These astronauts Earth

April 6, 2012 16:42

The term "astronaut" and "Astronaut" is taken from fiction and functionally different. Astronaut — a person who studies near and far space, and astronaut — participant of interstellar flight (aster — a star)

These astronauts Earth

On Earth, there are real astronauts who this name completely and literally justify. One of the first pages of his books have mentioned the famous explorer secrets of Tibet Alexandra David-Neel: "In the village Tsavarong I saw a woman, lay lifeless for a week.

She said she was impressed how easily his new body, moved with unusual speed. When she want to move into a place, it turned out there instantly. She could go to the river water, to pass through the wall. " Next, the researcher adds that Tibetan monks practice out of body, and as such fly to other planets and interact with their inhabitants.


Let us now turn to the facts, no matter how fantastic they are not shown. They should not try to explain in terms of modern scientific paradigm, but it is impossible to refute because they were published long before the actual event, they confirmed. The Second World War ended, and the Englishman Steve Wilson returned to the interrupted war lesson — study of the paranormal.

Working with the archive of the London Society for Psychical Research, founded in the late 80s of the XIX century, he came across a letter to one Michael Leonard to its director, Professor Meyers. Now we would call such a person "contactee." In the letter he described his experience of leaving the physical body, and some travel, he performed in the astral body.

We shall use this term, in tune with the concept of "astronaut". In particular, in his letter, Leonard described the unsuccessful attempt to "fly" to Mars. That night it was raging sandstorm that covered almost the entire planet, and the surface was covered reddish haze. But in one place, approaching nearer, he clearly saw several artificial pyramids and sphinx sort of person, facing the sky.

Leonard was sure that he saw traces of Martian civilization, the existence of which in his time almost not questioned — channels astronomer Schiaparelli and bright flashes on the surface of Mars, it seemed, were as a case in point. The "fly in dreams and reality," especially at cosmic distances, Leonard did not particularly believe it, but decided to find out something and copied the letter placed in the drawing "astronaut."

Then he turned to his friend, the astronomer, and found that the date specified in the letter day on Mars was indeed observed grand dust storm that prevented observations. But Leonard was not an amateur astronomer, and in the media about this event is not reported.

It took several decades, and once in a popular magazine Wilson saw a picture of the pyramids and the Martian "Sphinx", filmed American research Martian laboratory. The agreement with the preserved his figure was almost full, and these objects can not be seen from the surface, even in the most powerful telescope!

Side of the Moon

Michael Leonard was not the first astronaut to Earth. A second similar case, also unnoticed scientific community, probably because of poor knowledge of the Japanese language, occurred June 24, 1931. Professor Tomokichi Fukurai put two photographic plates (glass are quite large, covered with a photosensitive emulsion) in a dark box.

At a distance of 40 kilometers from the box medium Cum Mita was mentally capture on these plates form side of the moon, earth dwellers in those years still unknown. According to the task, Mita during his astral travel get to the moon and was able to look at it backwards. The details of this experiment in the then penetrated the media, and they asked Fukurai Mitu and repeat it in public.

November 12, 1933 in the auditorium of the city of Gifu (Japan) gathered 4000 people. Fukurai placed on a table 12 sealed photographic plates and asked Mita to project the image side of the moon on the sixth plate, counting from the top. In the presence of all the commissions took the plate and the plate in the sixth clear picture appears invisible side of the Moon.

As I said, the scientific community has tried to ignore this experiment, especially since the original check that the photo at that time was not possible. In 1985, at the disposal of Professor Montinori Goto photos were NASA, taken during the flight "Apollo" to the moon.

Using a table of names and locations of NASA lunar craters and seas, and comparing it with the location of objects in the picture Mita, he found a match to 31-th object.


Dr. Eisenbud Yu of the University of Colorado, at the time a long-term experiments with Ted Seriosom who made mental pictures, found himself another object for observation. This was Mr. Vielle — medium who could fly in the astral body. Approached by a friend, fellow NASA.

He showed him a rough area on the map where they were supposed to hold the landing of the first astronauts and asked Vielle make a detailed survey of the area — let the flies in there and take a look. Vielle this strange request fulfilled. The official report of the experiment reported that his photographs have coincided with some of those who a year later made the U.S. astronauts.

These astronauts Earth

Unfortunately, a large number of modern experts believe that if mankind does not find alternative ways to overcome the enormous interstellar space, to overcome their traditional technical methods will be energetically impossible.
One such alternative is the interstellar flight in the astral body. True, this will only be possible if three important conditions, which are outside the scope of this article. As you can see, the preconditions for such flights humanity already available.

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