UFO long climb into the lens




At the International UFO conference held recently in the United States, have been demonstrated unique retro pictures. They made long before there were the words "UFO" and "flying saucer."

The historical frame: UFOs at the sawmill.

It is believed that the history of observations of unidentified objects in the sky began in the summer of 1947. When the United States allegedly crashed alien ship with the pilots on board. Newspapers were full of headlines like "flying saucers" are attacking Detroit. " However, it appeared that the UFO fell into the lenses before. Almost since the invention of the camera. But since the "alien" theme was not unwound, the pictures are not widely known.

Flying through the sky boulder

In April 1929, Canadian Edward Plains, the owner of the sawmill, photographing their possessions. With him was a six year old daughter Katie. She recalls that the weather was clear and cloudless. But suddenly there was a "thunderous sound", the earth trembled and the sky flashed something dark, resembling a huge boulder. Daddy had to pull the trigger and kept "flying rock" for the story.

Aliens have also decided to enjoy a brand new car?

"Saucer" in Ohio

In the summer of 1932 in Ohio, one George Sutton decided to take a picture on the background of her new car. Then he and his wife, who took a picture, claimed they did not notice anything unusual, and the "saucer" accidentally fell into the frame. However, they admitted that their attention is occupied by a brand new car and the same new camera.

The reader of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" sent, perhaps the first shot of UFO, made in the Soviet Union

Retired Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Golubev from Zarechnyj Penza region reported that long collects postcards of Gurzuf. Recently, he scanned his collection and kept in electronic form. "And now — writes Golubev — maximizing on the computer screen postcard, picture which is dated August 28, 1930, I saw a strange object in a cloudless sky." At the top of the image lagoon, just above the mountain, hung round oblate something similar to the lentils. Is the real "flying saucer"?

Defects such as squashed film virtually eliminated: in the thirties pictures for greeting cards made on glass negatives, high-quality images with very good resolution. It seems that flew in the sky an object, which is allowed to make out "approach."

Much, of course, could clarify the negative. But his fate is unknown Sergei Golubev. A search of live witnesses after 74 years probably already too late. So can only guess whether the UFO fell on a picture or any airship of the number of those that were built in the USSR in the 30s.

Illustration from "The New York Herald." Below — a strange machine drawings made by other witnesses.


The first photo was taken in a UFO Day of Cosmonautics

April 12, 1897 the American newspaper "New York Herald" published the following message: "Walter Mc Cann near Chicago twice his camera filmed the object, which he believes is a strange airship … The ship was a wingless machine. Its upper part consists of a cigar-shaped shell under which reinforced cabin light of some white metal … ".


Boris brother-in-law, the president of the UFO community in Russia:

— When there were more or less portable camera that people could take a walk, and then immediately began to appear with strange objects pictures in the sky. Some look at the pictures that make the UFO witnesses now — see the devices of the same shape. On the other — represented something completely incomprehensible, and perhaps this is a reason for the study. But we must make allowances for the shortcomings of photographic equipment of the time. And apart from the photographic evidence, we need documented evidence of other witnesses. And after all this time they find impossible.

Svetlana COUSIN kuzina@kp.ru
Andrei Egorov, December 7, 2004

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