it will look. Of the abdomen, groin, arm, or maybe mouth biorobot pull long flexible tube and dive into the victim's body. Blood to pump out as much as it is necessary that the person survived. The tube is then retracted back, and a vampire, leaving the victim lying unconscious, will leave in search of new prey for their alien creators.

Perhaps biorobots vampires have long been used by the aliens. It is possible that these creatures with mechanical movements and pale faces fixed initiated the folk legends of bloodsucking ghoul, which rise from their graves to chew someone's throat and drink fresh blood.

Among the many stories on this topic, there are some which can be seen as an allusion to the presence of aliens. Here, for example, the story, written in 1950 in Siberia and referring to the genre bylichek (stories that are assumed to have occurred in reality). The case was before the revolution. One night, a woman in the village said the logged stranger. She was surprised, she went after him. There she sees: he comes into the house, where everyone is sleeping. Went in, and the light in the windows for some reason is not lit.

Then after a short time out there and go to another house. It, too, has not woken up. Then comes the third. The woman notices that he seems to become thicker. Scared, can not breathe with fear. He hung around in the third house. Comes into the fourth, the fifth, the sixth. And much of the clothing is bursting at the seams — until puffed. From the seventh house, where most of the family lived, came quite as a barrel.

Head in the left shoulder, eyes hatching from the open mouth falls thick bloody language. I went to the woods. And it is unclear how he did on his swollen legs can walk. I had noticed a woman, and he actually is not, but as if floating above the ground. Soon noticed beam — weak, barely visible. Pulled it from the very clouds to the head vampire. And flew over the path ghoul, like hanging on the line, like a rope.

Flew slowly moved chubby arms and legs until they are in the dark. A woman came to her senses, she ran to the neighbors. I went into those huts, and there really no one breathes, all dead. And not a drop of blood is not in anyone. And where he came from and where the ghoul was gone — no one knew.

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