Would any Russian war

Historical look at ourselves

"In fact, Hitler did not overcome Russian and Americans, who were helped by the British." "Although the Russian and occupied Berlin, but it can not be considered a victory, because Stalin was no different from Hitler, the Russian occupation of Europe terrible German." "This war started Russian, not German. Or at least they created it together. " "Although the Russian and defeated Hitler, but did so at the cost of human Straseni victims who are not worth their so-called victory." "If it were not for the totalitarian regime of Stalin, Russia could overcome even more effective price in the 10's and hundreds of times lower, as did the democratic United States and Great Britain" … Etc. — In both ears, with each case and comfortable without it. And what do we do?

In principle, all we heard earlier on the outside and a safe option that Hitler de, like Napoleon, just not lucky with the weather. But a new twist in the Western propaganda on the subject of the last war is obvious.

The attack on the history of

Naturally, we have already managed to get angry and quick to say that we will not give "falsify history" and "review the results." Right to criminal punishment. In other words, took a position similar to the Turkish genocide against Armenians or Jews in the Holocaust. That basically is normal and correct. But the advance is not enough to withstand the force used against us. The fact that the reaction of the Turks and Jews focused on third parties, in other words for those who can neither Turks nor Jew, nor their opponent. After all, the Turks ("no genocide") and Jews ("the Holocaust was") in their own right do not hesitate to persuade their own enemies are not going to, because it does not behold the sense in it. Their pattern of behavior is addressed to all the rest — potentially insecure.

The denial of our victory in 1945, and everything connected with it is addressed to a third party does not. It is addressed to us. This is what we must think: of course it all? We must abandon their own ideas and, obviously, to repent. The proposed provision of repentance is unconditional and irreversible denial of their identity.

Cannon impacts on us also chosen taking into account the experience of the XX century. This unblemished ideology that as such does not need justification and immune to its own contradictions. Since ideology, as opposed to scientific knowledge, in principle, is undeniable and specify its stupid. We are susceptible to ideology, their produce is not, and the surviving Russian destroyed block by block and cease to maintain the integrity of our consciousness and interferes with our self-identity.
What we hear about our victory — not a detail, not an episode. This is the front of the newest — and specifically the second — a wave of ideological attack on our society, our historic community, including the government, but not only him. First came in the 80s and 90s of the last century, was precisely aimed at the dying secular faith in Communism and we bowed together with the rejection of our secular religion to the abandonment of the principles completely "worldly" as read Marx, the organization of the country , the economy and social sphere. Deployed in Goebbels-scale heresy of their "injustice", "ineffective" and "non-viable" performed in the form of a critique of communism as an official religion. We were offered — and we accepted this proposal — to abandon, coupled with an outdated belief, and also from his own property, and the order in a house on the grounds that in a strange house all this "many times better." We ignored the trivial fact that even if something is a neighbor and better, he will not give us anything, and will not, and its here and it was exactly in the condition that we have achieved.

But to do in the 80s and 90s led to the subsequent limit — the role of the Soviet Union and the role of the Victory in the fate of the world in the XX century — in this period did not seem likely. 40-45 years after the victory very large number of those who fought the war, who survived the war and who vorachival after her life, had the eyes and heart action majestically Russian does not like the story as a concrete, their actual experiences as their own real self-determination and action, difficult to reach outside the ideological re-registration. Russian authorities are not ideologically shaped and led to the war of 1941 — 1945, and exactly the opposite: the war itself led and issued the power of the Soviets, the Communist Party and the "person of Comrade IV Stalin "as legitimate, as a government, as a successor of. Immediately (and there is no contradiction), this is the war caused the most first and perhaps the most serious blow to the communist faith. We were not at war, "the victory of communism" (as reddish in civilian clothes), and for the salvation of life as such. Specifically, it allowed us to overcome.

Our homeland — the Soviet Union — Our homeland

All discussions around the theme of "And was it Victory?" Not connected with the attempt to revise history. No history of the war for us has not been, and if it was, it did not play a leading role in our ideas. It is the first time must seem at the moment, and specifically for this will be (and already is) the major hassle. With years time-horizon — 65 years, when the specific experience and self-determination of the participants were still alive and their loved ones are no longer adequate for our current self-determination. We needed the first time things that need to replace the outgoing live experience. In-1's — knowledge, in other words specifically and finally the story in a clear and its meaning. In-2-x — values, norms, and standards of life and work given by the victory, the cultural fixation of past experience. We'll have to take into consideration that only made in this regard in the Russian period, not only is not enough, and is under the ideological impact of de-Sovietization. So what do the lessons of courage of Russian schools will not work. The attentive reader will not find fault with the "definitions" of history and culture or to consider spoken banality. The decision of the puzzles can not always far away. And when you can not, undecided disappears from the scene as nevyzhivshy or lost value. Basically, that from one fact — the experience — we have to get two very different: the knowledge and values, history and culture. Relations between these 2 groups of representations instead of a single, holistic (experience), can and will be controversial, "dialectical" nature. But the only thing that will give immunity against the ideology of anti-Victory.
Let's create a test step in each direction.

