Expert: Panrusizm will allow to build a unified view of history for the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine

The reunification of the Russian Federation and Belarus in the XVIII century, it was not a whim Catherine stateliness and implementation of the "aggressive" plans, Russian Empire, and the triumph of historical justice and the satisfaction of long-term aspirations of the ordinary people of Western Russia and his numerous requests to the "snow-white Russian Queen" to take him under his protection. The statement was made during his own speech at last December 21 in Russian Institute for Strategic research conference "Reunion Belarus and the Russian Federation "Managing the Belarusian cultural and educational project" Western Russia "Igor Zelenkovskii, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

The expert noted that in Belorussian folk songs and legends of Russian monarch usually listed as his own, Russian "Snow-white king." An example cited text Zelenkovskii Belarusian Song placed in one of the collections published in Vilna in 1866:

"Bilaruskay ruler of the kings of ER and MR atsets,
Ion dzyarzhits hrystiyanskuyu faith,
Hrystiyanskuyu, bagamolnuyu,
Kali Budza time apaslednyaya —
All ye kings punished for pit priklonyuttsa. "

Belarusian folklore as one hundred percent belies the modern Belarusian nationalists advocated the idea that the Russian war of 1812 was not for Belarus Russian, and that the population of western Russian lands in the mass of its own Tipo supported Napoleon. Zelenkovskii cited the story of Napoleon's invasion, recorded by folklorists in the early twentieth century, the county Slutsky: "I dvanantsatym bastard padnyaўsya to Belaga ruskaga scratching prantsuz Napalen. Nagnaў en syudy troops would tsemnaya Hmara, Au st pachaў palіts veskі, garad Di zabіvats lyudzey." "Based on the historical memory of the people accurately discern enemies and allies during the war. Himself people is an historical phenomenon, is available as a subject of history. Because folklore, and now it is public opinion, and there is a genuine historical knowledge" — identified Zelenkovskii.

"Since the Union of Lublin in 1569, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was formed, and the stateliness Duchy of Lithuania and the Russian has lost its Russian political component began pripiraniya Orthodox Church, the expulsion from western written language of the proceedings, the general persecution of Russian, particularly intensified after the Brest Church Union . was a continuous process of struggle of the Russian Orthodox population in Western Russia for reunification with Russia. They were incessant century national liberation struggle in the territory of Ukraine and Belarus. And a hundred percent this struggle did not end with the political reunification of the Belarusian lands and Russia 240 years ago, and only after the abolition of Church Union in the Cathedral of Polotsk in 1839 and the liberation of the peasants from the Polish landowners in 1861, the suppression of the Polish uprising 150 years ago in 1863, "- said Zelenkovskii.

Speaking about the current perception of the issue of unity of the history of the Russian Federation and Belarus, expert drew attention to the fact that in the pages more readable Belarusian media oriented to the West, history Belarus is presented as something good from the history of the Russian world. "Our homeland and the Russian empire exposed as a primordial enemy of Belarusians. Period fall of the Commonwealth is treated as a Russian takeover of" native "for Belarusians majestically Duchy of Lithuania. A Tadeusz Kosciuszko portrayed the Belarusian state hero, along with one of the managers of the last Polish riot Constantine Kalinowski. Slight Polish rebels clash with Russian troops in 1863 under MILOVIDOV nationalist media is included in the list of the 10 greatest victories of the Belarusian guns. Polish and Lithuanian nobleman, intensely fought against Russia, erected monuments, it is dedicated to a great number of articles and books. At the same time, the media did not revolving around the need to close the museum of Alexander Suvorov in Kobrin, as the executioner of the museum of the Belarusian people, "- said Zelenkovskii.

According to him, the pro-Western heresy Belarusian media about the events of the reunification of Belarus and the Russian Federation in almost all based on Belarusian history books, in what is called the reunion "intervention" anti-Russian uprising of Tadeusz Kosciuszko — an attempt to keep the "sovereignty," and the revolt Kalinowski — the desire for revival "statehood." "It is so very incriminating founders of modern Belarusian books in a special rigging? Fact that it is not their authorship, since almost all have moved out of Russian history textbooks Belarus. Russian historiography was a slender line of the class struggle, and all of her subordinate. Main enemy of the people was the Russian autocracy and orthodoxy as its mainstay. Accordingly, at least some who have struggled with the tsarist government, was erected on a pedestal of a fighter for the people's happiness. And all the other arguments are not taken into account. Polish national heroes migrated to Belorussian Russian pantheon of heroes, "- said the expert. This led to the fact that young Belarusians after researching the story, and having no basis in the children's perception of" friend or foe "in the form of folk tales in historical legends and songs are merely succumbing to the propaganda of the pro-Western media, who say that are alien to Russian Belarusians, and our original homeland of their enemy, said Zelenkovskii.

According to him, before the revolution was "History Russian country ", in which all the historical presentation of our home was a single subject of history. was harmonious concept of the Russian Orthodox country, managed Ruric anointed of God and the Romanovs." Russian historiography all crossed out, "- said the expert.

"In the current situation, when our historical homeland of Russian organized in three countries: the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine, it is necessary to begin to build the same for all our countries, the concept of the historical process of the Russian Orthodox civilization. To panrusizma this concept, in the case of Belarus — an approach modern zapadnorusistov. Only in this case, where will overcome the fragmentation of our history, when the beginning of our state will be considered by the Christianization of Kievan Rus' in the same process as with periods of prosperity and social unrest, followed by time division, and every time a new ending reunion would be the design of the fraternal relations between the Union and 3 Russian State. unlikely event that after a while they all, including the Russian Federation lost my Russian character "- summed up the result of Igor Zelenkovskii.

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