Economists have criticized the draft budget for 2013-2015

As you know, in at least some science as truth, but in her arithmetic. But even this seemingly reinforced concrete statement in the near future, too, needs work. The fact is that in today's reality, it turns out, the same number can cause rapid ecstasy in one and the universal tragedy of others. One with the word "million" yells: Wow! a million! And the other say: Well, just something million, so what? ..

About a philosophy now surrounds such a document, which integrates within itself the main lines of economical policy of the country (ONBP) for 2013-2015. Those who are the creators of the document, of course, try to justify the average Russian, that the development of the Russian Federation is on the nuanced conceptual plan, not without blemish of course, but still … Those who decided to turn up more philosophy in arithmetic, offer a look at the main lines of economical policy country for the period 2013-15 years as something that contradicts the very ability of the country's development. To carry out a review of positions 2-sides on the issue is so severe, it is necessary to refer to opposing camps. On different sides of the barricades were such, of course, pochetaemye organizations like the Ministry of money of Russia headed by Anton Siluanov, and the Graduate School of Economics, headed by the rector Yaroslav Kuz'minov.

So on what basis this barricade in general could appear on Russian financial and economic grounds? The fact is that the website of the Ministry of the Russian Federation published the money that the document "ONBP for 2013-2015", in which laid out on shelves funding prospects or those of other sectors of economic activity. After reading what is contained in ONBP, experts at the Higher School of Economics, and decided that the creators of this document, or do not understand that their strategy will hinder the development of this country's economy, or simply do not want to realize this and put the number of financing themselves with a comfortable side.

In the end, the vast expanses of RuNet began to flare up scandal which can be described as approximately the term "HSE stands for adjustment plans the Ministry of Finance." To identify the nature of the HSE economists claim to the government of Dmitry Medvedev, it is necessary to provide the number of digits that the parties are treated differently.

One of these numbers is level financing the military-industrial sector. As is clear, the program industry funding of more than 20 trillion rubles planned to be realized until 2020. But critics of the applets talk about the fact that the investments that the government is planning to do now for the Russian defense industry, do not correspond to the realities. The fact is that the current level of equipment of Russian military-industrial companies to purchase a number of weapons for the army and navy, which was mentioned earlier, it is not likely. To ensure that all orders made on the position of the property level and in time, you need to upgrade the production facilities themselves, which will claim costs, not least than upgrading weapons.

I must say that is such a critical position first calls the authorities rejection, and all the criticism had been relegated to a bit to complete unwillingness to modernize, and all the personal criticism — almost to the opponents of modernization. Because such items at one time suffered Alexei Kudrin, a position which Medvedev during his tenure as president sharply criticized.
But first, in July there was information that the authorities might heed the words not appropriate transformation finance the purchase of new weapons into a black hole. Namely, in the newspaper "Vedomosti" said that the programm procurement of new weapons can be moved for 3 years. In other words, the same 20 trillion rubles to modernize the Russian defense industry can not be allocated by the government until 2020, and before 2023. It would seem, well, that, in fact, three years might change? But in fact can exchange important: for a specified period of time funding modernization of the military-industrial companies will actually upgrade the production capacity.

In other words, if the government really will go to a revision of plans to finance defense, then do not think it's a step backwards. In fact the case, it is logical adjustment of the initial plans, when the known result wished to achieve with the existing production capacities. But now, of course, and the Treasury, and the Government generally believe that that idea was even closer to utopia than the real state of things. Indirectly confirm this fact the rate of the state defense order in recent years, when often the political will of the country pushed higher management Minooborony and production companies to fruitful cooperation, and even then not always.

But if the question of the financing of the Russian defense industry can lead to a consensus between creators and critics 2013-2015 ONBP their thoughts, here there are a number of aspects in relation to which the consensus is, quite frankly, very far away.

Namely economical allocations for science civilian mission within the next 3 years will fluctuate. For example, in 2013 the amount of funding will be about 320 billion rubles, in 2014 — 285 billion, but in 2015 — once again will rise above $ 300 billion Such a trend could not be subjected to a high-quality analysis of economists HSE, which caused a number of prirekany for activities Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. As a representative of the Ministry of money explanations said that fluctuations in the level of funding of Russian science is not worth doing disaster, because I just finished the 2014 term of the descent of several municipal programs in this area. And in 2015 there will be new applets, which are and will be allocated additional funds.

Followed by the stumbling block was the project financing of Russian education. According to the 2013-15 ONBP years provided further option of financing the industry — 3.9% of GDP by 2015. HSE Analysts say 3.9% — a clear decrease in the level of funding, because in 2011 the level was 5.1% of GDP. Opposing Philosophy School of Economics, Treasury officials argue that the question of federal funding, and the same must also take into account regional and financing of the education system. Especially since the federal budget will direct more impressive than the day or before, the funds for regional development. But that's all the problem may lie in the fact that regional governments will now perhaps even more closed to public scrutiny than the federal budget. And take into account that let a provincial bureaucrat Van Vanych required funds for development or leave the education system with 50% for themselves, will be except by law enforcement officers from the capital. And if so, it will be necessary to finance the addition of law enforcement officers in addition, that same provincial bureaucrat Van Vanych failed to make them an offer that they do not give up … It turns out that the overall increase in funding for education may be only when the regional budgets will not be dark boxes.
Many questions have caused and projects for financing Russian healthcare system. The Ministry of Finance brings about increasing interaction with the extra-budgetary funds financing system, but it looks very microscopically this increase. In percentage terms we can talk about the growth of investment in medicine from extra-budgetary sources by 2015, only 0.1% of the level in 2011. At the same time, the government and then try to give a typical tool for solving problems of health regions. It is planned that as the funding from the federal budget by 3
1%, the regional funding the scope of health care will increase almost 1.5 times. But specialists from the HSE decided that 1.5-fold increase in spending on health care by the regions — less than empty words, as regional budgets simply will not tolerate such levels of stress. Then again, a question of funding for regional development with provincial rassredotachivaniem expenses and other Van Vanych our common neuvvyazkami.

Ultimately, the hunt hope that all the plans that are displayed in ONBP — it's not clean water populism, and in fact really obmyslennaya concept development. At the same time, it would be superfluous if the HSE and the Finance Ministry did not act as an implacable opponents, and listened to the views of each other and come to a consensus, because the mathematics must remain impartial science. In the end, the financing of defense, science, education and medicine — is a strategic task of temper, which directly depends on the security of the entire country.

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