We need to give yourself aware of the fact that there is no history of war and victory, we will not, if we abandon the tasks of constructing stories "Russia — the Soviet Union — Russia" as a successive process, free from both the Communist and the Liberal Democratic ideological Design. At the same time, the ideology of non-Victory, Victory and anti-oriented, in fact, on the final recognition of our Russian period as a historical rupture, failure, "hellhole" in the social, human, cultural, and the means and the historical existence. Next (logically and methodologically, and to implement — at once), the gap is moved into our consciousness and self-consciousness, our identity. Next — death, because you can not, before the age of 25 years, "break off" and continue it later from 45. The matter is also under no circumstances is to separate the "good" from "bad". Such a language impo
ses on us the very anti-victory. Life can be good or bad. And if we choose life, we will have, leaving aside the morality, to answer another question: what was and what was not, what exists and what does not, that's only an illusion.

One way or another, but the first historical fact is that in the process of "Russia — the Soviet Union — Russia" has collapsed, and played back the government. And if we want to understand what has been and what at the moment is for us our Victory, we must recognize the historical destiny and the continuity of our country. Because without it, victory would have been impossible. In fact, Hitler's assumption of power and conquest rather frisky Russian victory over the Soviet Union was based on the fact that the true civilization of the country in the European sense, we have not, and there is only power, the violence of the population that people do not recognize. Such power can not lose the state and even the super-state, which has already — and very fast — subdued the whole of Europe. Stalin had the historical competence (unlike many of the revolutionaries, Trotsky at first) not to work towards world revolution and take the reincarnation of the revolutionary government (ie, very feeble and limited, and the means constrained to use violence in large doses) during the municipal authority, based accept the order. Recognizing the inevitability of further World War II, such a government could not build as a military organization. With all the lag in the military-technical sphere from Germany before the war, with all the managerial chaos we as a social organism as a whole, were more systematically militarized, if Germany. If the Germans actually fighters (the German word Soldat — from sollen — be a tribute) was only called into the army, we are all citizens of the soldiers were either the front or rear of the fighters. And that number is ordinary. Specifically, the system readiness of the country and society to the war against the maintenance backlog and organizational challenges is permitted after the crushing failure in 1941 to regroup, mobilize and fight back the Reich's war machine. War machine was opposed to the military society. Obviously, the order in such a state was the actual conduct of war with an appropriate knowledge of state treason and the level of suspicion, relaxed, in general, 20-year-old truce.

The other side of the municipal building tasks that had to be addressed to Stalin, was to create a form of state organization for a society devoid of the past ruling and managerial classes. With all the difficulties the opportunity for upward social mobility of the mass, the overall requirements for comfort and consumption declined. This society was eventually mobilized more than royal Our homeland.

Was it worth to live 20 years in this mode, so that later on to survive as a civilization? Yes, it was worth. We are living now, to respond in a different way can not continue without abandoning its historical existence. Left me with all this people? Certainly (and this is discussed below). We note only that the Romans were the military government and society a thousand years, and the West worships this experience. Because the paradox of the country's military and military socialism actually asks historical research. The representation (false and purely ideological) of this paradox as a totalitarian society and the government, based on repression, deprives us of the ability of the historical gaze at themselves.

For what and with whom we have fought wars?

Let us return now to the other side of Victory, personal and human. What are we, in fact, fought wars? For what? Immediately after the beginning of hostilities in our area quickly found out not in theory but in practice, in this century, the conquest of the West task of the Russian Federation will be decided by the physical destruction of its people, the creation of the nightmare of the survivors before the conquerors. The history of the beginning of XX century has shown that the policy approach in the war against Russia gives no result. Apart from the advantages of the concept of civilization (in which Hitler was not entirely original, it obschezapadnaya concept) postulated attackers slavish mentality of the Russian population. Horror death had to result in the inclusion of personal instinct of self-defense, in other words the power and bondage nightmare, to the disintegration of Russian society. Europe bent under Hitler on other criteria. Hitler applied to Western Europe (with all the atrocities for the Jews, gypsies and communists) old, intuitive approach to Europeans: war is the continuation of politics by other means. No one is going to be washed to the ground and reduce the number of Paris the French twice. On the contrary, they were to receive their share of the global pie. And with the UK in general could be a question of partnership (in fact, it was up to the partition of Poland).

Russian slave (Russian) character in fact was not. Russia chose not to bail out his life and the life of kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And obey in exchange for the existence of slavery did not want to. But it is not only outlines the values and cultural patterns, to give us the victory. Despite the trivial nature and purpose of extermination of our people, we, unlike the Jews, not the recognition of the genocide claimed in respect of itself, a requirement that all right. We just put the question about the crime against the whole of mankind. Ehrenburg call "Kill the Germans!" Morality did not our war. Despite the obvious guilt and role in the genocide during the war, the overwhelming majority of the German elite (ideologues, politicians, commanders, business, simply German nationals, the men and nesoldaty), which would not have contained 100 and the Nuremberg trials, we do not get back at "the law" not acted on the principle of retaliation — an eye for an eye. Although the possibility had. And it would be at this time the Germans much less. Israel comes under this principle and now. And is in its own right. But that's not the law, and freedom of choice. We did not use this right. Our conscience is no Hiroshima or Dresden. We forgave the Germans, the victim of his own to atone for their guilt. Even during the war. And so overpowered. Because this is our value, paid-lives, give us strength. The fact that we have the strength to win the war, the gift of this power is the magic, the religious (not in the formal sense), the cultural content of the Victory. The naked eye is visible Christian nature of the content and these values, in spite of the official (and formal) religion of communism. And it proves that we were human beings.

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