Can I see the eyes of the victims portrait killer?

December 7, 2011 14:33

When optografii retina can capture external objects.

It was found that the eyes accurately determine familiar faces
Svetlana KUZINA — 07.12.2011
At the end of XIX century among criminologists view was that in the eyes of the victim can see the portrait of the murderer or the last moments before death. For example, in 1891 in St. Petersburg held a photographic exhibition. Someone Forteyl exhibited a picture taken by him in Saratov on the murder of the family Belousov. At the request of the investigator Ushakov photographer took a picture with one dvuhglazova Belousov and his wife Anna. It is the latter and recorded a killer. Oh well, that was like a slightly blurry photo. True, Forteyl admitted on a report in the St. Petersburg Photographic Society that retouched negative. But then on it found the real killer who confessed to all!

The phenomenon is called "optografiya." Qualify it as the ability to capture the retina external objects. This happens every mammal, but a split second.

Today optografii supporters went back to study this phenomenon. The American Psychological Association declared: American Psychological experiments have shown that our eyes actually have the most accurate memory for faces, though not so photographic.

Psychologists have an experiment on the students, write Originally proposed guinea see 36 portraits. After that, every picture changed beyond recognition, but so that some features are the same. Naturally, the volunteers have not seen these metamorphoses.

After that, each participant experiment suggested several times in the three photos, which included those that have changed. While subject to view images, the researchers observed the direction of gaze. They wanted to know which image is the first to attract attention, and what the test subject will be considered the longest. It turned out that, in spite of strong modifications eyes unmistakably stay in a familiar face. If the person is subsequently made a different choice, then the eyes, so to speak, and agreed more closely reportedly already begun to consider a familiar face.

This phenomenon is studied in the medical forensic laboratories in Germany, reports French periodically throw up in scientific periodicals on this matter. However, before the application of findings in practice far. The hype around the same rose amazing event that took place in Belgium in the Ophthalmology Hospital of Ghent.

Professor of medicine, known optometrist Deneffu suddenly phoned the hospital and the doctor on duty asked urgently come. According to him, came to the emergency room patient "with the numbers in the eyes." Arriving at the hospital, a professor was taken aback — in a woman's eye clearly looked through the number 10, and the other — 45. Photographs made in reflected light. The result was the same! Elderly woman on the nature of the numbers clearly not say anything she could, but said that they had a family from generation to generation. It puzzles optografii added another …

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