Eco-technologies for transport — e-mobility and not only

Unfortunately, the population of the earth while not in a position to not pollute the Earth's biosphere. We just can not turn away from a huge amount of comfort when and where and just the right things.

But Ecology is not ignored. Stricter requirements of legislation around the world, and of the people themselves equally willing to pay more for products and things that do not harm the nature and atmosphere. Because manufacturers are paying more attention to sustainability of their own products. There was an exception and the transport market.

And here we have to read about new products, because environmental technologies for the transport of deliberately began to develop not so long ago. But first hunt to say about all familiar, but this more environmentally friendly trams, trolley buses and trains. Yes, specifically about them. The designers are fighting for invention rather cheapest kind and at the same time productive electronic motor car, and they are for so many years go by its rails and roads and do not pollute the air. Become greener and buses, for example, in Kazan bus maintenance used without harmful emissions, running on gas. If he can demonstrate it perfectly themselves, the streets will be others like him. And in European towns on the rails replaced in order to lay concrete or asphalt, were planted grass. And it looks effective and improves the environment.

If we talk about personal transport, it is, of course, electric cars. For example, in the U.S., there is not one a thousand. Sold even sets of devices that allow a person without the help of others to convert their cars at the introduction of electronic Accum. But while the demand for electric cars is small enough so that they are not cheap, and run on a single charge is small.

Extensive enough to transport the spread of environmental technologies were in the service sector. This is a different electroloaders, electric cars and the similar, which is especially important for enclosed spaces.

And of course, one can not forget do not show up on the market, but it has already become is popular with e-mobility. Car with a hybrid engine should become almost the most environmentally friendly car at the moment. Release it while not started, and the number of applications for purchase already in the tens of thousands.

And as a result of the hunt to mention a wide variety of pans designers who while not carried out as e-mobility, but who would like someday to behold on the road. This Wind Light Vehicle, using wind energy, the airship Aeolus Airship with a sail filled with helium, and much more.

It remains to impose that manufacturers continue to introduce eco-technology transport and breathe our planet still feel better.

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