The circus has left, and the magicians were

In the middle 80's after returning from the river I continued to serve in Xavier. Our part is situated on the southern outskirts of the town, the regional center. The town and its surrounding areas were a few in / h: signalers, motorized infantry, helicopter pilots, the training IAP, a construction battalion, and therefore us, especially the young officers who are often lured to serve as heads of patrols to the garrison commander's office. Patrols were several: to center town, usually in areas w / w station, airport and industrial area, there stood a descent 4 GUS (military construction units, a construction battalion for Public). In the center of town, well, at zh.d.vokzale, and the airport security guard was not in a strain, especially not to go there samovolschiki and other military dolt. At the station from time to time, however, it was necessary to calm the trains, the next transit intoxicated Dembele, especially the raging helped police line chafing and then they themselves have understood them occasionally acting seconded warriors, usually, of course, datye, brought us trouble, but it was an exception, if the rule. But in the industrial zone was a little heavier, there is the weather doing "gallant" old soldier Russian construction battalion, "warriors" are still those.

Even in the summer it was not comfortable to bear patrol, the heat used to stand for 40, and we, the officers on patrol were dressed in hromachi pants, jacket, belt, belt and "Makar" in a holster on his side. Anyone who served in the Xavier Turk.VO, he knows that the men were a little better, they h / b, with a turn-down collar blouse, pants trousers instead kirzachah, shoes (Mobutu), on the head of Panama, but still in the heat too came later.

One day in June I made an atonement for the chief patrol and I was lucky to center town. Day was normal, quiet we did not bother anyone, and we are even more so, from time to time to justify its existence inspected the documents of a fighter, knowing in advance that the severance from them in order, but the commandant's office a couple of times for lunch and went to be noted, the benefit she was also at the center. The weather was beautiful not hot, just what is 35. Left perekantovatsya night, but we NIGHT MODE pedestrians are not patrolled, and 2-3 times goes round the area on komendanskom UAZ, and that if he was available. In the area 22h. I was with 2 fighters, Sergeant-driver — all of komendanskoy company — went to city, began to move, one of the main streets, braked before the pedestrian crossing opposite the traveling circus Chapiteau, passing pedestrians — in the circus just finished the presentation and people dumped on the bus and trolley stops are located on both sides of the street. And at this very moment, we heard a single shot (as it later emerged from the PM), later rattled Kalash, firing was actively and practically next door, through a small clearance time again-automatic pistol firing. It should be explained that it all happened in less than 2 km. the geographic center of the regional town of Party Committee, Department of Internal Affairs, the KGB, and even heaps of imperative and administrative buildings. But just at the point where the shots were heard there was a penal colony, or the area or camp, it actually was at the center of the town. They say that it positioned there before the Second World War in the buildings and premises of an ancient fortress. Here there and heard the shots. A large canvas big top was broken into a vacant lot, and its rear part was almost 70-80 meters away from the vehicle check point of the colony. I ordered the driver to turn onto a side street leading to the checkpoint area where fire was conducted at the rate of movement of the machine, through the windshield I beheld machine-flash to avoid the fire, ordered the driver to go to the left on the side of the road and the brakes. Braked, put out the lights, I took out of the trunk of Cabourg, worked the bolt. Shooting was over. After a few minutes in front and a bit to the left of us flashed what that shadow, there was a clatter, swearing. I gave his men the order to leave the car and lie down, said cage, so far has cut the lights and fell out of the car, we both bagopoluchno done through the side door — he left, I'm on the right.

In the headlights we have seen in the 30 meters in front of himself and to the right on the side of goromadny poplar, and he put his limber little truck (GAZ-51) from the shattered radiator steaming, here is crowded with several soldiers with machine guns at the ready, some of They had a field uniform, sword belt with a pistol in his right hand (as it turned out nachkar, Prapor), and here is our way with lights flashing and sirens flew under the police. The fighters and the driver said, that were on the scene, he came up near the open driver's door lawn. A man lay on the ground, moaning loudly, died. Introduced himself and asked what was wrong, Prapor, stumbling and swearing (not departed from stress), said that this one is on the earth — ZOC camp on the car (owner) made ramming vehicle gate, tried to escape, the measures taken apprehended. Police arrived along I left my position. Over us there was nothing to do, and returned to the commandant of the incident, I briefly laid out in the report. Yes, when we vorachivalis, near the circus people in general are not — as cattle tongue lapped up by all, and the time it took only about 30 minutes, maybe a bit more since the start of shooting, but absorbed.

After 2 weeks, maybe a month and at the moment I do not remember, I was on some business has made to the company of explosives, to protect this area, but what we have to deal with VVshnikami. From time to time, we, however, at their request, coached their fighters fighting, but so childish, but it is not required, just their leaders so makarom fit their own fighters supported, their entire focus was on fire training, and maybe I to them in voentorg looked, their voentorg was quite good. In general, there I met with an acquaintance with their company commander, he told me that on that fateful evening that ZK was later learned zonovskoy Opera, somehow got the news that his wife at will pogulivaet, and that, say, in general, is going to divorce him, do not expect to be, and the man was a great time, for the theft of socialist property, then it's a lot of give, so he made the ram, and he worked as a cook in the industrial area. I am a company commander said that, I suppose, at the funeral of his own wife Blessed burst into tears. "And where did you get that he buried?" — Asked Company Commander. "Well, I beheld himself, as he lay on the ground, groaning, dying" — I say. "Yes, he was drunk in drybagan for earlier zabutorennoy home brew drunk and went to the case, the wife of revenge, but he only shot the nail on the toe bolshennom frustrated at the moment he is in jail, his escape twist, now, then the spouse exactly do not expect it to be ", — said the company commander. "How can it be when a certain intensity and rate of fire?!" — I was taken aback. "We are to this day wonder" — said Company Commander. He later said he had fire on the car immediately after ramming led watch with 2 stations (towers), there is still the soldiers of the guard, jumped out and ran behind the car ensign, nachkar and fired on it's own standard-issue of the PM, the speed of the car was small, only worked the first transmission, the others were blocked, as it was required to vnutrizonovskih machines. But, surprisingly, with such intensity of shooting and gathering of people no one was hurt at all! Apart from the torn finger nail to convict. He showed me, standing in the boxing machine (her there at the request of the prosecutor's office were driven during the investigation as material evidence), cabin at the rear of
the machine was like a sieve full of holes from bullets caught, wood boards are split into dryzg. Fucking ensign, nachkara, who was on fire in the same band is not hooked. "Fucking" because it described the company commander, I have said that, he says, on the contrary, Ensign deserves merit, or at least encourage — the escape warned. The company commander states that they, too, so at first thought, but when they started doskanalno deal, it turned out that the night guard forgot to raise protivotarannoe device, it is explained to me Company Commander, a piece of the massive sill hinged lift it at night, it is mounted on a vehicle checkpoint. So now, the ensign was sent to guard the most remote area of the colony, company commander slapped "vest" (have stated on incomplete official approval).

The dome of the circus was shot through in several places, trailers artists, too, circus same for the next day knocked to the chagrin of the local inhabitants, then I have served in this town three years, with me it was no longer arise, later — I do not know. It should predyavlyat claims against BB fighters who opened fire almost in the center of town, with crowd of people, I do not know, I'm not familiar with the requirements of the guard and the guard service, but most likely, they acted in accordance with the requirement of its charter, is not their fault that is such an object, as a colony, was in fact in the center of town. But I think that Allah while circling somewhere near, and of the East in general is a tricky business.

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