What is mental magic?

December 28, 2011 3:48


Each definite thought produces a double effect — emits vibrations and floating form.
The very idea is first opened clairvoyant sight as vibration of the mental body, and it can be as simple or complex. If the thought itself is simple, there is only one frequency, and only one type of mental matter is subjected to strong impact. The mental body is composed of matter of several degrees of density, which we usually divide into classes, sub-plans accordingly.

Each of them in turn has many divisions, and if we can conventionally delimit the degree of density with horizontal lines, the other division, the quality may be described, having a line perpendicular to them, so there are many varieties of this mental matter, and it is found that each has its own vibrational frequency, which is the most characteristic of her, so she readily responds to it, and is eager to return to it as soon as possible if it is hit by a strong gust of thought or feeling.

When a person falls on a sudden wave of emotion, his astral body, for example, is in a state of great excitement, and his own color, almost overshadowed flashes of burgundy, blue, or scarlet, which corresponds to fluctuations inherent in a particular emotion. This change is only temporary, it runs for a few seconds, and the astral body quickly returns to its normal state. But every such outburst of feelings and produces a permanent effect — it always adds a little color to the normal color of the astral body, so that every time a person gives a certain emotion, for it is easier to yield to it again, because of his astral body into the habit vibrate at this particular frequency.

The majority of human thoughts, however, are not simple. Absolutely pure love, of course, there is, but we often find it painted pride or selfishness, jealousy, or animal passion. This means that in the astral and mental bodies appear in at least two different vibration, and often more. Emitted vibrations are so complex, and the resultant thought-form will show several colors instead of one.
Dwell separately on each component of mentalism (mental magic):
Telepathy — this reading and transmission of thought at a distance without the intervention of the senses.
Telekinesis — the impact on the physical processes without physical action, the movement of objects at will.
Telemetry — getting information about objects, objects in the distance.
Teleportation — instantaneous movement of animate and inanimate objects at a distance.
Pyrokinesis — inflammation without the handy tools.
Levitation — reducing weight animate or inanimate object to hover in the air without assistance.
Hypnosis — complete relaxation of the body to make alien information. Impact on the human mind.
Clairvoyance — the prediction of the future.
Ekstrosensorika — supersensitive perception is not familiar to everyone.

From all this we can conclude that the mental magic — a kind of magic, based on reason and the will of man, combining the power of thought to the idea, the embodiment of this idea into reality. Achieved through the power of thought and our desire. Our thoughts have the power to self-realization, they can materialize, just need to learn this.

Magicians in mental magic are seven levels.

The first level — Member of mental magic. Mentalika undeveloped, but can be prone to estrasensorike.

Second stage — Apprentice mental magic. Takes thought, aimed at him, he knows the intentions of animals can transmit the mental images in visual contact with the mental magician.

The third level — Journeyman mental magic. Can communicate with the magician with mental transfer (receive) information regardless of visual contact. For some time, can subdue the animal. With further improvement can affect the mind of man, but every man perceives in his own vision. Can read unprotected thoughts can break the mental barrier, a mental shield.

The fourth level — Master of mental magic. Can dominate the any animal, can impose its will on the man, the inducement to suggestibility. It is possible to put a mental shield on the other person. Able to read dreams can sometimes interfere with the dreams sleeper. Opens with memory, can trigger long-forgotten memories. Over time, can give a person a long job, which he will do, but not more than 7 days. Over a higher level can give orders in the distance, can simultaneously control a group of three people, if one person is under control, he may be up to one year. If you point to the maintenance area, the people in this area, it will be perceived as inspire them magician.

Fifth level — Master the highest level. It is possible to take apart the different emotions of people in one place. Reads the thoughts of a man deep in the subconscious. Feel emotions of any people. It is possible to establish a mental link with any person with whom I communicate, or at least once faced look — a distance of 100 km. The other person close (friend, acquaintance, relative) — a distance of 500 km. The magician there is an ability to change people memories of the events of the past month. Can order a few people, with orders contradict moral principles controlled.

The sixth level — Master of mental magic. Perfect control over the person, regardless of distance and human suggestibility. Can overcome the resistance of the human subconscious. Master, after suggestions can leave a person in a vegetative state — "a vegetable." Simultaneous control groups of ten.

The seventh level — Archmage mental magic. The highest level. Mage that level can subdue the whole city. Manipulate people at will, and to inspire the people what he wants.

Mental magic is always dependent on the will and desire of the practitioner (or you can call him a magician). At will it weakens, increases or alters mental effect.

The man — a continuation of the universe, which is what we had at one time, what we have now and what we will have in the future. We send the energy of the mind to perform physical activities. We are your thoughts can change your future on your own, but we are responsible for everything that happens in the future.

On the basis of the mental magic built many programming techniques on welfare, health, love, luck, etc. Here is one example of technique will.

The first thing to do is to accurately and honestly articulate the desire. The second stage — the visualization. Mentally and vividly imagine yourself in that situation, which is linked to your desire. If you want a car, imagine yourself behind the wheel of a luxury car, latest model. Feel the smell of leather on the seats, as it is convenient and comfortable to you to sit in this car, mentally take the wheel, and feel like your easy, but it is your, car to drive. It was created just for you. Remember those feelings.

Do this for some time, in the morning and in the evening, then let go of the thought. In this process, you use a lot of space forces, it is necessary to devote their energies to manifest, the execution of his will. Do not give in to doubt and all you get. And remember, the stronger the visualization, the brighter your thoughts and feelings, the greater your chances of success.

Do not forget that our desires and thoughts are executed before anything think of, think, or do you really need it.
Now the mental magic strongly developed in different kinds of tricks, tricks in shows. This is the kind of magic entertainment section, which is to demonstrate telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, flashbacks, etc. Not once have seen how people move objects without touching them as bent spoons or knives, without physical contact, hypnotic sessions, driving trance and much more. And why is immediately reminded of the movie "The Matrix".

Some of the most brilliant performers of mental tricks — is Al-Quran, Kreskin, Uri Geller.

The concept of "magic" — a willful orders of thought succeeds result. The thought in the human brain, enhanced energy creates mental element of psychic energy.

Mental images, as well as a thought-form — material. Only matter this more subtle level. Through the mental plane, you can read any information relating to our past or the future.

The level of mental magic fits correctly formulated mental images, with subsequent formation of thought-forms. Thought-form that is running in the astral plane, it begins to change as you wish, in your engineered mental images.

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