On the Ryazan railroad came rail bus

February 1 Ryazan railway came rail bus RA-2 production of "METROWAGONMASH" (Mytischi Moscow region).

Rail bus came thanks to an agreement between the Government of Ryazan and Moscow railway granting Central Suburban Passenger Company "transport to service a little busy railway stations Ryazan region.

Rail buses will operate on three lines: Shilovo — Kasimov Pavelec — Skopin — Ryazhsk and Sasovo — Kustarevka — straight from the tin. Commuter trains will replace the diesel locomotive-drawn wagons on. This will help reduce the cost of operation and the amount of about 11 million rubles

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Tom Stoppard is Free Theatre

Society 13 July playwright Tom Stoppard in London will present leaders of the "Free Theatre" Natalia Kolyada and Nikolai Khalezin, as well as opposition leader and a representative of Charter 97 Andrei Sannikov.

Website Index on Censorship reports that the company "Free Theatre" has been widely accepted in London, "but their struggle for freedom and democracy against the background of the worsening situation in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko has introduced new laws to restrict the Internet and introduce criminal responsibility for human rights defenders and political activists who use the Internet to organize resistance to the regime. "

The website states

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On the tablet market is new Russian player

The Russian company Wexler, engaged in assembling computers and nettops, in the summer will introduce several tablet models with a diagonal of 8, 9 and 11 inches under its own brand. First to market will see the model with 8-inch display running on ARM-based processor architecture with a frequency of 1.2 GHz running Android 2.3. Price of the device is about 10 thousand rubles.

According to the company Alexei Chebatko at first device will be manufactured in China, but subsequently dropped the transfer process in Russia. "Our company has its own assembly line of PCs and

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Experts have calculated the risk for RF

The epicenter of the second wave of the crisis, of course, will be Europe. In fact, the recession in the euro zone has already started — six member countries of the Commonwealth of monetary economies in recession. And if in the most acute phase of the economic collapse of the previous one, and could not think about the disappearance of the euro, now the question of its future is the most discussed, though the true difficulties of planetary scale has not even begun. "The recession in the euro area, albeit small, in the range of 1%, but will.'s Debt crisis

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Pseudomonas, or more dangerous Mozzarella and treatment in hospitals

Soon society Turin police seized 70,000 packages of mozzarella. The Ministry of Health of Italy turned to Brussels with the requirement to initiate an investigation by the German company. It became clear from the documentation, cheap mozzarella acquired not only supermarkets Turin and other Italian cities. Blue mozzarella imported into France, Slovenia, even Russia and Belarus. Here she was not only in retail, but also in the pizzeria.

Nevertheless, all this time Bavarian manufacturer stopped production of mozzarella, arguing that the harmful substances in the milk is not, and is blue cheese because the local water is safe for

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On the Russian oilfield earned a unique set of

The company "RMNTK-thermal system" successfully completed the installation and commissioning work on the Russian field (Yamal). Put into operation a unique mobile complex pumping the heated and highly mineralized water bottom to displace the heavy oil.

The staff of "thermal systems" have already started pumping the heated agent — Cenomanian water — in the injection well in the pilot projects. The set of equipment consists of a modular plant discharge displacement agent under high pressure capacity of 1.9 megawatts of heat source to heat the reservoir water, oil treatment for burning. Equipment unique for its combination of

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Oil processing volume decreased by 32%

Society In January-June 2010 Belarusian refineries — "Naftan" and OAO "Oil Refinery" processed 7,594 tons of oil, which is 31.5% less than the same period of 2009.

In January-June 2010 Belarusian refineries produced 1.323 million tons of gasoline — is 24.4% less than in January-June 2009.

The volume of oil supplies from Russia to Belarus fell in the I half-year compared with the same period 2009and by 39% — it was 6,464,000 tons.

It is reported by Interfax referring to the National Statistical Committee.



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Ming students will be free to travel on public transport in 2011

From December 7, "Minsktrans" canceled for school capital fare.

In the near future the city authorities will determine the age category of children who will have to carry a certificate student. Most likely, it will be students from the class of 7-8, the correspondent of TV company "Capital TV".

All we have is good and will be even better — if only the "well-wishers" does not interfere with …

Belarus on the growth of trade — the first among the CIS countries

These are the data of the National Statistics Committee. For

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Power charms

Since ancient times, people believed that the particular way things are made to protect them from harm and misery. Most often served as amulets and jewelery embroidery on clothes.

Move into a new apartment and want to hire professionals to organize your move? Then, here you will find the contacts of EvroPereezd, which carries a professional office move and apartments in Moscow.

The strongest effect has embroidery, especially if it is made with love. Embroidered shapes, patterns, colors. Most often, the hem and collar and sleeves clothes, it was

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Experts recognized the defense of the Russian Federation an advantage over U.S. aircraft

According to research by the Australian think tank Air Power Australia, funds Defense of the Russian Federation have gained a level that virtually eliminates the possibility of the survival of the U.S. Air Force in the event of a military conflict. As the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov, an advantage of Russian air defense (AD) over the South American airplanes explained by historical factors.

Air Power Australia has published another study, which compared the ability of U.S. and Russian air defense combat aircraft. According to him, to resist the Russian air defense can

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